Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 months Already!

Alhamdulillah :)
Anakanda tersayang is now 3 months old :)
Shall update some other stories. But gotta put on hold about that.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Tick tock tick tock

Tick tock tick tock.
We are now counting down the days to meet our families and friends in Malaysia! Only 7 days more left :) May Allah ease everything and make our journey safe and smooth, ameen!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

One Year in Nihon!

Today is December 6th 2012.

The date I first arrived in Japan is the night of December 4th, 2011.
So just a quick update simply saying that it has been a year for me, living in Japan.
Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb, for making this valuable for me, for giving this huge experience.
Although having said that, despite all the ups and downs, the hardships that my husband and I had to go through. We have become even stronger and wiser, inshAllah. Hoping for better us.

Slowly I adapt to living in Japan. There are a few changes that make you become adaptive towards those changes. Especially the spacious house. Huhu you have to be really really really rich to afford a big and spacious house if you want to live in Japan. Like reaaaallly rich! Hehe. Anyway, staying in just a nice comfy house makes you realize to become more grateful of what you have. Alhamdulillah again. My nihongo has not moved to any higher level though :( But I've got an increasing number of nihongo vocabs, yeay! Thanks to my husband of course :)

Alritey, some photo sharing peeps :)

First Injection


Khayra had her first immunization injection (two shots of vaccines) last week.
She is now healthy and happy and becoming more active everyday.

Juruh anok Ummi ni, teriok kejap jah maso keno cucuk tuh. Hehe

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Gambar Passport

InshaAllah kami sekeluarga akan balik Malaysia pada 14 December ni. Tapi passport anakanda Khayra tersayang takde lagi. Wuwuwu. Kalau nak buat passport kat sini, kena pegi embassy Malaysia tu kat Tokyo and it will take up to 3 months untuk passport tu siap. Pelik kan! Why kat Malaysia boleh buat dalam masa sejam je. Wuwuwu lagi *tak puas hati* hehe.

Anyway, so for Khayra, we have to apply the Emergency Certificate lah jawabnya. And proses untuk siap around 1-2 days. Dah discussed dengan orang kat embassy tu and they promise to complete it in one day. Jangan la nak buat drama plak yer. Kami nak balik kampung nih. Hehe. Nak buat Emergency Certificate ni, requirements dia lebih kurang nak buat passport je rasa. Gambar passport kena ada. Yang tak puas hati nya tiket return tuh. Tak paham plak. Hoho harap maaf, saya tak keje ngan pejabat imigresen. Hehehe.

So 3 days ago, pegi lah amik gambar passport cek mek Khayra nih. Hehe. Susah jugak rupanya nak jumpa studio yg sudi amik gambar passport budak kecik. Oh Yonezawa!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Away for 3 days

Encik suami ada outstation di Kyoto. Jauh sangat lah dengan Yonezawa ni. Naik shinkansen pon total hours of journey is about 5 hours gurai. Sebab kena stop kat tokyo eki plak kan.

First time kena tinggal ni. Nasib baik anakanda ada bersama so takde lah sunyi sangat. Tapi anakanda hari ni meragam sket. A bit cranky. Nak berdukung aje. Tabah lah yer Ummi. Demi mu Khayra! Oh hoii nak pengsan rasa. Hehe

Yuki 1st December

Betul betul yuki turun 1st Dec baru baru ni. A few days before tuh, mashaAllah sejuk nyaaa! Sejuk sangat. Hadoii.

Someone has become 30!

November 30th, my husband just hit the 3 series number! Hehe. He is 30 now. A very proud father.

Really, this is a quick update.

So happy birthday to my greatest man, our hero in the family. The one who works hard for me and our daughter. Never complains. My best friend, my best mate ;)

Our 1st Anniversary!

Alhamdulillah. 25th Nov baru baru ni was our 1st Anniversary. Setahun dah jadi suami isteri. Sambut bertiga pulak tu.

Kekkon kinenbi, 1-nen me. Korekara mo, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

2 months old!

Alhamdulillah. Aisha Khayra is 2 months old today (11/11/12). Such a nice date, isn't it? How time flies. I can still remember the first cry I heard from Aisha at Shimanuki, two months ago :)

Saturday, November 03, 2012


My husband has never failed to convince me that Japan is so unique and tanoshi(fun)!

