Monday, December 29, 2008




leave. another year is leaving. another year is coming. semua orang dah bace doa akhir tahun and doa awal tahun? hmm...anyhow, penghayatan lah yang paling penting. penghayatan pada kisah Hijrah Rasulullah S.A.W dan sahabat. iyer, sungguh besar makna hijrah itu sendiri. kite boleh paham. kite boleh hayati. tapi untuk menggerakkannya, untuk BERUBAH, memang memerlukan jati diri dan kekuatan yang tinggi. sebab tu kite selalu berazam bile dah masuk tahun baru. question: tercapai semuakah azam2 kite tue? hehe [eh..tengah2 serius/skema ade plak 'hehe'..that is so typical ahlami..]

oh yer, saye mungkin bukanlah seorang yg terbaik atau sesuai untuk bercakap mengenai hal di atas, tapi, personally, sekadar berpesan-pesan sahaja. hehe.

again leave. another year is leaving. another year is coming. people leave. people always leave. i think i just got hypnotized by the word leave by One Tree Hill again. aiyaaa...oh well, it's not a problem... mekaceh byk2 encik alexi kerana mmbuat saye mabuk one tree hill kembali.

erm..sekarang saye dah taknak kutuk2 internet kat umah nie. sebab lmbat2 pon still leh online and update blog lagi. and now siap berchatting, facebook, etc. alhamdulillah..
tapi tadi ade kejadian bushuk berlaku. ade ke patut semut di wat sarang kt keyboard laptop saye. ish3. tktau dah nk wat mcm mane. takkan la nk ridsect kan laptop ni kot. my sis, kaktie ckp pasang lagu kuat2. ape lg. g cari lagu metal la. found 'black star' by 'Carcass' [kakas sup]... pasang kuat2...and abis lari lintang pukang semua semut2 tue.! leave la wahai semut2!!

sekali lagi, selamat menyambut maal hijrah. and happy new year 2009. ape yang buruk kite ubah jadi baik. dan tinggalkan cepat2. yang baik2 kite keep on doing it better okies? mcm saye belajar wat biskut and kek la..hihi..analogy yg nth ape2..



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cupcakes plak dah

oh yerr. my sister, kak lah and her hubby, abe miji went to adelaide last week for abe miji's convocation at univ of adelaide. finally he got his phd. congratulations to him! and they left their children here with me, and my ma abah, fatien etc. and the kids had been asking and urging me to do some cuppies..err...cupcakes what i meant..hehe. it was fun. and of course million thanks to kakja for the recipe. oh yeahh...having fun!! yer lah..time tgh dok decorate2 cupcakes tue, my abah pon join skali..haha..abah gak..sporting and supportive sokmo!!

and ni gmba convo abe miji thanks to alia mazalan the photographer of that day! thank u so much al!! hurm..nmpk cam panas nye adelaide..haha


BBQ with x-smipians

oh yes.yes.yes. i know, 3 entries in a row. but what to do. this is just the right time for me to say something since the internet is doing just fine today. so, let's just grab the chance! gile desperate! but, at least i have that effort to keep updating this. and putting it in a nice way. oh. kenape la hari ni byk puji diri sndiri. tolong3x! syndrome ape ni doc?

oh yeah..back to what i was trying to's BBQ!!! hip2 hooray! yeah, we had BBQ at PCB, specifically Noor Chalet [nice job wani!]. was raining [quite heavily] that day that made it difficult for us to organize the bbq session. nasib baik lah ade miss azlin suraya yang mmg terer menyalakan api yang marak. [were you hot that time aya?]. to those who came, aida, bb, aya, elly, wani, farhana, wahida, pipah, amalina, darina, nasir, syafiq, syafik nuar, pojie, and airie let's just say that you really love the friendship that we have kan..and to those who couldnt come, that's fine, but to those who refused to come..well..reasons from u guys? hehe
well..some photos..


December Birthdays!

so, this is the entry for the birthdays party that we had for my mum, my niece izzah and my bro in law abe ise. yeah.3 birthdays in a row. jimat3x...hahaa..may they have happy life now and always. my ma is 59 now, but she looks like 45. (puji mak sndiri)..sape setuju? hahaha..


