Sunday, April 18, 2010

of Graduation Day - the day i will always remember

15 April 2010.

Alhamdulillah. i've received my bachelor of science (biomedical science) majoring in microbiology and immunology and physiology. haha. banyak betul logy2 kat belakang tuh..

as expected, the ceremony was so simple. sbb ramai cakap convo kat Malaysia berderet2 ucapan tuh. pastu bkn sorang je wt ucapan. ramai plak tuh. betul ker? huhu. xtahu la. xpenah convo kat malaysia.

sekejap aje ceremony nyer. from 2.30 - 3.30pm aje. 1 jam jer..simple kan? hehehe.

alhamdulillah. rase penat lelah selama 3 tahun berbaloi. xde la penat lelah sgt sbenarnya, sbb saye rase study degree ni banyak break. so x de la rase stress sgt. hihi. cuma nya, akan jadi stress bile fikir risiko of not being able to graduate. but Alhamdulillah. i've made it through all those! this is only a beginning of everything as kakngoh said. huhu..

lepas dpt dgree tuh, ade la rase sebak sket, thinking of my ma and abah. and family. and people who always concern about me. and love me as much as i love them. appreciate all of them!

mcm biase. enjoy the pics. kt facebook pn dah upload. tp xpe. upload gk la kt sini..

kesayangan2 saye kat sini... : ))

Ma Abah, this is for you,

photo credits to Puloh


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

moymoy palaboy


okay, most of you are probably very familiar with these two guys.

Moymoy Palaboy is a Filipino comic and singing duo known for their uploaded lip sync
videos in Youtube. The duo consists of the Obeso brothers, James Ronald and Rodfil. They are now GMA Network contract artists.

basically, i love all the videos from these guys. the expressions that they show could bring me laughing from the beginning till the end of the video. and notice the dance and moves they make! simple and easy to follow. dalam lecture kalau penat2 and bosan pon bleh jer exercise mcm nie..hahahaha...

okey. enjoy the video! this is just one of the video. try browsing and watching other videos too if you find it funny..hehehe..just for entertainment.. : )

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Graduation Tickets

Sungguh. tak tipu.

rase terkilan jugak ma abah xde time Ami Convo 15th April nih. :'(

takde rezeki, xper lah. kena redha.

Ma Abah, these were supposed to be yours,

p/s: kakja mesti pehe this situation..deh? huhu
p/s 2: 99 followers? ^_____^ Alhamdulillah

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

that baby smell

ohhh i love the smell of new baby. or newborn babies.

they smell just so pure. and fresh.

hey, i'm saying this because to date, i have 11 nieces and 10 nephews altogether from my sisters and bro-in-laws. i kinda get used to baby cries, baby diapers, baby screaming, kids messing up my room yg dah memang kube lana tuh, kids running all the way from the kitchen to the tangga of the home sweet home (you really have to put all your attention when it comes to this), 16 year old teenager checking on your mobile phone for your boyfriend's picture probably, blah blah blah.

the eldest niece i have is 'Izzah, which is turning 18 this year. has just finished her o-level in Singapore (she is a singaporean since my sister is married to singaporean and decided to stay there).

and the youngest is of course, Nabil, was born on 11th March 2010, that marks his age now about 1 month old.

i haven't met Nabil. and as you know what i'm gonna say next, 'I just can't wait to meet him!!'

Assalamualaikum semua. My name is Nabil. am i cute? hihi

probably nabil's best skill, sleeping! hehe


p/s: entry anak sedara la plak! aiseyman

Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Friday and Easter Break

Assalamualaikum semua.

esok (selasa) dah start lab balik.
actually, saye cuti jumaat, sabtu ahad (weekend mcm biase) and isnin.
Jumaat tu sebab Good Friday. Isnin sebab Easter Monday. hehe.
Good Friday nie mengikut kepercayaan Kristian, hari di mana Jesus mati.
saya rase, sebab diorang percaya nabi Isa tu anak tuhan, yang mana diorang panggil Jesus,
so, dia namakan Good Friday utk mengingati hari kematian Jesus.

Manakala, Easter pula hari di mana Jesus itu dihidupkan kembali.
kan nabi Isa diangkat ke langit. maybe diorang salah faham yang ni jugak.
wallahualam. saye pon tak tahu. tapi, begitulah agak nya.
ape2 pon, memang terang2 la kan kepercayaan diorang tak betul.
semoga kite dapat amik pengajaran betapa ignorant nye diorang ni dari segi agama.
nauzubillah kite percaya benda2 mcm tue.

ape2pon. since dapat cuti good friday and easter nie. best lah! sebab honors kan takde cuti macam budak2 undergrad mcm biase dapat, which is the mid-term break.
honors students mcm saye nie xde dah cuti mcm tuh. cuti sem ke. mid-sem ke. NO NO NO.
: ((

sebab tue terase kenikmatan dan kegembiraan cuti 4 hari yg singkat ini. hihi.
thanks Kak Lynn sbb dtg memeriahkan umah kami. hik3.
kitorang jugak sampai 3 kali pegi Harbour Town (shopping centre). aiyooo! total damage byk jugak la..crash and burn betul lah!
tapi mmg murah betul kalu SALE kat sini. mcm beli jeans levi's 2 for 10dollars (rm30). and banyak lagi lah. hihihi..berbaloi berbaloiiii..

BESTFRIENDSSS!!!! love you both!