Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bump and Busy

Entri kali ni byk mcm buat rumusan from my sister's blog, Kak Ngoh. She is a good writer. The content in her blog are all useful for me, and somehow in our everyday busy life, it can reflect back to what we have done so far, and are we doing it right ?

Life is slippery, and sometimes full of bumps here and there, and when you hit that bump, it will give you a little shake or a huge shake if you happen to hit a big and rough bump. Sometimes the shake that you have is just a reminder to say that you are alive, you are still moving, or it can be a wake-up call for you, to be more focus and continue your journey. Life goes on, as my sister just mentioned in her latest entry.

The other entry was about being busy. She said,

"Sebenarnya elemen sibuk ini boleh menjadi isu dalam satu2 perhubungan dan boleh menyebabkan hubungan menjadi semakin renggang atau pun terus putus begitu sahaja."
"Jangan jadikan alasan anda sibuk dan tiada masa untuk mendail nombor telefon atau menghantar SMS kepada mereka (orang tersayang, keluarga, kawan-kawan) "
"Jangan pula bila kita dalam kesusahan atau perlukan pertolongannya barulah teringat pada mereka"

True. Kadang2 yer jgk, time dok Adelaide dlu, nak dekat2 exam or test tu laaa paling byk call ma abah. Time happy and huhahuha tu jarang skali laa nak call ma abah. Astaghfirullah, x baik mcm tu kan.

Hmmm another thing is to see how a person that used to be really close to you, but then turns out to be a completely different person when something bad/good happens in his/her life. I pray that I will never leave my family and my orang2 tersayang, no matter what happens. Oh Allah, Rabbi yasir, wala tuassir, Rabbi tamim bil khair (Oh Allah, make it easy and do not make it difficult, Oh Allah make it end well)

So, are we on the right track being a good human being at the moment ? Ask yourself. Time to evaluate ourselves. Please remember, sayang bukanlah hanya di sebut sebut dalam hati tetapi hendaklah dibuktikan dengan amal yang nyata :) Hehe jolo kakngoh, jolo !

kakngoh is two from the left. the rest are all anak-anak dara okay. hehe


Saturday, October 08, 2011

For the rest of my life

I have purposely clipped in the countdown ticker at the top of my blog, so that whenever I look at it, this will give me like an indicator, to do things, and not to rush things, and to keep calm too. Hehe.

But then I found this quote, posted up by a friend of mine,

"When you realize (and decide) you want to spend your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

But then, kena buat ape ? Wait, and sabar lah ! Tapi, bukan wait saja-saja jer, work must be done as well. Hehe.

Always remind ourselves, that things are not always going to be super sweet, perfect, problem-free, easy, comfortable, and all those feelings or conditions that you wish for. It's not going to be perfect. Sebab tu kena sentiasa ready, and plan for the best. Doa itu penting. And of course, have a faith that we will always stay together and have each other no matter what happens. InshaAllah, with God's willing :)


Monday, October 03, 2011

Wave of Change

I can sense a wave of change is coming my way, but that only make life, life. Isn't it ? People talk about moving on, changing who they are, getting better, but eventually, they adapt anyway, kan ? Kat mana pon kita duduk, ape jenis kerja pon kita dapat, surrounded by org yang pelik2 skali pon, kalau pandai adapt and sesuaikan diri, inshaAllah kita akan survive ! :) It's all in you.

When there is no power to stop the change, we have to figure out the change and make it suit you. I think we are pretty much made, to be adaptive towards changes. We have the capability to face our fears and challenges, because HE promised that in whatever situations HE puts you in, that is the best for us :)

So, to my pretty Adek, Congratulations on your graduation dear ! You're now a grown up, with a degree holder. Ma abah and all of us are so proud of you ! You just mark all of our siblings, all 10, now have completed University educational level. Alhamdulillah. Summa Alhamdulillah !

Change of life, change of status. But you are still my adek okay ! Hehe

UKM convocation day, September 2011


one and only


The title can be deceiving though. This time is pretty much random, cause I am listening to Adele's song, called 'One and Only'. I love the tone of her voice, and the way she sings it, just like a story telling. Don't you think the same way ?