Raya Haji [updates]

hi people...

alhamdulillah...everything did go well..from the first day i arrived here, and up until now, i believe that everything is still going well. smooth and easy. except for the internet and stuffs yang memang di akui sangat 'laju' speed nyer.. sometimes it drives me crazy thinking about this. you know, i'm gonna have to stay like this up until the end of february next year. nicely said as before i go back to adelaide. erghh...erm..okay, lets just say that marilah same2 kite memupuk sifat sabar dalam diri kite..ahemm...oh's adelaide? so far, xde perasaan rindu pn lg kat i miss the coffee there..ermmm....bestnyerr!! ehehe..

oh yes, i know my sister, kak ja is waiting for some pics that we captured during aidil there you go..semua jgn jeles yer dgn saye, dpt beraya both aidil fitri and aidil adha at my hometown! wee3x!



Sunday, December 07, 2008

i wish

pheww..time goes by so fast. 2nd year has officially ended. and next month, will be starting to write 2009. and we are always in this circle of life. do our things. understand or not is a second thing. meet people. understand again. understanding is not too way demanding i guess. Alhamdulillah, Allah always Knows and Understands what we need MORE (MOST) than we do. so, let's just cherish everything given by Allah, okies friends? hehe

o0hh yes! today i'm going back home, people! yippiii!! hehe. and will arrive at Kota Bharu airport tonight. i wish everything will go well, fine, good and everything that i wish in general. hehe. and tomorrow is Aidil Adha. so, i would like to wish to all my brothers and sisters out there, may u have a blessed Hari Raya Haji or Hari Raya Korban.

and i wish everyone, Happy Holiday. use the time wisely. or maybe we're not wise enough to use it wisely. but why not just act like ones? haha.

doakan keselamatan perjalanan saya!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

that yellow water!

what yellow water? that yellow water la! i call air banjir as yellow water. boleh tahan la description tue. guano oghe kg penambe? bule 12 gak, dok tunggu air sapa dumoh la blako. mugo oghe kato penambe ni 'ibu air'...tok soh kalu xbanjir tiap2 tahun. takpo lah, kelebihan jugop tue, rama la oghe penambe bleh berene blako! pnda ngayuh perahu blako pong jolo jugop. hahahaha..perasey molek!
oh anyway, last year, december 2007, i think that one was the worst banjir ever in my life. air xder la dalam sgt, BUT because that banjir was long-lasting and it took about 2 weeks!! with no internet connection. no phone connection (cell phones bleh lg.he3) . pheww..really the toughest and the hardest!

banjiir 2007. walaupon model takdelah tinggi sangat pon kan,
tapi dalam jugaklah air tue. hehehe.

the result has finally come out. Alhamdulillah. (smiling) he3

oh yes, tomorrow all my siblings are gonna be at home EXCEPT me! oh no! oh no! oh no! rase nak balik sekarang nie. okay, now, patience. take a deep breath.
and maybe again, expect the unexpected!


p/s: i wish i could be Hiro in 'HEROES'

Monday, December 01, 2008

while waiting

i'm waiting for Kak Lynn to fetch me up.
we're gonna go for Cherry Picking at Stella Creek. uwekkk...tlg jgn muntah Ahlami since jalan kt situ mcm snake. hmmm..snake..i lykeeee!
anyway, i happened to find this video while browsing vids about funny kids and babies. i know this video is kinda back-dated or out-dated you may call. but, do watch it. i never knew that this simple home-made video can actually draw our attention and yet, the kids in the video are famous now. oh gosh! i like the accent. british accent best lah! hehe


p/s: Happy 27th Birthday to my Sister, Siti Aisyah Wan Muhammad. and happy __th birthday to my brother in law, Abe Long as well..hehe..and..1st december, hari AIDS sedunia!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

what is now?

So, Sydney was fun! especially the food. heaven lah! You can actually walk in the city at 11pm and not surprisingly to find any halal restaurant or kiosk, you know kebab and stuffs. it's something that we can't really have here in Adelaide. hehe.. okay, having said that the weather was quite crazy. yeah...fair enough. mild in my own definition. not too hot, but not too cold. plus the wind was so strong. rugi xbawak tripod cik tisam wehh..dok terketar2 amik gmba. Anyway, I guess the whole Australia is experiencing the same kinda weather currently. And capturing the moments! there are too many, so many photos taken. most are delicately from Ibtisam's courtesy.

Met Aina, Put Put and Byte!! BEST!!

Appreciation and thanks to Ayu, my collegemate in Sunway College for the 1st accomodation. and Ismah as well for the 2nd accomodation since Ayu had to go back to Malaysia according to plan. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Some photos of course, I'd like to share. More photos, Here and Here

Sydney University

Sydney University

heading to Darling Harbour

Coogee Beach

Sydney Fish Market

At Luna Park

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


p/s: ....................................................................