As simple as having four seasons in a year. Having said that, it does not mean the atmosphere here is the same as the atmosphere that I had experienced in Adelaide, Australia. However, both are unique in their own ways.

In Japan, every season has their own symbolic activities. Let's say fuyu (winter), we have yuki (snow)! And mostly, people will have snow festival, go snowboarding and so on

Natsu (summer) will be fun with people going to watch hanabi (fireworks) and also going to beaches. Haru (spring) has always been famous with sakura. So people will grab this chance to go hanami (picnic under sakura tree) to watch the beautiful sakura blooming.

As of now, it is autumn here in Japan. And when autumn sets in here, we go see the colourful leaves mostly around the hill areas. We call this colourful leaves as 'kouyou'.

And we did go sightseeing this beautiful kouyou as of today :) Alhamdulillah!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Of bercukur


Somehow rasa macam bersalah pulak sebab pernah berjanji dengan diri sendiri akan update every single important story bila dah bersalin. Cerita pasal anak la. Contohnya cerita bercukur kepala umur 7 hari.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah, mengikut sunnah nabi SAW, Khayra was successfully shaved by her nenek! Alhamdulillah. Betul betul masa umur 7 hari. My mom memang pakar bab cukur rambut baby baru lahir ni. Kan ada orang cakap gerun sebab kepala baby kan lembut lagi. Tapi my mom macam relax aje buat tu. Pengalaman la kan. Cucu pon dah 27 orang! Bulan 11 ni nak tambah lagi sorang! Hehe.

Oh yer, saya baru tahu rupanya. Kalau betul betul ikut sunnah, baby baru lahir tu kena cukur rambut dia sepenuhnya sampai botak. And rambut tu akan ditimbang ikut berat emas semasa. Then nilai harga emas tu disedekahkan kepada org yg selayaknya lah. Kalau banyak rambut nya, banyak lah sedekahnya. Tapi tak kisah, yg penting niat sedekah dan ikhlas kan hati. Banyak sikit biar Allah saja yang tentukan :)

Here are the pictures before and After Khayra bercukur.

Tapi sekarang rambut macam dah banyak balik dah. Alhamdulillah, rambut Khayra jenis yg agak cepat tumbuh kot.


Arigatou Tomino-san!

This entry is dedicated to our beloved friend, Tomino-san!
My husband used to work part-time (baito) in Post Office here in Japan with Tomino-san. She is such a lovely friend and a very kind-hearted woman. She did attend our wedding reception in Malaysia, flying all the way from Japan. I know that she enjoyed her time in Malaysia and wish to go to Malaysia again next time, probably for another wedding ceremony? 

Anyway, yesterday we received a special gift from Tomino-san :)

This is the gift :)

This is a letter for me. Thank you Tomino-san! Faiz helped translating all the words. I really appreciate your wishes to us :)

And this one has really made our day. This is a special card that she has made for us, as a congratulations greeting upon a new arrival of our baby. All those words were written and collected from some of their friends wishing us omedetou (congratulations!). They still remember Faizu-san! :)

This is Aisha's face expressions as of today, she is so happy the fact that tomorrow is weekend! And waiting for her Ayah to bring her jalan-jalan maybe? Hehe

To Tomino-san,
If you're reading this, we would like to say thank you very much for all the wishes. 
We wish you a life full of happiness and luck too! 
We hope that we will meet again someday, probably visiting Aichi-ken? Let's hope for that! And you are most welcome to visit here, in Yonezawa!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ummi & Ayah

It's really been a while again since my most recent post. Just feeling guilty does not move your fingers to run on keyboards, in other words to update your blog. But you must have time and ideas what to blog about! Hihi see I am just wasting time here trying to point out the unimportant thing.

Yes, I have decided to let Aisha Khayra call me 'Ummi'. And my husband has chosen 'Ayah'. As simple as that :)

Being Ummi teaches you to be more organized about your time and work. As for me, delaying things to do will just make me end up being messy all day long. Having an infant that requires your full attention shapes you to be more punctual, and not to do things sambil lewa saja. Hehe. Well that is just my opinion.