Oh anyway, everyone has their one and only. Am I right ? Hehe

Life has been pretty much hectic lately. It's not hectic actually. It's just that you have so many things to do, and you have to sort those out according to the priorities, and settle them down one by one. So far, everything is just under control ! Hehe, at least I have my one and only that is always ready and giving his full commitments. The one that I can always rely on, the one that I can't wait to talk to after coming back from work. The one that I can express my feelings and tell about all the chaos and chores I have to face that day. The one and only :)

I just realized that my most recent entry was a month ago, and I haven't updated the Hari Raya story. I probably have missed my yearly routine, which is the raya story. Hihi. Well, raya is sooooo different this year. Everything was beautiful. And all I can say is, being grateful is really important. I have to always remind myself with that. The raya khutbah, I have a few points slipped into my mind. I came to know that Aidil Fitri, the word 'Fitri' means 'Fitrah'. Why fitrah ? Because during Ramadhan, we want to wash away all the stains of sins within ourselves, so that we can go back to our Fitrah. Putih suci. Question is, have you done enough ? Have you grabbed the precious chance ? Hehe. Berfalsafah la plak rase :P

sbb byk sgt dah upload gmba raya kat fb, tapi gamba smyg raya xde la plak. so here it is. hehe Mak Ude dgn Kakak Jihah. This time masa amik gambar, org kat sebelah mcm pandang pelik aje. Hihihi :P

Again, this entry is getting even tedious ! I was about to tell a different story, (different thing was playing in my mind just now), but then the raya story just popped out. Oh well, manusia manusia,

"He is called insan (human) because of his nisiyan (forgetfulness), and it is only called Al-Qalb (the heart) because it changes so rapidly (yataqallab)" - Arab proverb

Rasanya kejap lg nk update pasal entri lain plak :P


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Putih suci


How's your Ramadhan ? Are you treating Ramadhan very well ? Ramadhan ni tetamu and anugerah Allah SWT bg kat kite bukan biasa-biasa saje tau. So, all the amalan and ibadah in Ramadhan, also bear in mind kena 'luar biasa' jgk tau. Hehe meaning all ibadah are being upgraded laa the quantity and of course, quality (keikhlasan or sincerity which is the most difficult part)

So, Ramadhan for me, is also filled with meeting beloved friends, and visiting new born babies. We went to visit Kaie's baby boy. Kaie is my ex-classmate in SMKIP. She got married last year and been blessed with this precious little boy, named Iman Syakir bin Mohd Saiful. Tersangat lah comel. Yer betul, semua babies pon comel kan. Hehe, but I remember, Kaie's mother was saying to us that day,

'Comel deh baby nih. Dia tu putih bersih lg. Takdop doso gapo2 pom. Kita ibu bapa ni lah hok mencorakkan dia jadi lagu mano natih. Besar tanggungjawab nih'

Deep. Right into my heart. Allah bg baby bukan setakat nk tatap tgk wajah comel dia je tau. Byk lg tanggungjawab lain. May we all be blessed with beautiful and most importantly juruh-juruh kids, Inshaallah ! :) Mari berdoa, sebab Is cakap smalam mungkin ramai yang x tahu kekuatan DOA tu. The power of prayers ! So, what are u waiting for, doa doa doa okay :) Prayers are the best, greatest, amazing, awesome (fill it yourself any great words) wireless communication between you and Allah ! :)

Ni Iman Syakir :)

My name is Sumayya Tasneem and I love to smile ! :)


P/s Hehe baru teringat this year, is my first time giving out duit raya to kanak-kanak sekalian. Hohoho bankrup mak ude :P

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The happiest one :)

With every heart beat :)

Is balik hari nih, after 5 months x jumpa.
Semoga selamat sampai, Ameen !
Just 4 days to catch up a few important things,
and spend time with family and friends as well. Moga dipermudahkan :)
Lagi 3 bulan jer lagi ooooiii. Huhu nervous la jugak :P


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

next chapter


Salam ramadhan semua. Lama sungguh laaa x update blog nih. Dah mcm-mcm sarang dah ade kot kat sini. Sarang labah-labah, sarang tikus, sarang semut (biskut sarang semut sedap), saranghe-yo pon ade ! Hihi