Saturday, November 22, 2008

summer is approaching

wow! 2 entries in a row. clear enough to explain that I'm not doing anything today. oh yes, summer is approaching but looks like i can't really say that since the weather is crazy though. even in Queensland, it's raining, storming and hailing, surprisingly now? Maybe we can't really predict the weather nowadays.

one thing i like about being in 4-seasons country is the tree, especially here in Adelaide. tapi tak tahu la kat negara lain mcm mane plak, sbb xpenah pegi Europe ke, america ke lg. Anyway, the best thing is, when it's autumn the trees (certain tree) will shed their leaves and when it's in early spring, the trees will grow pink or white flower and when summer approaching, the trees then will grow purple flower plak. sbb tue xleh tgk pokok2 mcm ni, mesti nk bergambar dengannya. mesti mereka sgt gembira dan bangga kalu la mereke berperasaan. haha. rase mcm gile skema entri nie. nasib3x.


merah jambu


tomorrow, 23 nov, 8.25am will be departing from Adelaide airport to Sydney. InsyaAllah smpai la dalam kol 11 pagi wktu sydney. saje jalan2 la. sbb buhsan jugak dok kt Adelaide saje nie. 27nov akan pulang ke Adelaide kembali. hehe. ok, doakan keselamatan journey saye dan rakan2 (ibtisam, iza and fidzah). iza tu baru je smpai from Brisbane, esok pagi dh nk g Sydney. jalan sakan! ok, catcha later!



p/s: i'm happy if you're happy

oh well

gambar mcm xbrape sesuai. sape setuju?

A very popular and oh-well-known pop star Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel. pheww...what a name. name malaikat tue. well, let's just pray for him that he'll take this seriously and of course sincerely. this is not something that u can do and the next stage, u're gonna decide to stop and step back. the Syahadah itself is a very strong vow yet declaration saying that "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah" in English.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Nanglish Kei

hahaha...actually, video ni dah agak lame popular. last year lagi. tapi tak tau kenape rase mcm nak tengok lagi. tapi still aku gelak. gelak dan gelak. yang paling tak tahan sekali ialah time diorng tnya 'what language were u singing just now?' and dgn bangga dia g jawab 'Nanglish kei'..haha..dengan Confident tue!! bkn sng nk dpt. haha. enjoy the video!

tp xtau la plak ade sorang budak tu peminat setia penyanyi Ken Lee nie. ade ke patut time balik from exam Psychology, dia nyanyi lagu ni dalam kete. haha


p/s: tadi ade kejadian xdiingini berlaku, microwave buat hal, nasib baik xterbakar umah..alhamdulillah..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

feels like

well, exam has just finished. Yahooo!!! i'm not saying that i did very well in the exam. and i'm not saying the opposite way either. hehe. but not forgotten the prayers. but still hope and fear. fear and hope. hope and fear. fear and hope. [mcm berhantu plak rase]

oh yes, Taylot Swift's new album, 'FEARLESS' has just been released! with a single, Love Story. sedap jugak sambil dok makan aiskirim dengar lagu ni. well, i reckon the previous album is better. not surprisingly, this one still have the same beat and sound that i adore! check it out here.

and i feel like watching(and crying) 'AUSTRALIA' movie. Nicole Kidman. Hugh Jackman plak tue (auww...abg wolverine saye.haha). telan air liur jgk nie. so, movie anyone? xde orang nk teman. Question: ade possibility x malaysia nk wat movie bertajuk 'Malaysia'? hurm...

just now i called home. dah ade kanak2!! monsters and blossoms sudah ade! xsbr nye nk blk! and my kakak&family will be joining them too! xsbr nyer! xsbr! tunggu Mak Uda smpai ehh semua..Mak Uda wt blk hadiah (cekelat M&M sorang satu jadiklah.haha)

and yes, to all my friends that have safely arrived in Malaysia or are about to go back to Malaysia soon, have a safe journey. insyaAllah. i'll see you there soon! [oh..cepat la 14dec!!]


p/s: you might think u're not doing anything for me. but u ARE still my everything. sounds familiar? hehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

take 5 with tagging


why not take 5 from studying? just like my best friend, Aida said.
Aida, take 10, take 20 pon boleh jgk deh? hehe

I'm done with my psychology and physiology papers, meaning that 1 more paper left, immunolgy!! oh yes..sometimes i find that immunology rocks!! [ib sila jgn muntah!]
we have this term 'opsonisation' in immunology, a process where foreign bacteria or microorganism are tagged or flagged so it will be easier for macrophage/phagocyte (cells that can 'eat' those bacteria and microorganisms) to kill those bacteria. sekian.
okay, Mr.Alexi has tagged me. [dia suruh wt after exm, aku wt tgh exm. cantik!!]
jom layan tag nie!!