Having Khayra in our life so far has taught us to be more bekerjasama. Alhamdulillah, I have a very very very very very helpful husband that always willing to do from A to Z house-chores. Thank you abang for everything! We love you so much! May Allah reward al of us with lots of khayr :)


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Aisha Khayra


My husband and I are so happy and grateful to announce, our seed of love is finally here! 

A sweet little one has joined our home, a bundle of joy to call our own :) 

Someone tiny, someone very sweet, 
We would like for you to meet,

Aisha Khayra binti Faiz Adi Ezarudin,

Born on 11th September 2012, in Shimanuki Hospital, Yonezawa-shi.

Weight 3.85kg.

Proud parents, Ahlami & Faiz Adi :)


Ps: Will update the birth story soon! :)

Monday, September 03, 2012

Ma & Uming

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Di waktu sarat mengandung ni, ingatan saya tak pernah putus pada Ma saya. Rasa macam tak baik sangat mengeluh sakit sana sini. Penat nak buat ni, penat nak buat tuh. Tak boleh buat kerja rumah tu, tak boleh buat ni. Macam macam lagi lah. Terasa apa sangat laaaahh yang saya hadapi ni kan. 

Ma melahirkan 10 orang anak. Eh, sebenarnya 11 orang anak. Tapi anak ma yang ke 9, yang lahirnya cukup sifat, tidak panjang umurnya. Meninggal sebaik sahaja dilahirkan kalau tak silap saya. Atau meninggal sewaktu masih dalam rahim saya tak pasti. Tapi dah cukup sifat la, sebab nama arwah abang saya tu ialah Yusof. So, kadang kadang saya terpikir la kan, ma beranak pon ada yang rapat rapat beza 1 tahun, anak kecik lagi, lepas tu mengandung plak yang baru. Tapi itu laa orang kata, sifat sabar mengatasi segala galanya. Mungkin di hati ma waktu tu, ini ialah rezeki yg Allah bagi. Rezeki. Rezeki. Alhamdulillah. 

Ingatan saya juga tidak lupa kepada ibu mertua saya, yang kami panggil Uming. Uming melahirkan 6 cahaya mata, dan suami saya adalah anak ketiga. Alhamdulillah uming sekarang sudah sihat daripada serangan stroke pada tahun 2006 kalau tak silap saya. Uming yang saya nampak sentiasa mendahulukan anak-anak dalam apa jua perkara. Suami saya pernah bercerita, kalau time pagi pagi nak gi sekolah, kat tangga pon uming suap lagi nasik ke mulut anak anak, sebab nak bagi anak-anak kenyang sebelum pegi sekolah. Huhu pengorbanan ibu.

Itu baru serba sedikit kita cerita mengenai kisah ibu ibu kita kan. Alhamdulillah dan tahniah kepada yg berjaya menjadi ibu solehah. Semoga saya pon dapat menjadi macam Ma & Uming suatu hari nanti. InshaAllah :)

saya, uming & ma :)


Ps: Entri skema sket. Hehe rindu punye pasal:P

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Atsui ni maksud nya 'panas'. Hehe saya budak baru belajar. Selama saya datang Jepun ni, baru beberapa kali pergi kelas nihongo sebenarnya. Oh yer, nihongo tu maksudnya 'bahasa jepun'. 

Anyway, yes, baru beberapa kali pergi kelas nihongo. Masa mula mula datang sini konon2 nya semangat la nak masuk nihongo class, lepas honeymoon tu, we found out that we're having a baby kan, lepas tu diikuti dgn morning sickness yg on off saya alami, so xdapat laaa saya nak masuk nihongo class. hehe alasan alasan. sebenarnya malas :P

Actually nak cerita lately ni weather agak panas. Yer, ini lah yg dinamakan 'natsu' iaitu 'summer' maksudnya. Kalau tengok kat luar tu macam mendung kan, tapi bila keluar rasa je  bahang panas nya. Xtau la datang dari mana panas nya tu. Subhanallah. Lain summer di Jepun and summer di Australia (lagi lagi nak compare ngn Aussie hehe). Panas sini kita akan kuat berpeluh. Tapi panas aussie ni panas kering, maybe jugak sebab Adelaide ni dikategorikan kawasan ala ala gurun gitu. Hehe. Alhamdulillah saya dapat experience dua jenis summer yg berbeza. Tapi kalau boleh xnak lama lama. Hehehe