Anyway, x tahu nk update pasal ape sbenarnya nih, because everyday life seems to be just everyday life. Go to work. Get back home. But yes yes yes, dah jumpa dah differences, because we're in Ramadhan. So, ibadah khusus are being upgraded and topped up :) Alhamdulillah diberi kesihatan untuk sama-sama buat tewarih ehhhh silap, terawih ! Hehe

But, I hold on to this saying that says 'kelebihan bulan ramadhan ini bukankah terletak pada banyak mana kita pergi terawih or byk mana kita khatam quran semata-mata'. Sebab kan, ibadah puasa ni Allah dah bgtau, bukan malaikat yang kira pahala/ganjarannya, tapi Allah sendiri yg akan kira. Sebab tu kite berpuasa, the main aim is to be among orang-orang bertaqwa. 'Berpuasalah kamu, supaya menjadi org yg bertaqwa' (Check Al baqarah:183)

Wah wah wah tu dia Ahlami ! Hehe, takpe la kan, just my cheap two-cents of words. Take it or leave it. Hehe

Itu sahaja, semoga segala amalan yang kita buat nih diterima Allah swt. Kena ikhlas tau, x baik tunjuk-tunjuk ! Hehe :D


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Salam everyone !

Sunyi because Kakjie and her two little cheeky ones, Muaz and Wazif are now in Kedah. And my ma and abah also, cause for temporary je, teman kakjie sefamily kat sana.

Pergh, sekarang plak hujan. Memang masyukk betul laa dgn sunyi condition nih. Waiting for Fatien to get back home cause she's having a short trip to Terengganu. Lepas ni nk g amik dia plak.

Anyway, for sure rumah akan jadi sunyi laaa sket since no more jeritan and teriakan kanak-kanak bernama muaz and wazif. Luckily, we have kaklah's family kat Taman Guru, dgn anak 5 orang. Paling kecik si Aqeef yg semakin hari semakin manis senyumannya. Dah pandai jalan sket2 dah. Hehe kawaii ne :)

It feels different to be alone at home, compared to the time where i had to be left alone at home, in Adelaide. Most of the time sebab housemates ade komitmen lain. To be alone here in rumah ma abah, rase mcm weird plak, probably because this house has always been filled with people. Family I should say. My family :) Micasa mia mor ! :) Takpe, ma abah balik rabu ni ho yeah ho yeah ! Agak-agak dah jadi wife nanti, kalu kena tinggal ngn suami pegi outstation camne ye. Hurmm kalu Ibtisam, rasenye dia akan ckp 'sebab tu kena beranak cepat cepat, ade baby x sunyi sgt'. Hahaha righteous ! :D

Abang Muaz, 2 years old

Wazif, 9 months

Mak Ude rindu dahhhh laaaaaaaa :(


Friday, July 15, 2011


You don't have to be pretty. You don't have to berjangok-jangok and bermekup tebal and bring on the expensive dress to impress everyone. You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend, not to your co-workers, especially not to your random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to the society and civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked 'female'.

Bring on your good sincere heart, and good manners to impress me. And don't forget your best make-up, smile :) then you are pretty !


Monday, July 11, 2011


Last week, I went to KL and, I had a really great time with my kakngoh ! Especially shopping time with her in KL, despite all the BERSIH and hura-hara that was going on that time, we managed to do the shopping time peacefully, and Thank you Allah for us to be able to grab a few things (the hantaran stuffs) and book the wedding cards as well. Alhamdulillah !

I also got a chance to sit with some law lecturers in UIA, and listen to my kakngoh's talk. So she basically talked about how are we going to assimilate the Islamic values in academics or education. As simple as giving Salaam to memorizing students's names (which is REALLY impressive cause my kakngoh memorized and remember all her students' names ! Bravo kakngoh !)