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time: 11.05pm
Name: Ahlami Wan Muhammad
Sisters : 8
Brothers : 1
Shoe size :5/6
Height : 154cm
Where do you live : Currently in Adelaide

Have you,

ever been on a plane
: yes. xkan naik kapal selam kot dtg adelaide.
Swam in the ocean : beach i would say..of course.
Fallen asleep at school : a few times when i was VERY VERY sleepy
Broken someone's heart : yes, but not particularly in a relationship
Fell off your chair : YES. too many to count!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : absolutely
Saved e-mails : of course especially the itinerary of airlines tickets, etc.

What is your room like : bilik stor..punye la byk barang!!
What's right beside you : a bowl of vanilla-cookies ice cream! SEDAPP!!
What is the last thing you ate : tadi makan nasi n aym kicap special edition

Ever had,

Chicken pox : yes..2 times! camne leh kena 2 kali? immunology?
Sore throat : if i had too much spicy food
Broken nose : nope!

Do you

believe in love at first sight : the song 'love at first sight' tau ler..
Like picnics : love it!! i'd be the first to organize it. hehe

Who was/were,

The last person you danced with : Matt Corby
Last made you smile : i am smiling now. [xbrp mnjwb soalan]
You last yelled at : can't recall, might be ibtisam

Today Did You,

Talk to someone you like : yeah, everyday will do
Kissed anyone : oh yes. tadi salam cium tangan mak peteh nk g exam
Get sick : Alhamdulillah, i'm just fine today. dehydrated sket kot. panas3x
Talk to an ex : i dont have any and i dont wish to have it. hehe
Miss someone : Yes. Yes. yes sir yes sir three bag full!

Who do you really hate : xbaik mak ude kalu benci2 org..hehe
Do you like your hand-writing : used to like it, skrg tulisan mcm hampeh.
Are your toe nails painted : nope!
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : ma abah's
What color shirt are you wearing now : RED

Are you a friendly person : hehe..why dont u decide this for me?
Do you have any pets : used to and hoping to have one. iguana anyone?
Do you sleep with the TV on : will do if football match gets so boring.
What are you doing right now : erm..typing?
Can you handle the truth : depends on the conditions
Are you closer to your mother or father : both
Do you eat healthy : trying to add more veggies in my diet

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : xder ex laa...experiment banyak laa
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : myself. haha..gile lonelines..erm..anyone that would love to listen to my probs.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : i choose to be loud! situation-dependent.
Are you confident : have to be. gotta be.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire,
[dh jwb in previous tag - click here ]

5 things I was doing 10 years ago, (i was 11)
- main lopat tali was my feveret time petang2
- main netball was my feveret sport
- masuk pertandingan nyanyi and i won! haha
- fighting and arguing and quarelling with bad bad bad boys.haha
- doing homeworks especially maths

5 of my bad habits
- gigit kuku
- gigit pen
- xsuke laundry
- misplace things
- tido xkire mase [tempat kire yer]

5 places i've lived/am living
- kota bharu
- Gambang, Pahang
- Bandar Sunway, Selangor
- Kuala Lumpur
- Adelaide

5 persons to be tagged
- puloh
- aida sirrana yg suke shopping tue
- kwn skolah rendah, Pijie Bob
- maslina yusak!!
- unknown

(gambar2 tiada kaitan dgn entri)

kamera murah

kamera mahal


p/s: gap 9hari until immunology paper..adeihh...
p/s 2 : Happy Birthday utk Elly!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

curi masa

hurmm....saje je curi masa kejap nie.
mcm terliur la plak tengok org lain dok update blog. slrrrppp....
tapi xtahu la plak nk tulis pasal ape.hehe. let's just go on. let's see how far can i go.

