Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 days remaining


duduk rumah --- memang sangat seronok! even we keep on doing the same thing everyday. the most important thing is to do it all with your loved ones. sincere and harmony.

to baby-sit a 9 months old baby --- sweet! joyful! tired (jika berat bayi itu dalam lingkungan 8kg), handful (jika bayi itu sudah tidak mahu duduk diam tapi ingin mula berjalan)

makan --- murtabak diraja, tau-fu-fah, kue teow ladna/kungfu, nasi belauk, air soya+gula melaka, mom's veggie soup, mom's steamed fish, mom's mee goreng, mom's tuppat sotong, mom's fried chicken, mom's old town white coffee (erk..yg ni pon ma buat kah?hahaha), everything that is delicious and will never be the same when you're not at home.

jalan-jalan --- it's like being on the other side of the world. especially if you're away with your friends. jange tau jale kat Kota Bharu jah la. hihi.

10 days remaining --- and i still can't face the fact that i'll be leaving home in 10 days. family or friends, please datang lah convocation day saye di Adelaide, 15th April. =D. sangat di alu-alukan.. kih3..

kakngoh ---- has been teaching in UIA since 1994.

'izzah ---- anak saudara paling tua, lahir pada 1992 when i was 5. and she has just successfully graduated from school!

Australian Open 2010 --- camne la nak tgk LIVE kat Melbourne kalau summer asyik balik kan? hihi.

that's all for now :)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

home happenings


hi there, i won't be talking about home happenings specifically.
it's just a title anyway.

well, i always have a problem with the internet connection at home, which favors me to being lazy and frustrated when i was about to update something. i know there are STUFFS to talk about. but here it goes, i swear, i'll keep it simple this time. at least.

1. went to KL. and i think, that was the best moment i had with my buddies. went to Genting with elly, wani, mimi, syu, syafiq, airie and airie's friend (along). ended up with tons of pictures, but couldn't afford (in terms of time and energy saving when minimizing the pic sizes. haha) to upload all in fcbook. so, guys, have a look and give some comment okeh? [click here]

2. visited UITM (i think for the very first time) and UKM. thanks syafiq and sister, adek!

3. back here, doing my casual routine stuffs, baby-sit muaz ( 30percent je kot. 70 percent my mum la buat. hehe), picking up alya and asna (sometimes ahnaf and aniq as well) from school which i thought a fun thing to do!

4. tidak memasak atau baking ape2. kecuali membuat satu sahaja puding karamel hari tue.

5. American Idol!!! and Ellen Degeneres would be the fifth judge.

6. sekarang mengupdate blog di rumah makcik which is my neighbour as well.

7. weddings - latest, coursemate, syahrul fitri and wife rahimah. nasib baik umah syahr dekat pcb aje. hehe.

8. shipping corelle xsampai2 lagi nie...aiseymannn...

9. JPA....bile nak hntar financial affidavit niee....

10. i reckon that before i start typing out or bursting out all the thoughts here, let's just call it a day for this entry. this time around!

till we meet again!