Wednesday, June 15, 2011

of being shared

I just realized that most of the previous entries are all picture showing unfortunate people. It's just that I really wanted to share all those to everyone and everyone else. Hehe takpe laa kan ? :D

I think I have to mention a few random updates of people and happenings recently. Hehe. Dah lama dah tak update pasal my monsters and blossoms lah terutamanya. Probably because life has been so easy and less stressful lately.

Kalau dolu2, time belajar kat Adelaide, just because of the relative distance between me and my family, i was so excited when being told and shared updates from home, such as;

"Muaz dah tumbuh gigi dah"
"Umah ada pasang kipas baru. Commeiii"
"Kakchik (my cousin) branok doh. Baby girl ! yeayyyy"
"Bilik air umoh ado water heater doh. So mandi pagi-pagi x sejuk doh. Woohoo"

Those littlest things, when being told and shared with me, could really make my day. Especially, when I was in the middle of study week nak dekat-dekat exam tuh. Hehe. That was just normal to me.

I have learned that whatever stories, when it is shared between your loved ones, it will be such a meaningful highlight of your day, simply saying. Or highlight of your life, importantly saying :)

Okay, mari upload gambar my monsters sket.

Ahnaf and Aniq menang tempat kedua main bola sepak, peringkat kampung. hehe

Yang ni kanak-kanak berumur 3 tahun ke bawah. Yang pakai tudung kat blakang tuh 'bibik' aje. sibuk masuk gamba jugak. hahaha



@namaakulynn said...

ramainyeee.geraammmmm tgok ramai2 tu.aishhh.yg 'bibik' tu pon comeyyyy.haha

Janna Wan Muhammad said...

ramainyo baby...! hehehee...wazi sudah besau dan semakin encem !