Gambar takde kaitan dgn entri. Saje letak gambar masa ni pregnant 32weeks kalau x silap. Amik kat studio utk kenang kenangan. Anak first, excited nya lebih org kata. Hehe

Hari ni 38minggu 5hari usia kandungan. Baby, suka yer dok dalam perut ummi ni. Makin kutunggu nk beranak, makin laaama lagi rasa nak beranak. Huhu. Permudahkanlah ya Allah!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cerita Beraya di Yonezawa

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Masih mood beraya lagi ke semua orang? Alhamdulillah yang dah start puasa 6 syawal or dah habis dah pon puasa 6 syawal :D Sugoi ne! (Hebat nya!) Saya tak tahu lah berkemampuan ke tak nak berpuasa 6 syawal ni. Puasa ramadhan baru baru ni pon x penuh jugak. Atas sebab sebab kesihatan and nasihat doktor. So, ada laa tinggal puasa. Huhu. Nak buat macam mane kan. Kesihatan saya dan bayi lagi penting :)

Konon nya nak bercerita pasal first time beraya di Jepun, and first time beraya sebagai suami isteri, tapi tak tahu lah apa yang nak diceritakan. Hihi. Yang pastinya, jauh sgt bezanya pengalaman beraya di Adelaide tempat saya belajar dulu, dengan beraya di Yonezawa tempat saya stay sekarang. Kemeriahan lebih dirasai di Adelaide sebab komuniti masyarakat islam di sana lagi ramai, in other words, ramai sgt muslim malaysia kat sana :) Kadang kadang tak rasa mcm kat perantauan pon hehe. 

Kat Yonezawa ni plak, disebabkan kekurangan ahli utk menyambut hari raya ni, semua pon kena  buat sendiri and secara kecil kecilan. Open house pon tarak! Yer laaa, yg berfamily kat sini pon, saya&suami and kak as sekeluarga jer lah. Kih3. Yang lain semua nya budak2 laki yang students kat sini. Cuma raya pertama malam tu, kami buat laa open house konon2 nya, ada nasi dagang and nasi minyak sket as main menu and ada lg menu2 tambahan lain yg dibawa sendiri oleh tetamu. Tak pernah lg tetamu datang beraya bawak makanan utk tuan rumah. Haha pon boleh laaa :P

Ada kejadian yang agak mendebarkan sebenarnya berlaku pada pagi 1 syawal tu sebenarnya. Hehehe, tapi nanti saya cerita kemudian lah. Kih3. Doakan moga urusan bersalin saya nanti dipermudahkan, inshaAllah. Sekarang ni 38minggu 4hari. Kalu ikut due date lebih kurang 2 minggu lagi lah :) Risau plak takut overdue. Huhu lama nya nak kena tunggu :(
Doakan yer :)

Ok, entry is getting tedious!

layan gambar je la eh, walaupon byk dh upload kat facebook :P


Thursday, August 16, 2012

From loved ones :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Entri khas untuk menghargai pemberian kad raya from my loved ones.

First, we received this card, from my sister, Kak Ja all the way from Keningau, Sabah :)

Then, we received this greeeeen card all the way from Gombak, tak lain tak bukan,
from my second sister, Kakngoh :)

On the same day too, we were inspired and cherished by this kad raya yang siap nyanyi lagu raya, from my bestie, Wan Nor Dalila :) Ila ni kawan saya since darjah 1 lagi, sampai laa sekarang :) Dia pon grad Jepun jugak, but now dah back for good, and working in Rohm Waco, Kelantan :) Actually kad ni diselitkan dalam special delivery parcel untuk kami. Hehe kisah parcel tu nanti cerita kat entri lain eh :)

And last but not least, we've got this card from my home sweet home, dari ma abah and my Adek. Sebenarnya my adek laa hok jong tulis nyo. hehe.

Alhamdulillah. Kad raya tanda ingatan kita pada yg tersayang walau jauh dan tak bersua muka di hari raya. Kami pon ada hantar kad raya jugak kat family di Malaysia, tapi bukan semua. Hehe. Apa2 pon, up till today, I still prefer kad raya, than SMS, or online raya wish (other options), because kad raya is something that you put an extra effort on how to express your thoughtfullness and appreciation towards your loved ones. Anyway, yg penting hati kena ikhelass! Hehe


Monday, August 13, 2012

Salam Perantauan Lagi *entri shy shy cat*

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Huhu baru je buat entri Salam Perantauan a few days ago, harap harap tak masuk laa salam perantauan paper berita harian, alih alih, alamak! Masuk jugak rupe nyer. Huhu bangun tido pagi tadi tiba tiba encik suami tunjuk gambar kami masuk paper berita harian. 

