Saturday, August 31, 2013

Overdue post: Khayra is 11 months old :)


It's really been a while and I can't even remember when was the last time I posted my latest entry here. About a month ago I guess when Khayra was 10 months old. 

Anyway my girl is now 11 months old! Alhamdulillah. She is getting closer to become a toddler kid soon, hitting the 1 year old number. Hehe. And my mind has been thinking and planning about jer first birthday bash. When will it be. What kinda cake should i bake. Or should we just buy the cake from the bakery, yadaaa yadaaa. Oh this is too annoying for you to know actually, am I right? Haha. Well, new moms experience, pretty much the same I guess. Hehe. 

I just want to share some photos of Khayra here. I will update about our balik kampung for raya holiday in the next entry inshaAllah. So excited to tell that Tomino san came all the way from Japan to meet us and to attend my sister in law's wedding. Alritey, see you soon! 

Oh, anyway, my girl can walk now! She finally got her first step a few days ago. Hadoii makin penat la ummi nak keje bila dah bleh kaki ni. Hehe