anyway, peteh's mother is here. she arrived here about a week ago.
muka mmg same ngn peteh. telatah pon same.
lately, aku dok cakap tganu doh la ngan mok peteh. buleh la sket2.
doh la hari2 makang keppok. haha
hurm.... seeing peteh's mother reminds me about my mother a lot.
and yeah, study week is a space where i love to call my ma abah.
even a single simple question such as 'ma masok gapo hari nie?' can really
make my day. hehe...anok ma ko eh? mesti laahhh!!

and sejak study week nie, aku suke la pegi library.
ahem..mane? ahaa...library laa...
honestly, before this, i didnt really like getting myself into the library.
and just staying and spending my time there for about 5-6 hours
doing the revision this and that. it was just too much pressure for me.
you know, you turn left, u will see this specky chinese girl with 3 heavy books
clicking her calculator (accountacy la tue) .
and u turn right, u will about to see this indian lady
memorizing whatsover terms (law kot?) . and u will see everyone is studying!
that's what i thought. what i used to think.

anyway, this time is different. in fact, i kinda like the atmosphere.
it's not that bad actually. u just sit there, and do your thing and the next thing
you know is you're just in your own world, omitting things surrounding you.
pssssttt....and for me, it only lasts for about..say...1 hour n 30minutes?
hahaa...and then i will start to buat tarian joget2 ke. nyanyi hindustan ke. hehe..kidding!
xde laa...kena bangun n g toilet n stretch sket2...
anyway name library ktorng nie Barr Smith Library.
aku mule2 dgr nama nie mcm tekejut gak la..ade ke bar dia g wat library.
or library dia g wat bar..isshhhh3...[sbnrnyo darat kakloh time tue..haha]

oh yes! sbelum terlupa. kepada rakan2 seperjuangan, minta maaf sempena nk exam nie skiranya ade salah silap. insyaAllah, betulkan niat, semoga usaha kita yang sikit atau banyak ni dikira sebagai Ibadah oleh Nya. All the best!!

okay...let's see my exam timetable.

Ya Allah, persiapkan kami mengenai dengan urusan kami dengan petunjukMu

rindu ma abah. rindu senyuman mereka.


p/s: semoga tabah dan kuat!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thank You

hello people,

last 3 days, i've received special gift from Kak Tie, my sister's friend. or maybe her cyber friend. and yeahh..that happens to be my cyber friend as well...oh we still have the term cyber friends? or blogging friends maybe? ehehe...alahaii..banyok kecek plop doh..
yeahh...coincidently, i happened to be her 888th reader...then i'm the lucky one!!

anyway..THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH...^Hugs and KiSSes^ to Kak Tie.

so cute!! hehe


and yet, today, 31st October is my last day of second year...Alhamdulillah..
yeah...sure it'd been much harder.
much more effort.
much more games here and there.
hehe...a friend of mine used to say that we are all dreaming right now.
being here, just doing this and that, and when we go back to Malaysia for good,
that's it! Dream's over. oh No!! how could it be? i mean...struggling here and there..
is this really a dream? maybe yeahh...because the fact that being in Malaysia feels like much more being in a real world. so, Reality it is..after all..[penuh perasaan sket bace ni yer]

LAST DAY of our 2nd Year, 31st Oct 2008

well...terpaksa letak gmbar nie..hehe

introducing najmi on my left..on my right..cik kekura snyum..haha

'kite pandang each other lahh'(ahlami, 2008)


AL-FATIHAH to my cousin (sebelah abah),
Umran bin Wan Rasyid [kakja..betul ko ejo namo abe ra gini]...or we call him Abe Ra...
xdop doh la oghe hok rajin maghi bekki elektrik dumoh abah...
Ayoh Soh xdop doh..Abe Ra plop xdop..sob3..
semoga Abe Ra ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman dan soleh. ameenn..


Friday, October 24, 2008



i'm not always like this. trust me. updating and posting new entries almost every day.
i'm not even a daily blogger. but i am a daily blog reader.
but, sungguh. this is nothing.

okey, no more song lyrics, no more 'o0ohh dear...'

entry kali ni kite educated sket dehhh....haha

next week i'll be having an oral presentation regarding on what we've been doing for this whole year in physiology experiment. phewww...we were trying to find the best posture, if someone who is asthmatic gets an asthma attack, that will help him/her reduce the recovery time. having said that, we predicted seating would be the best ones! but then, the result was not really supporting our prediction. However, we found that someone who gets asthma attack should not get himself/herself in lying supine position. CRAP!! praktis jahhh niee....muahaha..

