Monday, October 03, 2011

one and only


The title can be deceiving though. This time is pretty much random, cause I am listening to Adele's song, called 'One and Only'. I love the tone of her voice, and the way she sings it, just like a story telling. Don't you think the same way ?

Oh anyway, everyone has their one and only. Am I right ? Hehe

Life has been pretty much hectic lately. It's not hectic actually. It's just that you have so many things to do, and you have to sort those out according to the priorities, and settle them down one by one. So far, everything is just under control ! Hehe, at least I have my one and only that is always ready and giving his full commitments. The one that I can always rely on, the one that I can't wait to talk to after coming back from work. The one that I can express my feelings and tell about all the chaos and chores I have to face that day. The one and only :)

I just realized that my most recent entry was a month ago, and I haven't updated the Hari Raya story. I probably have missed my yearly routine, which is the raya story. Hihi. Well, raya is sooooo different this year. Everything was beautiful. And all I can say is, being grateful is really important. I have to always remind myself with that. The raya khutbah, I have a few points slipped into my mind. I came to know that Aidil Fitri, the word 'Fitri' means 'Fitrah'. Why fitrah ? Because during Ramadhan, we want to wash away all the stains of sins within ourselves, so that we can go back to our Fitrah. Putih suci. Question is, have you done enough ? Have you grabbed the precious chance ? Hehe. Berfalsafah la plak rase :P

sbb byk sgt dah upload gmba raya kat fb, tapi gamba smyg raya xde la plak. so here it is. hehe Mak Ude dgn Kakak Jihah. This time masa amik gambar, org kat sebelah mcm pandang pelik aje. Hihihi :P

Again, this entry is getting even tedious ! I was about to tell a different story, (different thing was playing in my mind just now), but then the raya story just popped out. Oh well, manusia manusia,

"He is called insan (human) because of his nisiyan (forgetfulness), and it is only called Al-Qalb (the heart) because it changes so rapidly (yataqallab)" - Arab proverb

Rasanya kejap lg nk update pasal entri lain plak :P


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