Sunday, November 11, 2012

2 months old!

Alhamdulillah. Aisha Khayra is 2 months old today (11/11/12). Such a nice date, isn't it? How time flies. I can still remember the first cry I heard from Aisha at Shimanuki, two months ago :)

Saturday, November 03, 2012


My husband has never failed to convince me that Japan is so unique and tanoshi(fun)!

As simple as having four seasons in a year. Having said that, it does not mean the atmosphere here is the same as the atmosphere that I had experienced in Adelaide, Australia. However, both are unique in their own ways.

In Japan, every season has their own symbolic activities. Let's say fuyu (winter), we have yuki (snow)! And mostly, people will have snow festival, go snowboarding and so on

Natsu (summer) will be fun with people going to watch hanabi (fireworks) and also going to beaches. Haru (spring) has always been famous with sakura. So people will grab this chance to go hanami (picnic under sakura tree) to watch the beautiful sakura blooming.

As of now, it is autumn here in Japan. And when autumn sets in here, we go see the colourful leaves mostly around the hill areas. We call this colourful leaves as 'kouyou'.

And we did go sightseeing this beautiful kouyou as of today :) Alhamdulillah!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Of bercukur


Somehow rasa macam bersalah pulak sebab pernah berjanji dengan diri sendiri akan update every single important story bila dah bersalin. Cerita pasal anak la. Contohnya cerita bercukur kepala umur 7 hari.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah, mengikut sunnah nabi SAW, Khayra was successfully shaved by her nenek! Alhamdulillah. Betul betul masa umur 7 hari. My mom memang pakar bab cukur rambut baby baru lahir ni. Kan ada orang cakap gerun sebab kepala baby kan lembut lagi. Tapi my mom macam relax aje buat tu. Pengalaman la kan. Cucu pon dah 27 orang! Bulan 11 ni nak tambah lagi sorang! Hehe.

Oh yer, saya baru tahu rupanya. Kalau betul betul ikut sunnah, baby baru lahir tu kena cukur rambut dia sepenuhnya sampai botak. And rambut tu akan ditimbang ikut berat emas semasa. Then nilai harga emas tu disedekahkan kepada org yg selayaknya lah. Kalau banyak rambut nya, banyak lah sedekahnya. Tapi tak kisah, yg penting niat sedekah dan ikhlas kan hati. Banyak sikit biar Allah saja yang tentukan :)

Here are the pictures before and After Khayra bercukur.

Tapi sekarang rambut macam dah banyak balik dah. Alhamdulillah, rambut Khayra jenis yg agak cepat tumbuh kot.


Arigatou Tomino-san!

This entry is dedicated to our beloved friend, Tomino-san!
My husband used to work part-time (baito) in Post Office here in Japan with Tomino-san. She is such a lovely friend and a very kind-hearted woman. She did attend our wedding reception in Malaysia, flying all the way from Japan. I know that she enjoyed her time in Malaysia and wish to go to Malaysia again next time, probably for another wedding ceremony? 

Anyway, yesterday we received a special gift from Tomino-san :)

This is the gift :)

This is a letter for me. Thank you Tomino-san! Faiz helped translating all the words. I really appreciate your wishes to us :)

And this one has really made our day. This is a special card that she has made for us, as a congratulations greeting upon a new arrival of our baby. All those words were written and collected from some of their friends wishing us omedetou (congratulations!). They still remember Faizu-san! :)

This is Aisha's face expressions as of today, she is so happy the fact that tomorrow is weekend! And waiting for her Ayah to bring her jalan-jalan maybe? Hehe

To Tomino-san,
If you're reading this, we would like to say thank you very much for all the wishes. 
We wish you a life full of happiness and luck too! 
We hope that we will meet again someday, probably visiting Aichi-ken? Let's hope for that! And you are most welcome to visit here, in Yonezawa!