Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Beginning

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It has been a really really long time since my last update (entry) which was in October, isnt't ? October, the month that I can remember, being a single lady, with my sister, hanging out with my sister, whether it was kbmall, or tesco :) It was indeed a great moment, bittersweet when it came to wedding preparation :)

Oh yes, I had never planned to shut down this blog. Hehe, the stories continue, don't they ?

So, I finally had my 'happy ending' story on November 25th 2011. Alhamdulillah ! Alhamdulillah ! Alhamdulillah ! Indeed, Allah is all the almighty. Allahuakbar ! The greatest feeling to have that time, being a wife :) It was the happiest moment ever ! And my lips kept on saying Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah that time :) I'm a wife now ! So then my 'happy ending' continued with the reception. My husband and I felt so blessed on that day !

My ma abah - the one and only. These two important persons in my life had made me feel our majlis filled with baraqah. from the smiles that they wore throughout the majlis. How can i be thankful for them, oh Allah !

Ummi - that day marks me to have another mother, to be cared and to care for. Alhamdulillah ummi. Alhamdulillah !

My siblings - kakak sefamily, kakngoh sefamily, kaknor sefamily, kaklah sefamily, kakja sefamily, abe & kakda, kakjie sefamily, kaktie sefamily and my adek. From the tolong2 with the door gifts, buat kek (my kakja made the pretty cake for us !).

The in laws - who had always been supportive and helping us a lot from a little chaos to big big thing :)

Relatives - makcik2, pakcik2, spupu spapat yg byk tolong meriahkan majlis and byk hulur tgn membantu. I know I haven't got a proper chance to thank them all. Moga Allah kurniakan pahala dan permudahkan urusan kalian smua ameen :)

Friends -Maslina yusak yg tolong before, masa majlis and after majlis ! Ibtisam & arepp, peteh, siti mariam, maryam, jasmine, yg sudi dtg dari jauh ! Seriously sgt sgt terharu ! My UMK students, FPV yang sentiasa cool and memeriahkan lg majlis kawin saya and also UMK staffs. Hehe. Aida, Elly, wahida, wani yg byk tolong ! To all smipians, and kwn2 sekolah penambe yg dtg. Teachers also ! And smua yg dtg and hadir, thank youuuu !

Ada cerita sbenarnya sebelum majlis kawi ktornag nih, actually banjir melanda kg penambang. Wuwuwuwu, so Ahlami ni dok resah gelisah mmg xtau nk wat ape dah, menangis pon ada. Huhu sedih sedih. But alhamdulillah berkat doa semua ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan, the banjir finally said bye-bye on our solemnization day tu jugak. Tp still ada air jgk la sket2 kat luar tuh.

After all, there was my 'happy ending' story. In my definition, wedding is not the happy ending. Why 'ending' when it is only a beginning in your life essence. It is actually my 'Happy Beginning'. My new and happy beginning of life, for this marriage may Allah shower His blessings and baraqah. May we have soleh and solehah kids, and treasure our moments together, lead us to Jannah ya Allah ! Again, to love him for Him :)


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