Anyway, today, I've learned that people and their intentions towards us, life and its surprises as gifted to us are two essential and pretty basic things. To be able to handle the first one, and to be able to appreciate the second one, is just blessings from Allah. Those blessings are not in just a form of materials, but also experiences that we gain in the past few years or still time being. To know there is a lot more to come in the future sometimes scares me, sometimes it excites me, But InshaAllah, I will keep an open mind and heart for it ! And most importantly, if you have that someone special to always being there for you no matter what :) Anata, arigatou ! and Minna arigatou too ! :)


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Nur Adlina

Yesterday, 4th July 2011, someone special of mine has just turned 25 ! Oppss, probably i should have not mentioned the age number there. Hihi. But never mind, i think most of us, pretty much can guess, kan ? Anyway, she is the type of girl (woman dah kot ? hihihi) that,

- is so sempoi
- her most seen and well known talent, goreng keropok and wat jepput !
- very very organized when it comes to susun-susun notes (based on my view)
- at least, a far way better rajin doing laundry stuffs than i am !
- someone that loves to put on kain sarung batik at home. you know, mcm mak2 or org dalam pantang. she is the type of perempuan melayu terakhir okay ! :P
- can be so ayu and lemah lembut, especially when she walks (hehe ibtisam you know this laa kan, sbb aku selalu tiru dia jalan)
- sometimes can be soooooo manja too ! dgn kami-kami ajer lah. Hehe. kesayangan sgt2 nih !
- can practice spontaneous cruelty, such as in lectures like saying to the lecturer, 'Again?' when she actually meant to say 'Miss Priya, can you repeat the question, please?'. But I know her, that was just spontaneous, deh ? deh ?
- And I also know that she loves me, and cares about me very very very the much !

Tgh koya ko nih kaklin ? Hehe

Happy birthday kaklin ! Cepat balik Klate deh, can't wait to meet up and catch-up :) Sayang kaklingg mmmuaahhhs !


PS. I miss you

Sunday, July 03, 2011

my pretty blossoms :)

Last last week, Kakak sefamily balik kampung. And I got to see and spend some precious time with my trio singaporean nieces. The funniest one ('Izzah), The clumsiest one ('Iffah) and the most adorable one (Annisa').

Pretty girls semua nya, Mak Ude doakan semua nya berjaya dgn cemerlang dalam pelajaran. And sentiasa jadi anak solehah semuanya. Ameeen :)

'Izzah (turning 19 years old this year)

'Iffah (just turned 17)

Annisa' (turning 14 this year)

Twenty-four bebeh

Age is just a number. True true. Hehe. Alhamdulillah. I'm 24 :)

I should have posted this entry in June (at least), but due to limited time and so-called 'energy', hehe, this thing comes up today though. Takpe la kan :)

apple yang telah dimakan. ish ish



Thank you Is :)

PS. bunga tu difaktakan will remain fresh still for about 10 years. Teknologi Jepun. Hmmm we shall see hehe :P

Sunday, June 26, 2011

kangaroos and wallabies

Hehe. Ni entri yang dalam draft laaaaaame dah ni sebenarnya. Baru nk update and tengok balik and baru nk publish. Ni pon buat auto-publish. Hehe. Anyway, previous entry gambar bersama koala. Now gambar bersama kangaroo plak. Yer lah kan, x sah laaa x jumpa kangaroo atau wallabies kalau pegi Australia. Hehe.

So, antara aktiviti yg anda boleh buat apabila berjumpa kangaroo & wallabies ialah bersalam-salaman dengannya, mengambil gambar, memberi makan (biskut atau kacang, tapi kangaroo lg suka kacang yer harap maklum), melakukan aktiviti kick-boxing bersama kangaroo, aktiviti melompat pon bleh juga dan yang paling senang ialah, meniru aksi kangaroo itu sendiri (my favourite of all activities).

Sekian, mari tatap gambar bersama kangaroo & wallabies meh !

1st year (March 2007) - feeding the kangaroo

1st year (April 2007) - feeding the kangaroo

2nd year (December 2008) - cubaan bersalaman dgn kangaroo

3rd year (August 2009) - merendah rendahkan kangaroo. muahaha

Final year (April 2010) - bergambar dgn wallaby comell

Final year (August 2010) - Meniru aksi kangaroo, paling favourite nih !

