Thursday, December 11, 2014

ありがとう とみのさん!

This post is dedicated to dearest Tomino san for her effort, sending us a box full of gifts!

Tomino san is such a caring person with warm heart. She never forgets to wish us or congratulate us if there are some good news or send her deepest condolences if there are some sad or bad news. Thank you again Tomino san! We love you so much! 

She saw the photo of my husband's べんとう that I took few weeks ago. So she sent us some のり(seaweed) so then I can put it the べんとう. She is so concerned, isn't she? よかったね! いつもありがとう。


This is おかし. おいしかった!

Halal nori (seaweed)

This CD is a video about Malaysia that was shown in japan television. Tomino san recorded this and saved it in this CD. Just in case we missed that show :) how thoughtful! 

And these are onigiri moulds! Kawaii :)