Alahaii terima kasih la pihak berita harian sebab pilih gambar kami. Rezeki kami and termasuk baby dalam perut ni kot agaknya dapat masuk paper. Kami hantar berita harian and utusan je. Nasib baik hantar dua je. Kih3 perasan plak :P

Inilah rupanya gambar kami dalam paper berita harian. Tema snow sebab gambar ni diambil masa saya ikut suami outstation di Yonezawa, February 2012 yang time tu sangat lahh horror snow nya. Tebal and sgt heavy snowing! Terkejutt and agak 'daghak' lah oghe kelate sebut bagi saya. Hehe Adelaide takde snow setebel tu yer :P


Ps: Selamat mengejar lailatul qadr. Top gear please :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Al-kisah Expectant Mother


Warning. Entri ni banyak gambar tau. Hehe saje je nak share serba sedikit pasal buku report mengandung ibu & bayi kat Jepun ni. Tiba tiba semangat plak nak berkongsi. Hehe. Saya takde pengalaman bersalin di Malaysia (obvioulsy kot Ahlami, since this is your first pregnancy hehe). So saje la nak share yang Jepun punya.

Ni buku report ibu&bayi kat sini. Lupa dah dalam nihongo (bahasa jepun) dia panggil apa. Kang salah sebut terbelit lidah saya nanti. Hehe
Kat dalam tu, ada laaa report untuk setiap kali check up. Awal awal pregnancy dulu sebulan skali je check-up, then 2 minggu sekali. Now dah seminggu sekali (saya dah nak masuk 36 minggu).

And setiap kali check up, kat sini mmg dia akan scan. So, memang baaaaanyak sgt gambar scan baby yang kami dapat. Huhu. Dengan itu, pihak hospital mmg bekalkan buku ni, untuk kita tampal gambar2 baby yang telah di scan. Setakat ni kami dah guna 2 buku. Rasanya sampai 2 buku je kot till beranak nanti

Ni masa awal2 pregnancy dulu. Baby kecik sangaaaaaaat lagi. Hehe

 And the baby is getting bigger. Ni masa 5 bulan kot.

Kami juga dibekalkan CD, setiap kali scan, doktor akan rekod. So, everything is in this CD. Boring2 bleh laa tengok baby. Pasang je kat DVD hehe.

Ni gambar 4D yang paling cantik rasanya yg berjaya doktor captured. Time ni dah 30+ weeks pregnant. Just tak ingat the exact date. Hehe.

So far, Alhamdulillah. Setakat ni semuanya baik baik sahaja. Cuma last check-up, doktor cakap baby agak besar (dalam bahasa jepun, 'ooki'). Hehe tapi taktahu la betul ke tak kan, sebab tu sekadar estimation. Doa yang baik baik aja. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan saya bersalin nanti, inshaAllah :) Doa banyak2, tambah tambah bulan puasa ni kan :)


Salam Perantauan

Jeng jeng jeng!

Hihi, tak sangka la plak masuk paper gambar salam perantauan kami nih. Hajat di hati malas dah sebenarnya nak menghantar gambar ke Utusan Malaysia/Berita Harian/Metro dan sebagainya. Tapi, encik suami laaa yang bersungguh sungguh nak hantar. Semangat plok tok laki ambo nih. Masa kat Adelaide dulu semangat laa jugak nak hantar salam perantauan ni. And pernah laa masuk 2 or 3 kali kot paper rasanya laa. Huhu. Anyway,  gambar ni baru je hantar sebenarnya, then a few days later, dah masuk dah. Mula2 tu kawan saya laa yang bagitau ada nampak gambar ktorng dalam paper. Ingatkan masuk online je. Ehhhh, masuk suratkhabar terus rupanya. Alhamdulillah :) Untuk tatapan family di kampung sbenarnya tu :) Tanda ingatan tulus ikhlas dari kami di bumi sakura ni :)