Thursday, November 27, 2008

what is now?

So, Sydney was fun! especially the food. heaven lah! You can actually walk in the city at 11pm and not surprisingly to find any halal restaurant or kiosk, you know kebab and stuffs. it's something that we can't really have here in Adelaide. hehe.. okay, having said that the weather was quite crazy. yeah...fair enough. mild in my own definition. not too hot, but not too cold. plus the wind was so strong. rugi xbawak tripod cik tisam wehh..dok terketar2 amik gmba. Anyway, I guess the whole Australia is experiencing the same kinda weather currently. And capturing the moments! there are too many, so many photos taken. most are delicately from Ibtisam's courtesy.

Met Aina, Put Put and Byte!! BEST!!

Appreciation and thanks to Ayu, my collegemate in Sunway College for the 1st accomodation. and Ismah as well for the 2nd accomodation since Ayu had to go back to Malaysia according to plan. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Some photos of course, I'd like to share. More photos, Here and Here

Sydney University

Sydney University

heading to Darling Harbour

Coogee Beach

Sydney Fish Market

At Luna Park

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

summer is approaching

wow! 2 entries in a row. clear enough to explain that I'm not doing anything today. oh yes, summer is approaching but looks like i can't really say that since the weather is crazy though. even in Queensland, it's raining, storming and hailing, surprisingly now? Maybe we can't really predict the weather nowadays.

one thing i like about being in 4-seasons country is the tree, especially here in Adelaide. tapi tak tahu la kat negara lain mcm mane plak, sbb xpenah pegi Europe ke, america ke lg. Anyway, the best thing is, when it's autumn the trees (certain tree) will shed their leaves and when it's in early spring, the trees will grow pink or white flower and when summer approaching, the trees then will grow purple flower plak. sbb tue xleh tgk pokok2 mcm ni, mesti nk bergambar dengannya. mesti mereka sgt gembira dan bangga kalu la mereke berperasaan. haha. rase mcm gile skema entri nie. nasib3x.


merah jambu


tomorrow, 23 nov, 8.25am will be departing from Adelaide airport to Sydney. InsyaAllah smpai la dalam kol 11 pagi wktu sydney. saje jalan2 la. sbb buhsan jugak dok kt Adelaide saje nie. 27nov akan pulang ke Adelaide kembali. hehe. ok, doakan keselamatan journey saye dan rakan2 (ibtisam, iza and fidzah). iza tu baru je smpai from Brisbane, esok pagi dh nk g Sydney. jalan sakan! ok, catcha later!



p/s: i'm happy if you're happy

oh well

gambar mcm xbrape sesuai. sape setuju?

A very popular and oh-well-known pop star Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel. pheww...what a name. name malaikat tue. well, let's just pray for him that he'll take this seriously and of course sincerely. this is not something that u can do and the next stage, u're gonna decide to stop and step back. the Syahadah itself is a very strong vow yet declaration saying that "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah" in English.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Nanglish Kei

hahaha...actually, video ni dah agak lame popular. last year lagi. tapi tak tau kenape rase mcm nak tengok lagi. tapi still aku gelak. gelak dan gelak. yang paling tak tahan sekali ialah time diorng tnya 'what language were u singing just now?' and dgn bangga dia g jawab 'Nanglish kei'..haha..dengan Confident tue!! bkn sng nk dpt. haha. enjoy the video!

tp xtau la plak ade sorang budak tu peminat setia penyanyi Ken Lee nie. ade ke patut time balik from exam Psychology, dia nyanyi lagu ni dalam kete. haha


p/s: tadi ade kejadian xdiingini berlaku, microwave buat hal, nasib baik xterbakar umah..alhamdulillah..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

feels like

well, exam has just finished. Yahooo!!! i'm not saying that i did very well in the exam. and i'm not saying the opposite way either. hehe. but not forgotten the prayers. but still hope and fear. fear and hope. hope and fear. fear and hope. [mcm berhantu plak rase]

oh yes, Taylot Swift's new album, 'FEARLESS' has just been released! with a single, Love Story. sedap jugak sambil dok makan aiskirim dengar lagu ni. well, i reckon the previous album is better. not surprisingly, this one still have the same beat and sound that i adore! check it out here.

