Monday, December 29, 2008




leave. another year is leaving. another year is coming. semua orang dah bace doa akhir tahun and doa awal tahun? hmm...anyhow, penghayatan lah yang paling penting. penghayatan pada kisah Hijrah Rasulullah S.A.W dan sahabat. iyer, sungguh besar makna hijrah itu sendiri. kite boleh paham. kite boleh hayati. tapi untuk menggerakkannya, untuk BERUBAH, memang memerlukan jati diri dan kekuatan yang tinggi. sebab tu kite selalu berazam bile dah masuk tahun baru. question: tercapai semuakah azam2 kite tue? hehe [eh..tengah2 serius/skema ade plak 'hehe'..that is so typical ahlami..]

oh yer, saye mungkin bukanlah seorang yg terbaik atau sesuai untuk bercakap mengenai hal di atas, tapi, personally, sekadar berpesan-pesan sahaja. hehe.

again leave. another year is leaving. another year is coming. people leave. people always leave. i think i just got hypnotized by the word leave by One Tree Hill again. aiyaaa...oh well, it's not a problem... mekaceh byk2 encik alexi kerana mmbuat saye mabuk one tree hill kembali.

erm..sekarang saye dah taknak kutuk2 internet kat umah nie. sebab lmbat2 pon still leh online and update blog lagi. and now siap berchatting, facebook, etc. alhamdulillah..
tapi tadi ade kejadian bushuk berlaku. ade ke patut semut di wat sarang kt keyboard laptop saye. ish3. tktau dah nk wat mcm mane. takkan la nk ridsect kan laptop ni kot. my sis, kaktie ckp pasang lagu kuat2. ape lg. g cari lagu metal la. found 'black star' by 'Carcass' [kakas sup]... pasang kuat2...and abis lari lintang pukang semua semut2 tue.! leave la wahai semut2!!

sekali lagi, selamat menyambut maal hijrah. and happy new year 2009. ape yang buruk kite ubah jadi baik. dan tinggalkan cepat2. yang baik2 kite keep on doing it better okies? mcm saye belajar wat biskut and kek la..hihi..analogy yg nth ape2..



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cupcakes plak dah

oh yerr. my sister, kak lah and her hubby, abe miji went to adelaide last week for abe miji's convocation at univ of adelaide. finally he got his phd. congratulations to him! and they left their children here with me, and my ma abah, fatien etc. and the kids had been asking and urging me to do some cuppies..err...cupcakes what i meant..hehe. it was fun. and of course million thanks to kakja for the recipe. oh yeahh...having fun!! yer lah..time tgh dok decorate2 cupcakes tue, my abah pon join skali..haha..abah gak..sporting and supportive sokmo!!

and ni gmba convo abe miji thanks to alia mazalan the photographer of that day! thank u so much al!! hurm..nmpk cam panas nye adelaide..haha


BBQ with x-smipians

oh yes.yes.yes. i know, 3 entries in a row. but what to do. this is just the right time for me to say something since the internet is doing just fine today. so, let's just grab the chance! gile desperate! but, at least i have that effort to keep updating this. and putting it in a nice way. oh. kenape la hari ni byk puji diri sndiri. tolong3x! syndrome ape ni doc?

oh yeah..back to what i was trying to's BBQ!!! hip2 hooray! yeah, we had BBQ at PCB, specifically Noor Chalet [nice job wani!]. was raining [quite heavily] that day that made it difficult for us to organize the bbq session. nasib baik lah ade miss azlin suraya yang mmg terer menyalakan api yang marak. [were you hot that time aya?]. to those who came, aida, bb, aya, elly, wani, farhana, wahida, pipah, amalina, darina, nasir, syafiq, syafik nuar, pojie, and airie let's just say that you really love the friendship that we have kan..and to those who couldnt come, that's fine, but to those who refused to come..well..reasons from u guys? hehe
well..some photos..