and we'll be having immunoloy test which i dont really....uhmm...uhmmm...

and of course...the last internal ASSessment of this semester..of my second year would be the practical exam. they're gonna test based on what we've learnt throughout the semester, basically our SKILLS and knowledge about immunological techniques tu kot??? hahadoiii lagii...
hurmm....yerr...kami mmg sgt dedikasi semasa berada dalam lab..tgk la gmba2 di bwh..

goodluck ahlami n ibtisam!! she's my partner by the way, since 2005 sunway college lagii..hehe..dalam lab curi2 amik gmba tue..biase dahh...hahaha..anyway, this sem sgt best sbb our demonstrater pakcik tony [ahem..Dr.Tony Fratini yer...] sgt baaaaikkkkkk!!! tp, yg herannnya, dia asyik pakai baju merah tue aje...hari2 pakai baju tuee...ktorng assume je dia ade banyak baju tue kot...hahahaa...

bersama pakcik Tony

okiess.....mahu tidooo.....ZzZzZzZzzzz........


Thursday, October 23, 2008

said the raindrop to the seed

"You and me,"
Said the raindrop to the seed
"WE'll make a winning team won't we?
Cause when I fall down
You'll become a pretty flower
And I'll be finally free
From the shackles of this cloud

And the sun will shine
And we'll make the most of life
Come, we haven't got much time
'Cause all living things must die
But I will nurture you
'Til your petals turn to white
And you will hold me close
Until the last drop of me dries"

'Cause you and me
We have each other
And that's all we need
The place I'll call my home
Is anywhere that you will be
You and me
(should be) MAY never make a mark on the shape of history
But I'm glad you came to make your mark on me

So darling when I lie down
I hope you'll be around
To lay your roses down over me
'Cause I'd never keep
To watch you fall asleep
I wouldn't last the day
Without you standing next to me

Through a satellite lens
We are just a tiny speck
Oh, of little consequence
In the greater scheme of things
But from down here
In our private little sphere
The colours are in focus
And the picture's crystal clear

'Cause you and me
We've got each other
And that's all we need
The place I'll call my home
Is anywhere that you will be
You and me
(should be) MAY never make a mark on the shape of history
But I'm glad you came to make your mark on me

Yeah I'm glad you came to make your mark on me

0o0ooo0hhh dear,
i found the words in this song,
what a good ones!,
said the raindrop to the seed,
[mesti ramai xbace lirik tue..dgr lagu je kan? haha]
betul this world, we all need each other,
mane boleh hidup sorang2,
even the seed needs the raindrop,
even humans need food,
even the babies need their mothers,
even Ahlami needs a pet,


p/s: i can 'play' and SING this...syyyhhhh...he3..someone might know this..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


hahaha...aku gelak sorang2 tgk video nie.
bkn ape..kipas yg azizah dok nyanyi depan tuee...sbenarnya ade kaitan jgk ngn aku..
time kecik2 dlu..time skolah rendah laa..kan aku mmg suke nyanyi..
siap wakil skolah and wakil Kota Bharu lagi masuk pertandingan bintang kecil tue...
haa...aku praktis nyanyi depan kipas tue laahhh...hahaadaoii...
bukan ape..kalu nyanyi depan kipas tue kan..
kan rambut kite, perasan la konon2 dalam video klip..ade hembusan angin bayu gituu...wakakaaa...lumayan betul lahh!!
enjoy the video

and up until now, i still couldnt figure out what kind of language my niece, azizah (we call her ijah) used in this video....all i know is, the title of the song was 'Ibu...Ijah Nak Ayam'... sebab nye..tgh dok nynyi2 tue..dia tgk ibu dia tgh bwk ayam...[ktorng kenduri aqiqah dia hari raye ke-3 tuee...]...anyway, azizah is only 3 years budak ni agk tinggi..mcm 5 thn plak...

in the video, azizah humaira, asna qistina, mohd adam karami


ps: suke kire hari nk blk msia drp kire hari nk exam..hakikat!

