Monday, February 28, 2011


Lately, we've been creating crazy and interesting formulas about life. It is just a part of bittersweet when you're having conversation with someone. And I just love the fact that, one single word can open you up to a whole new stories and ideas being shared :) I just love that. It's just like a polaroid. Instant and just once. You don't need big effort on that. Because if it's meant to be, then it will be. sooner or later God knows the best !

Phew. enough with my opinion !

Hehe, found this formula (quote/saying),

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals to EVERYTHING, and two minus one equals to NOTHING. - Mignon Mclaughlin -

So my dearest sister, Budik, as a mathematician, try prove this formula ? HAHAHA

And I think the best comparison that we should always carry in our heart is,


Friday, February 25, 2011

yang harum

kat rumah saye ade sejenis bunga ni. sampai sekarang saye pon xtahu nama ape bunga nih. tapi bunga ni wangi time lewat petang nk masuk maghrib tuh. say, just before the sun sets out of the earth (oloh. sebut jah la sunset. sajo nok panje ayat. hahaha).

ermm. selalu nya abah yang kutip bunga nih. eh kadang2 my mum jgak. and abah biasenye akn letak atas katil. so, selalu nya masuk je bilik tengok2 ade la bunga ni tersergam (erkk false alarm. penyalahgunaan kata adjektif) di atas katil.

ini bunga nya :)

memang lumrah la kan kita akan suka yang wangi-wangi. harum-harum.

bau baby pon best jugak. kan kan ? (kecuali time dia poo-poo! hahaha)

Wazif (4 months) and the bunga = Mat Bungo ! :P

Ermm talking about harum and wangi nih. adakah anda smua sudah mandi ni ? bau semacam jer. muahahaha random question !


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am ashamed

Where is this world coming to and going to ? People are so disturbed and have no shame or sympathy. Aren't you ashamed to do this thing ? How would you like to see one of your kids being done and 'tolerated' like this ? No matter what these kids did, I swear this isn't a fair punishment for them. ooohh dear. I am ashamed :(

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blessing in disguise

Blessing in disguise means something that at first looks bad, then later proves to be good. For example, you are stranded on a desert island, and your only shelter burns. The smoke from the burning shelter then signals a boat to rescue you.

True true. selalu je kan kite dengar blessing in disguise. sangat sangat boleh kita apply in our life. okay, let's make this clear. bitter trials are often blessings in diguise :)

hmmm what to say here ? wooohhooooo tomorrow Friday ! boleh bangun lambat. hahaha tu jah hok mikkir nyo. oh hang on, x boleh bangun lambat jugak since ade family meeting. aicewah. family meeting ? Since when ? huh ? oh yes, actually, kan my cousin Faiz tu kawin, so majlis menyambut menantu nye this coming February 19th. and we as family meeting lah utk bahagi2kan tugas. Eh, tiba2 Mok Cik Min (my auntie) mentioned my name to be in the meeting as well. hahahaha. mok cik ming toksoh oyak laaa ami jadi gapo, tahu doh nok suruh amik gamba laaa tuh ! :P

Barang2 shipping from Aussie dah sampai ! woot woot ! Alhamdulllah. all the things are in good condition. even though ade koyak2 sket kat kotak. biase la tuh. kata naik kapal goyang2 kan ! Alhamdulillah :) and bile bukak semua barang2 tuh. MASYAALLAH ! now i know where did all my money go. to the BAJU ! banyak gilos baju. adoiiiii. now here comes to this problem, where am i gonna keep all those baju ? ma oyak g jual kat bundle hok mano x paka ! hahaha good idea mom ! i love you. but, ermm i love my baju tooooooooo ! sayang nok jual :P

if all the baju(s) can be replaced with this, i would LOVE to !


Friday, February 04, 2011

Stay Happy

You know that feeling when you meet your old friends, your child-hood friends, and you will soon talk about every single thing that you and your friends did in the past. and minutes later, you will talk about what you're gonna do, what you will become in the future. Sometimes, we need these old friends of ours to remind us that we are still young and free to do the right things, to accomplish great things, yet still be matured and relevant in whatever cases. We also need new friends to let us know there are still a lot to be acknowledged out there, and probably waiting for us to be discovered. All these might change us to be better or probably just stay the same. Baiklah. bad intro !

It's chinese new year break ! a few of my siblings are here in Kelantan. It's good to gather with family and usik mengusik of course :) A few friends visiting, even my students are planning to come over tomorrow. woohooooo awesome ! HAPPY !

Since it's holiday, weddings ! yeah weddings. i have 3 wedding invitations from my friends. and 1 wedding ceremony that i have to put my hands on, because it's my cousin's wedding, Paih. He's been one of my best cousins I assume, since we've been playing around here and there as grown-up kids. But now, yeah, Alhamdulillah, nak kahwin jugak cousin aku sorang nih ! HAPPY !

After all, today has brought me to this kinda thought, where of all things that we've done, we should think that we all deserve all of these. There must must must be reasons for whatever happens in our life. regardless we like it or we don't, yes, we deserve all those. and i believe, everyone wants to be happy. and happiness is just like a perfume, you can't give it away without getting a little on yourself. So share it, to enjoy it ! Am i right or Am i right ? Hehehe :P