December Birthdays!

so, this is the entry for the birthdays party that we had for my mum, my niece izzah and my bro in law abe ise. yeah.3 birthdays in a row. jimat3x...hahaa..may they have happy life now and always. my ma is 59 now, but she looks like 45. (puji mak sndiri)..sape setuju? hahaha..


Raya Haji [updates]

hi people...

alhamdulillah...everything did go well..from the first day i arrived here, and up until now, i believe that everything is still going well. smooth and easy. except for the internet and stuffs yang memang di akui sangat 'laju' speed nyer.. sometimes it drives me crazy thinking about this. you know, i'm gonna have to stay like this up until the end of february next year. nicely said as before i go back to adelaide. erghh...erm..okay, lets just say that marilah same2 kite memupuk sifat sabar dalam diri kite..ahemm...oh's adelaide? so far, xde perasaan rindu pn lg kat i miss the coffee there..ermmm....bestnyerr!! ehehe..

oh yes, i know my sister, kak ja is waiting for some pics that we captured during aidil there you go..semua jgn jeles yer dgn saye, dpt beraya both aidil fitri and aidil adha at my hometown! wee3x!



Sunday, December 07, 2008

i wish

pheww..time goes by so fast. 2nd year has officially ended. and next month, will be starting to write 2009. and we are always in this circle of life. do our things. understand or not is a second thing. meet people. understand again. understanding is not too way demanding i guess. Alhamdulillah, Allah always Knows and Understands what we need MORE (MOST) than we do. so, let's just cherish everything given by Allah, okies friends? hehe

o0hh yes! today i'm going back home, people! yippiii!! hehe. and will arrive at Kota Bharu airport tonight. i wish everything will go well, fine, good and everything that i wish in general. hehe. and tomorrow is Aidil Adha. so, i would like to wish to all my brothers and sisters out there, may u have a blessed Hari Raya Haji or Hari Raya Korban.

and i wish everyone, Happy Holiday. use the time wisely. or maybe we're not wise enough to use it wisely. but why not just act like ones? haha.

doakan keselamatan perjalanan saya!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

that yellow water!

what yellow water? that yellow water la! i call air banjir as yellow water. boleh tahan la description tue. guano oghe kg penambe? bule 12 gak, dok tunggu air sapa dumoh la blako. mugo oghe kato penambe ni 'ibu air'...tok soh kalu xbanjir tiap2 tahun. takpo lah, kelebihan jugop tue, rama la oghe penambe bleh berene blako! pnda ngayuh perahu blako pong jolo jugop. hahahaha..perasey molek!
oh anyway, last year, december 2007, i think that one was the worst banjir ever in my life. air xder la dalam sgt, BUT because that banjir was long-lasting and it took about 2 weeks!! with no internet connection. no phone connection (cell phones bleh lg.he3) . pheww..really the toughest and the hardest!

banjiir 2007. walaupon model takdelah tinggi sangat pon kan,
tapi dalam jugaklah air tue. hehehe.

the result has finally come out. Alhamdulillah. (smiling) he3

oh yes, tomorrow all my siblings are gonna be at home EXCEPT me! oh no! oh no! oh no! rase nak balik sekarang nie. okay, now, patience. take a deep breath.
and maybe again, expect the unexpected!


p/s: i wish i could be Hiro in 'HEROES'

Monday, December 01, 2008

while waiting

i'm waiting for Kak Lynn to fetch me up.
we're gonna go for Cherry Picking at Stella Creek. uwekkk...tlg jgn muntah Ahlami since jalan kt situ mcm snake. hmmm..snake..i lykeeee!
anyway, i happened to find this video while browsing vids about funny kids and babies. i know this video is kinda back-dated or out-dated you may call. but, do watch it. i never knew that this simple home-made video can actually draw our attention and yet, the kids in the video are famous now. oh gosh! i like the accent. british accent best lah! hehe


p/s: Happy 27th Birthday to my Sister, Siti Aisyah Wan Muhammad. and happy __th birthday to my brother in law, Abe Long as well..hehe..and..1st december, hari AIDS sedunia!