Final year (November 2010)
menerima ciuman selamat tinggal dari mrs.kangaroo sebab dah nak back for good dah a few days after the pic was taken. hehe


Koala oh Koala

Sape-sape yg pegi Australia mesti x sah kalau x tengok or cuddle koala atau kangaroo. But this time, saje nak share gambar-gambar saye bersama koala sepanjang 4 years saye kat Adelaide. Hihi. Koala tu tetap muka sama je. Muka saye je kot yg berubah ? Hihi

1st year (March 2007)

2nd year (December 2008)

3rd year (August 2009)

Final year (April 2010)

Final year (August 2010)

Final year (November 2010)

Oh well. I think it rhymes. Hehe. Koala maintain je muka mcm tuh.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

To love him

Assalamualaikum :)

Jeng jeng jeng ! Hehe

One is loved because one is loved. No reason.
To love him, for HIM. InshaAllah :)
Oh Allah, make it easy for us. Ameen

-Ahlami & Faiz Adi-

P/S. Purposely posted this up on my birthday. Just in case people asking. At least I'm 24 :) Happy Birthday to me !


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

of being shared

I just realized that most of the previous entries are all picture showing unfortunate people. It's just that I really wanted to share all those to everyone and everyone else. Hehe takpe laa kan ? :D

I think I have to mention a few random updates of people and happenings recently. Hehe. Dah lama dah tak update pasal my monsters and blossoms lah terutamanya. Probably because life has been so easy and less stressful lately.

Kalau dolu2, time belajar kat Adelaide, just because of the relative distance between me and my family, i was so excited when being told and shared updates from home, such as;

"Muaz dah tumbuh gigi dah"
"Umah ada pasang kipas baru. Commeiii"
"Kakchik (my cousin) branok doh. Baby girl ! yeayyyy"
"Bilik air umoh ado water heater doh. So mandi pagi-pagi x sejuk doh. Woohoo"

Those littlest things, when being told and shared with me, could really make my day. Especially, when I was in the middle of study week nak dekat-dekat exam tuh. Hehe. That was just normal to me.

I have learned that whatever stories, when it is shared between your loved ones, it will be such a meaningful highlight of your day, simply saying. Or highlight of your life, importantly saying :)

Okay, mari upload gambar my monsters sket.

Ahnaf and Aniq menang tempat kedua main bola sepak, peringkat kampung. hehe

Yang ni kanak-kanak berumur 3 tahun ke bawah. Yang pakai tudung kat blakang tuh 'bibik' aje. sibuk masuk gamba jugak. hahaha


not just water

Thank you ALLAH for the blessing of, simply opening a tap and having running water whenever you want it. I came across with this picture, knowing that there are still many people out there asking at least a small portion of what we have now. So, be thankful, be grateful ! But thankfulness and gratitude do not just stop here, by looking at this photo. It should be inspiring. This is inspiration for us to do better in life. Inspiration does exist, but it needs to find us working :)

- just my cheap two cents of words-


Sunday, May 22, 2011

empty bottles

Yes. Those babies are lying on concrete.

Yes. That bottle is empty.

Yes. Those are mosquitos swarming their little bodies.

Yes. This is the condition of Pakistan, at the moment

Another picture that breaks my heart :(

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yosh !

Favourite quote by far.
Brilliant ! Thank you kid. We all need this. Hehe

Friday, May 20, 2011


talk about being respectful.


marilah kita sama-sama hormati orang kerana ilmu nya, kerana akhlak nya, kerana budi pekerti dan adab nya, bukan lah semata-mata kerana pangkat nya, darjat nya, rupa nya atau BMW nya sahaja. itu mungkin sampingan atau meaningless sahaja di sisi Allah SWT. wallahualam. Allah knows BEST!



"Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end, what you get is so much BETTER than what you wanted"


Oh, I think I need books. More books.

Recently, ahli-ahli rumah x brapa sihat sbenarnya, terutamanya Fatien and Kakjie laa. Fatien tu brapa kali dah demam. Saye plak ado laa sket2 sakit kerongkong and batuk2 sket and selsema sket. Eh semua pon sket2. Hehe. But now, everyone is getting better, back to normal health conditon :)

Again, I think I need books. To help me make it through the night. Eh, best jgk kalu dapat pegi tgk Nur Kasih/Pirates of The Carribean nih ! Aiyoyo x boleh jadikk nihh.

