Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bump and Busy

Entri kali ni byk mcm buat rumusan from my sister's blog, Kak Ngoh. She is a good writer. The content in her blog are all useful for me, and somehow in our everyday busy life, it can reflect back to what we have done so far, and are we doing it right ?

Life is slippery, and sometimes full of bumps here and there, and when you hit that bump, it will give you a little shake or a huge shake if you happen to hit a big and rough bump. Sometimes the shake that you have is just a reminder to say that you are alive, you are still moving, or it can be a wake-up call for you, to be more focus and continue your journey. Life goes on, as my sister just mentioned in her latest entry.

The other entry was about being busy. She said,

"Sebenarnya elemen sibuk ini boleh menjadi isu dalam satu2 perhubungan dan boleh menyebabkan hubungan menjadi semakin renggang atau pun terus putus begitu sahaja."
"Jangan jadikan alasan anda sibuk dan tiada masa untuk mendail nombor telefon atau menghantar SMS kepada mereka (orang tersayang, keluarga, kawan-kawan) "
"Jangan pula bila kita dalam kesusahan atau perlukan pertolongannya barulah teringat pada mereka"

True. Kadang2 yer jgk, time dok Adelaide dlu, nak dekat2 exam or test tu laaa paling byk call ma abah. Time happy and huhahuha tu jarang skali laa nak call ma abah. Astaghfirullah, x baik mcm tu kan.

Hmmm another thing is to see how a person that used to be really close to you, but then turns out to be a completely different person when something bad/good happens in his/her life. I pray that I will never leave my family and my orang2 tersayang, no matter what happens. Oh Allah, Rabbi yasir, wala tuassir, Rabbi tamim bil khair (Oh Allah, make it easy and do not make it difficult, Oh Allah make it end well)

So, are we on the right track being a good human being at the moment ? Ask yourself. Time to evaluate ourselves. Please remember, sayang bukanlah hanya di sebut sebut dalam hati tetapi hendaklah dibuktikan dengan amal yang nyata :) Hehe jolo kakngoh, jolo !

kakngoh is two from the left. the rest are all anak-anak dara okay. hehe


Saturday, October 08, 2011

For the rest of my life

I have purposely clipped in the countdown ticker at the top of my blog, so that whenever I look at it, this will give me like an indicator, to do things, and not to rush things, and to keep calm too. Hehe.

But then I found this quote, posted up by a friend of mine,

"When you realize (and decide) you want to spend your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

But then, kena buat ape ? Wait, and sabar lah ! Tapi, bukan wait saja-saja jer, work must be done as well. Hehe.

Always remind ourselves, that things are not always going to be super sweet, perfect, problem-free, easy, comfortable, and all those feelings or conditions that you wish for. It's not going to be perfect. Sebab tu kena sentiasa ready, and plan for the best. Doa itu penting. And of course, have a faith that we will always stay together and have each other no matter what happens. InshaAllah, with God's willing :)


Monday, October 03, 2011

Wave of Change

I can sense a wave of change is coming my way, but that only make life, life. Isn't it ? People talk about moving on, changing who they are, getting better, but eventually, they adapt anyway, kan ? Kat mana pon kita duduk, ape jenis kerja pon kita dapat, surrounded by org yang pelik2 skali pon, kalau pandai adapt and sesuaikan diri, inshaAllah kita akan survive ! :) It's all in you.

When there is no power to stop the change, we have to figure out the change and make it suit you. I think we are pretty much made, to be adaptive towards changes. We have the capability to face our fears and challenges, because HE promised that in whatever situations HE puts you in, that is the best for us :)

So, to my pretty Adek, Congratulations on your graduation dear ! You're now a grown up, with a degree holder. Ma abah and all of us are so proud of you ! You just mark all of our siblings, all 10, now have completed University educational level. Alhamdulillah. Summa Alhamdulillah !

Change of life, change of status. But you are still my adek okay ! Hehe

UKM convocation day, September 2011


one and only


The title can be deceiving though. This time is pretty much random, cause I am listening to Adele's song, called 'One and Only'. I love the tone of her voice, and the way she sings it, just like a story telling. Don't you think the same way ?

Oh anyway, everyone has their one and only. Am I right ? Hehe

Life has been pretty much hectic lately. It's not hectic actually. It's just that you have so many things to do, and you have to sort those out according to the priorities, and settle them down one by one. So far, everything is just under control ! Hehe, at least I have my one and only that is always ready and giving his full commitments. The one that I can always rely on, the one that I can't wait to talk to after coming back from work. The one that I can express my feelings and tell about all the chaos and chores I have to face that day. The one and only :)

I just realized that my most recent entry was a month ago, and I haven't updated the Hari Raya story. I probably have missed my yearly routine, which is the raya story. Hihi. Well, raya is sooooo different this year. Everything was beautiful. And all I can say is, being grateful is really important. I have to always remind myself with that. The raya khutbah, I have a few points slipped into my mind. I came to know that Aidil Fitri, the word 'Fitri' means 'Fitrah'. Why fitrah ? Because during Ramadhan, we want to wash away all the stains of sins within ourselves, so that we can go back to our Fitrah. Putih suci. Question is, have you done enough ? Have you grabbed the precious chance ? Hehe. Berfalsafah la plak rase :P

sbb byk sgt dah upload gmba raya kat fb, tapi gamba smyg raya xde la plak. so here it is. hehe Mak Ude dgn Kakak Jihah. This time masa amik gambar, org kat sebelah mcm pandang pelik aje. Hihihi :P

Again, this entry is getting even tedious ! I was about to tell a different story, (different thing was playing in my mind just now), but then the raya story just popped out. Oh well, manusia manusia,

"He is called insan (human) because of his nisiyan (forgetfulness), and it is only called Al-Qalb (the heart) because it changes so rapidly (yataqallab)" - Arab proverb

Rasanya kejap lg nk update pasal entri lain plak :P