and i feel like watching(and crying) 'AUSTRALIA' movie. Nicole Kidman. Hugh Jackman plak tue (auww...abg wolverine saye.haha). telan air liur jgk nie. so, movie anyone? xde orang nk teman. Question: ade possibility x malaysia nk wat movie bertajuk 'Malaysia'? hurm...

just now i called home. dah ade kanak2!! monsters and blossoms sudah ade! xsbr nye nk blk! and my kakak&family will be joining them too! xsbr nyer! xsbr! tunggu Mak Uda smpai ehh semua..Mak Uda wt blk hadiah (cekelat M&M sorang satu jadiklah.haha)

and yes, to all my friends that have safely arrived in Malaysia or are about to go back to Malaysia soon, have a safe journey. insyaAllah. i'll see you there soon! [oh..cepat la 14dec!!]


p/s: you might think u're not doing anything for me. but u ARE still my everything. sounds familiar? hehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

take 5 with tagging


why not take 5 from studying? just like my best friend, Aida said.
Aida, take 10, take 20 pon boleh jgk deh? hehe

I'm done with my psychology and physiology papers, meaning that 1 more paper left, immunolgy!! oh yes..sometimes i find that immunology rocks!! [ib sila jgn muntah!]
we have this term 'opsonisation' in immunology, a process where foreign bacteria or microorganism are tagged or flagged so it will be easier for macrophage/phagocyte (cells that can 'eat' those bacteria and microorganisms) to kill those bacteria. sekian.
okay, Mr.Alexi has tagged me. [dia suruh wt after exm, aku wt tgh exm. cantik!!]
jom layan tag nie!!

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time: 11.05pm
Name: Ahlami Wan Muhammad
Sisters : 8
Brothers : 1
Shoe size :5/6
Height : 154cm
Where do you live : Currently in Adelaide

Have you,

ever been on a plane
: yes. xkan naik kapal selam kot dtg adelaide.
Swam in the ocean : beach i would say..of course.
Fallen asleep at school : a few times when i was VERY VERY sleepy
Broken someone's heart : yes, but not particularly in a relationship
Fell off your chair : YES. too many to count!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : absolutely
Saved e-mails : of course especially the itinerary of airlines tickets, etc.

What is your room like : bilik stor..punye la byk barang!!
What's right beside you : a bowl of vanilla-cookies ice cream! SEDAPP!!
What is the last thing you ate : tadi makan nasi n aym kicap special edition

Ever had,

Chicken pox : yes..2 times! camne leh kena 2 kali? immunology?
Sore throat : if i had too much spicy food
Broken nose : nope!

Do you

believe in love at first sight : the song 'love at first sight' tau ler..
Like picnics : love it!! i'd be the first to organize it. hehe

Who was/were,

The last person you danced with : Matt Corby
Last made you smile : i am smiling now. [xbrp mnjwb soalan]
You last yelled at : can't recall, might be ibtisam

Today Did You,

Talk to someone you like : yeah, everyday will do
Kissed anyone : oh yes. tadi salam cium tangan mak peteh nk g exam
Get sick : Alhamdulillah, i'm just fine today. dehydrated sket kot. panas3x
Talk to an ex : i dont have any and i dont wish to have it. hehe
Miss someone : Yes. Yes. yes sir yes sir three bag full!