Monday, October 13, 2008


hi all...

boost.boost.boost.i need my boost..i need to boost.
ohh..u might be thinking that i was about to type 'book' instead of 'boost'...
HAHAHA...oh's boost, according to Ahlami's definition, boost= music.
question= what's the matter with book anyway?
what book? it..Final i need book...hurm..yeah..hahaha..
that's the fact..i just re-arranged all the lecture notes yesterday..
[nk sedapkan hati la konon2 nye aku ni xdela pemalas sgt]

adeiihh...sbenarnye malas dh nk cite pasal kembali ke adelaide smula nie..
tapi..teringat2 n terbayang2 la plak perjalanan kitorng [me, bani, & effa ]
take note, bani is Nurul Syarbani Elliana BINTI Musa...
bukan mohd bani ke..syahbani ke..hahaa
the journey sgt penat. sgt penat. sgt penat. tired of waiting...ape lg..

Kota Bharu - KL - Singapore - Darwin - Adelaide = 26hours [agk lame la utk g australia]

but, i guess that's the price that we had to buy just to spend the best time being with our's so so so so precious time. meme berbaloii lahh!!

so, we're in Week 10 now, and yet..a few big assignments need to be submitted.
test as usual..i'm just worried about the poster presentation that will be held next week, cheezzyy..cheezzyyy....takut jugop niee...mati lah klu tetiba pakcik David Wilson tu yang interview...jgn terkencing kt situ sudahh...ape2pon..kuatkan prepared..

Aniq Hafiy dah pndai posing dah..kan manis snyum tue..[atas paksaan mak ude]

Aniq Hafiy perasan macho [bkn paksaan mak ude]

Azizah Humaira n Asna Qistina

Springing now in Adelaide. yet the weather is crazy though.
even the temperature fluctuates crazily...
but tonight is nice. not too hot. not too cold. just mild.
0o0oohhhhh..mmmm..ZzZzZzzzz...[tutorial xsiap]


Monday, October 06, 2008

beautiful beautiful day

hi there!
it's been a while. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah..
Everything went well. indeed, everything is still going well.
how grateful am i to be here and to have this precious chance,
celebrating Aidilfitri with my family and close friends.

as usual, i enjoyed all the food that my mum prepared. and of course the way that i could help my mum out. there were roti jala and kuzi, satay, kuah kacang, nasi impit, nasi lemak [sbb dh rmai sgt wt nasi dagang and such]. i can say that all the foods were all finished earlier than i thought since the guests kept on coming non-stop. apologies to those who came late. hehe...

and i admit that this raya was not really complete and perfect
as 3 of my siblings were not here to celebrate with us.
Kakak and Family [singapore], Kak Ja and her family [keningau], Kaktie & Hubby [sandakan]..
but that's okay, insyaAllah...
some other rayas will do..let us pray for that..

tapiii..part yg paling kelakar nye..stiap kali jmpa my relatives..especially my cousins or spupu spapat..they would say ' ehh...tengok la ami masuk salam perantauan..ingt ko xbalik doh ghayo...hehe..'...then i went speechless and blushing sket2...kih3..

but then, i guess, celebrating raye in Adelaide
and in my hometown are both different to each other..
especially the atmosphere, the bonds and the people.
after all, for whatever reasons i have,
i would rather say,

roti jala shape khas utk lutfi my nephew

bermaafan di pagi raya..tua dan muda..he3..ade gk part y berlakon tue

4 beradik jer ade? tue la...saye pon pelik..


monsters and blossoms.both ank sdare n ank spupu

sgt kecoh!! gegey gegok laa..

raya happenings

gmbar mahal nie.dr kiri, from japan, from australia, and from UKm.hehe

cousins.cousins.cousins.i love them

ni lah the reason why i went back for raya. ade lg la reasons lain yg sedap untuk didengar dan diingati sambil dok koya2...wakaka..

anyway, will be back to adelaide this wednesday,8th lah perasaaan nye..perasaan xnak balik...huhu..anyway..what to goes on..hehe


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Balik Kampung and Selamat Hari Raya



ALHAMDULILLAH...syukur ke hadrat Ilahi..dgn limpah kurniaNYA..
hehe..mcm nk wt ucapan la plak..kih3..
ermm...syukur tahun ni, insyaAllah dpt beraya bersama family.
walaupun bkn kesemua 10 adik bradik dpt berkumpul.
xmengapa, rahmat Allah tidak pernah putus. InsyaAllah.kite jmpa lagi bln 12 nie..
ape?? balik lg?? biarr laa...ikut suke laaa...haha..kejam2...

doakan keselamatan perjalanan saye pegi dan balik..