Eh (Eh lagi. aiyoo) rindu nya my besties. Especially my childhood bff - Aida, Nanee, Ila. And also my Adelaidean girls, my soulmate - Ibtisam and Kak Lynn. Rindu rindu rindu :(

I pray that all of us will always find reason to smile. and to be in BETTER life. inshaAllah. Saye tahu, peringkat umur ktorang ni memang in the middle of transition state of life or status. Hehe. Doakan yg baik-baik aje :) Better you, Better me, Better you and me, Better us !

Okay. Dah rase ni mcm entri monolog dalaman dah nih. Haha. BETTER stop now :)

Tapi rasenye BETTER jgk tepek gamba-gamba ngan my besties sket2 :P

ni dengan Nanee, masa jumpa kat KL Dec 2010, reunion sek2 SMIP

These two girls, from best mates, to soul mates.
Aida(tudung hitam) dok Auckland, NZ and Ila(tudung coklat) kat Shimane, Japan.
Cepatlaaaa pulang sayang2 sekalian !
Ni December 2009.

and ni Puan Ibtisam Ismail kita. bestmate jgk nih. dari laughmate sampai laaa coffeemate pon yer jgk nih. gelak x hingat ape dah !

Yang ni plak Adlina Salleh a.k.a Kaklynn. (tetiba rase mcm entri memperkenalkan saing2 plop haha). Kakling si tinggi lampai panda wat jepput coklat. hihi highlight sket :P
Cepat balik kakling ! Rindu ! and I need your help here ! :)


PS. Come faster lah September ! :P

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pemanasan global


Lupe nak bgtau tadi, lately ni kan, Kelantan ni sangat sangat laa panas. kalau dari pagi sampai laaa petang tuh panas. pastu bleh plak tiba-tiba kan hujan guruh kilat berdentum berdentam (ade ke perkataan ni hehe). and malam plak bleh jadi panas jugak. so cuaca mmg xboleh nak predict.

Okay, terase mcm makcik-makcik plak dok ckp mcm nih. hihi x baik laaa mengeluh !

So, betul laaa global warming kan. Proven by this,


Eh lama nya saya tak update blog. Hisashiburi desu ne. hehe

It's been a while. again. hehe, i swear that i always wanted to write something, was so semangat utk update blog, but then i forgot. hahaha. probably, too many things have been occupying my mind lately. So, as abah always say, do the important thing first. Hehe. Hmm xtahu nak update ape sbenarnya. Hehe x ingat dah nak cerita ape. Tu laaa. tangguh-tangguh sangat kan, sepatutnya, if something happens, cepat-cepat laaa update blog kan. Hihi.

Anyway, sekarang tak guna dah maxis brokbeng tuh. Dear readers, please bear in mind that maxis broadband tu akan bertahan laju for just 3 months jer kot. Pastu centre of attraction broadband tu dah hilang, unless you use at different places regularly.

Anyway, Muaz has turned 2. Alya plak dah 12 years old. Tomorrow is teacher's day and this year, is my first year celebrating teacher's day as 'teacher/lecturer'. Hehe. What a bliss :) Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow also is my kakak's 44th birthday.

Anyway, this entry is getting tedious ! haha saye yg menaip ni pon mngantuk baca. Anyway, Muaz dah datang ngukah belakang mak ude nih. Adoi.

Hoho I don't fancy orange colour actually. but ANYWAY, this dress, captures my eyes ! Comeii nyooo. nok sorrr :P


Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Boy loses eyes, a result of the Isreali assault on Gaza.

The documentary of this child, showed that he sat there, and told the camera man, how 'he wishes to die straight away. he wants to die now'.

These shouldn't be the thoughts of any children in the world :(

Things like this just make me realize we are actually living in the world where syaitan/bad people that wearing masks, trying to make our life miserable. So friends, please be careful. Please have faith, have faith.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

kecil tapi bermakna

Hi there. knock knock !

