Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Path


Hye everyone !
It has been almost a month since my last update which was on january 18th.
It has been two months and a half since I have moved here, in Japan :)

Exactly. After the wedding, terus datang sini on December 4th 2011. Having said that, it is really a new beginning of married life for me and hubby. Hubby takpela dia dah nak masuk 10 tahun kat sini. Huhu. But to me, everything is new. New people. New house. New places. New road that I've chosen to walk with my husband :) Lucky that he always holds my hands and promise to never let go of them. Hihihi jiweng karat la plak.

I'm not into being descriptive about how did i get here, what was the feeling and so on, sebab too many things to be told. Hihi.

But yeah, we had our honeymoon in Okinawa Island ! Yes ! It was like a dream came true for me sebab mmg dah lameeee sgt dah nak pegi Churaumi Aquarium tu (one of the attractions in Okinawa). Alhamdulillah !

Anyway, I'm now a full-time housewife. Seronok sbnrnya x pegi keje nih. Hihi. Tapi lg seronok kalu hubby sekali x pegi keje. Haha mane boleh mcm tu kan, kalu x nnti nak makan ape kalu hubby x keje ? Kih3.

I can say that I'm still learning to be adaptive towards all these changes of life. Being adaptive. Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan dan kehidupan kami di sini. Ameenn :)

hihi lamo doh nok pegey gonih. hubby geli tueee :P