23 Sept 2008:
Adelaide-Darwin-Singapore [arrive 9.oopm]

then..tido umah my no.1 sister, Kakak...hehee..nasib baik my family dok berterabur..
smbung journey,

24 Sept 2008:
Singapore-KL-KB [ arrive at 8:15pm]

insyaAllah..semoga kepulangan daku ini dikira sebagai ibadah...

anyway, since my internet kt umah tue lembap sket..[klu ade broadband Kak Da senang laa..kih3]
i would like to make an early wish to all my muslim readers..
my brothers and my sisters..


let us be grateful for this victory. may Allah bless us always.
and Allah knows the best for us.

Sorry for Everything...

and ni kad raya utk kamu semua...hi3
credits to puloh...mekaceh

insyaAllah..nnti jmpa lagii!!

Ahlami Wan Muhammad

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lailatul Qadar


Sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkan (Al-Quran) ini pada Malam Lailatul-Qadar,
Dan apa jalannya engkau dapat mengetahui apa dia kebesaran Malam Lailatul-Qadar itu?
Malam Lailatul-Qadar lebih baik daripada seribu bulan.
Pada Malam itu, turun malaikat dan Jibril dengan izin Tuhan mereka,
kerana membawa segala perkara (yang ditakdirkan berlakunya pada tahun yang berikut); Sejahteralah Malam (yang berkat) itu hingga terbit fajar.
[ al-Qadr:1-5 ]

yes. we know that lailatul Qadr is a way better than 1000months..
counting, 1000/12 = approximately 84 years...
can i promise myself that i will breathe up until that phase of age?
can i promise myself that all my life filled with proper ibadah?
the answer is let's ACT!!

imam Ghazali pernah berkata bahawa,
perkara yang paling dekat dengan kita ialah MATI.
kenapa? kerana MATI itu pasti...itulah yang sebenar-benarnya yg paling dekat
perkara yang paling jauh dengan kita ialah MASA YANG TELAH BERLALU.
kenapa? kerana MASA YANG TERLAH BERLALU tidak dapat kita ambil kembali
walau dgn cara apa skalipun...
itulah yg sebenar-benarnya jauh


اللّهُمَّ لا سَهْلا إِلا مَا جَعَلْتَهُ سَهْلا وَأَنْتَ

تَجْعَلُ الْحَزْنَ إِذَا شِيئْتَ سَهْلا

“Ya Allah! Tidak ada kemudahan kecuali apa yang Engkau jadikannya mudah.

Dan Engkau dapat jadikan susah itu mudah, apabila Engkau menghendakinya”


p/s: expect the unexpected...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the blower's daughter


this is just a piece of memory that i created last year...
the song was originally composed by Damien Rice,
an Irish singer [kak Wanee will know this]

anyway...i lyke the way MATT CORBY brought this song..
forget the look. he's not even a very typical tall-dark-handsome guy.
alternatively, he's short-white-cute teenager.
forget the messy hairstyle. [mklum la..budak je lg nie]
i just love the voice of this young man.
and yes. he is young. young enough to have this beautiful talent.
he was just 16 when he sang this song last year..

look at his EYES...oh Matt...i can't take my eyes off of you

spring break is on its way...yuhuuu!!
Alhamdulillah...we will be celebrating raya during our mid-term break..
lucky enough to say this...
the fact that some people get a chance to celebrate raya in Malaysia
does bother me advice, have fun guys!!
tolong makan pulut bakar, Big Apple Donut, KFC cheezy wedges,
and noodle station' s teh tarik hazelnut for me!! kih3... fair enough?


p/s: dah pos kad raye utk org2 tersayang smuaa...kih3..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

promote blog org [hehe..ade maksud lain]


ade cite sgt..wakaka..
sila la klik link2 di bwh ini yer tuan2 dan puan2 smua..
kemudian, kalu nak gelak secukup rase pon boleh..
boleh juga tambah kejelesan sebanyak 2 sudu..
akhir skali, boleh kerat or gunting letak dalam frame...
insyaAllah...mmg selamat utk ditatap dan dijamu di hari raya nnti..

3. tiga

go Ahlami go! sikit lagi nk siap report psycho...
diriku pon dh jadi psycho dah kot...bknnye buleh tak tdo smalaman...
xmcm org tue....hehee...

rindu budak niee...

huhu..does she look like me?

budik surianto(bkn nama sbnr)!! i miss you...huk3...
jeles la mung bleh rayo nga ma abah...



p/s: pegi blog KakJa, dgr 'dari jauh kupohon maaf'... g blog kak dina, dgr 'suasana di hari raya'...dh start psg lagu raye eh? huhu..