Dah semayang dah ? Hehe.
Tiba-tiba tanya macam tu kan. Yang belum solat lagi tuh, sila lah solat dulu yer. Hahaha macam cikgu-cikgu plak rase. Eh memang saye cikgu pon !

Kat UMK campus, saye sebagai tutor. Kat umah, hari friday and saturday sebagai cikgu tuisyen plak. Hehe. Nak cari makan sesuap nasik punye pasal. Boleh laaa kan. Wat bayar bil maxis beruk-bengg and beli air teh-o-beng jgak. Hihi.

Oh yes, nak crita pasal anak murid tuisyen saye nih. ade 3 orang semua nya,

Auni, 11 years old
Amira, 9 years old
Afnan, 13 years old.

See the age difference there ? Okay ! Age difference x kesah pon. But the syllabus difference is giving me quite a mess. Eh takde la mess, tapi fenin fenin lalat. Mula-mula tak biasa lagi. But then, when time passes by, rase mcm dah boleh handle them comfortably :) Yang penting, input yg disampaikan masukk meresap ke dalam brain and hati diorang okay ! hehe

Oh yer, nak cerita, So, last month i did make a promise to these kiddos that i wanted to bring them to KBmall. Pastu sampai laaa berlalu sebulan, tak sempat2 nak tunaikan the promise tuh. So, last week, paksakan diri brought them to kbmall. So I sort of belanja them at KFC aje. And bawak masuk bookstore. and suddenly they asked to go to Pacific to buy something. and they asked me not to go with them, together, just wait kt luar-luar tu jer. Pelik dah. Tunggu laaa kan kejap. Rupa rupanya, they bought me chocolates ! Hahaha. Aduhaiii melt-down jap rase. Terharuuuuu ! Hehe. 'Ni hadiah utk Kak Ami sebab ngajar kami'. Takpe Auni, Mira and Afnan, Kak Ami doakan semoga sentiasa berjaya dalam pelajaran, and jaga akhlak sokmo ! :)) Manners too okay !

Okay itu laa cerita terharu nya. Kecil jer cokelat tuh, tapi bermakna bagi saye ! :)

kecil tapi bermakna.

Now this is such a blessing ! Really made my day :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

No reason

If we fall in love because someone makes us laugh, what happens when we no longer find them funny? If we fall in love because someone is beautiful, what happens when that beauty fades? Hence love defies all reasons. When you truly love someone, you just can't find a reason.
You just do, don't you? Because I do.


Friday, April 01, 2011


Love is a giving away of power. When we love we give the other person the power in the relationship. They can do what they choose. They can do what they like with our love. They can reject it, they can accept it, they can step toward us in gratitude and appreciation.

Randomly found that quote :)

Alhamdulillah. We are now back to Kelate terchenta. Singapore had been giving such beautiful moments and great experience to us. Eh macam x pernah pegi Singapore plak. Hihi. Such a big big big thankfully appreciation to my Sister, Aida, or we call her Kakak since she is the sulong of the siblings. Hehe. Kakak and family have always been helpful. And Also my bff, Ina sudi dtg Singapore amik gamba Ami grad and g jalan-jalan lagi. Hehe. Also Huda sanggup meneman jugak. Eh tetiba rase mcm buat ucapan dapat Oscar award pulok doh. Orait orait, sekian terima kasih ! Hihi

Anyway, my second graduation/convocation day. This time around tak rase sedih or sebak sangat kot. My first graduation day agak rase sebak time nak naik stage tuh sebab bile tgk audiences, takdop Ma Abah. Huhu emo plak. Tapi this time, rase cheerful and excited and bersemangat jgk. Cuma, there was one thing, did cross my mind while i was standing on the stage, waiting for my name to be called. It was the experience during my honors research. Agak terase laaaa kesusahan time buat honors. And now, it's all over, and to me, it's not just in one piece of that scroll or certificate, but those experiences are also shaped in my hands. buried in my minds. Perghhhhhh ayat ! mcm mane boleh keluar ala-ala falsafah nih. Hihi. Orait orait, stop here ! :)

hahahhaha upload gambar sampai lebam !