Monday, July 18, 2005

smile :)

Just Smile

when time is tough
and things are not around
just hold your chin high
and sing a song

when friends are not around
and you're feeling down
keep yourself busy
and hold your ground

you have no time to get things done
just relax and have some fun
you failed at a subject
you gave it your best

just make time
and give yourself a rest
you're so unsure and can't decide
just go with the flow
and ride the tide

actually, I've got nothing to say here..but as people say, 'speak your mind', no wonder i have to say something anyway...

i knew this site from my sister, janna.. i found that this site is different and kind of interesting..(when you know your life could get bored sometimes). i do hope this will help me in my daily life. InshaAllah until next time :)