Who do you really hate : xbaik mak ude kalu benci2 org..hehe
Do you like your hand-writing : used to like it, skrg tulisan mcm hampeh.
Are your toe nails painted : nope!
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : ma abah's
What color shirt are you wearing now : RED

Are you a friendly person : hehe..why dont u decide this for me?
Do you have any pets : used to and hoping to have one. iguana anyone?
Do you sleep with the TV on : will do if football match gets so boring.
What are you doing right now : erm..typing?
Can you handle the truth : depends on the conditions
Are you closer to your mother or father : both
Do you eat healthy : trying to add more veggies in my diet

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : xder ex laa...experiment banyak laa
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : myself. haha..gile lonelines..erm..anyone that would love to listen to my probs.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : i choose to be loud! situation-dependent.
Are you confident : have to be. gotta be.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire,
[dh jwb in previous tag - click here ]

5 things I was doing 10 years ago, (i was 11)
- main lopat tali was my feveret time petang2
- main netball was my feveret sport
- masuk pertandingan nyanyi and i won! haha
- fighting and arguing and quarelling with bad bad bad boys.haha
- doing homeworks especially maths

5 of my bad habits
- gigit kuku
- gigit pen
- xsuke laundry
- misplace things
- tido xkire mase [tempat kire yer]

5 places i've lived/am living
- kota bharu
- Gambang, Pahang
- Bandar Sunway, Selangor
- Kuala Lumpur
- Adelaide

5 persons to be tagged
- puloh
- aida sirrana yg suke shopping tue
- kwn skolah rendah, Pijie Bob
- maslina yusak!!
- unknown

(gambar2 tiada kaitan dgn entri)

kamera murah

kamera mahal


p/s: gap 9hari until immunology paper..adeihh...
p/s 2 : Happy Birthday utk Elly!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

curi masa

hurmm....saje je curi masa kejap nie.
mcm terliur la plak tengok org lain dok update blog. slrrrppp....
tapi xtahu la plak nk tulis pasal ape.hehe. let's just go on. let's see how far can i go.

anyway, peteh's mother is here. she arrived here about a week ago.
muka mmg same ngn peteh. telatah pon same.
lately, aku dok cakap tganu doh la ngan mok peteh. buleh la sket2.
doh la hari2 makang keppok. haha
hurm.... seeing peteh's mother reminds me about my mother a lot.
and yeah, study week is a space where i love to call my ma abah.
even a single simple question such as 'ma masok gapo hari nie?' can really
make my day. hehe...anok ma ko eh? mesti laahhh!!

and sejak study week nie, aku suke la pegi library.
ahem..mane? ahaa...library laa...
honestly, before this, i didnt really like getting myself into the library.
and just staying and spending my time there for about 5-6 hours
doing the revision this and that. it was just too much pressure for me.
you know, you turn left, u will see this specky chinese girl with 3 heavy books
clicking her calculator (accountacy la tue) .
and u turn right, u will about to see this indian lady
memorizing whatsover terms (law kot?) . and u will see everyone is studying!
that's what i thought. what i used to think.

anyway, this time is different. in fact, i kinda like the atmosphere.
it's not that bad actually. u just sit there, and do your thing and the next thing
you know is you're just in your own world, omitting things surrounding you.
pssssttt....and for me, it only lasts for about..say...1 hour n 30minutes?
hahaa...and then i will start to buat tarian joget2 ke. nyanyi hindustan ke. hehe..kidding!
xde laa...kena bangun n g toilet n stretch sket2...
anyway name library ktorng nie Barr Smith Library.
aku mule2 dgr nama nie mcm tekejut gak la..ade ke bar dia g wat library.
or library dia g wat bar..isshhhh3...[sbnrnyo darat kakloh time tue..haha]

oh yes! sbelum terlupa. kepada rakan2 seperjuangan, minta maaf sempena nk exam nie skiranya ade salah silap. insyaAllah, betulkan niat, semoga usaha kita yang sikit atau banyak ni dikira sebagai Ibadah oleh Nya. All the best!!

okay...let's see my exam timetable.

Ya Allah, persiapkan kami mengenai dengan urusan kami dengan petunjukMu

rindu ma abah. rindu senyuman mereka.


p/s: semoga tabah dan kuat!