Thursday, April 30, 2009

Choc's Day


Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.

ehehe..gile skema la plak.

nothing much here. this evening, i texted my sister, asking about home and ma abah. they were all fine and good. and the new member in our family as well, Muaz...Muaz is such a cute yet but not so little boy. and i can tell he is not that little, from all the pics that i've seen.

oh yes. today, at my home sweet home, ma abah ran a makan-makan or jamuan, welcoming Muaz in the family. oh..sedap nyo roti jalo n kuzi ma buat..huhu..roti jala..roti jala..dtg la dalam mmpi malam ini.

anyway, to entertain myself, i was just thinking myself at home today, like i was really there then i could bake some cakes or cookies. and it happened, yeah, but at different place of course. here in Adelaide. hahadoii..boleh plak berangan2 buat kek and muffin kt my family! itsokay, as a matter of fact, i think i enjoyed myself, didn't I? or else, i shouldn't be writing this. tapi, akibat terpengaruh dgn cik Ibtisam, smua baking pon dipengaruhi dgn adunan Chocolate!! so, it's a choc's day lah! haha..ape2 jer la xsuke coklat sila jgn muntah eh?

chocolate brownies

Chocolate (with choc chips) Muffins

yang ni bkn chocolate..xleh makan yer..hehe
- Muaz Wajdi Bin Azmin Raif -
hadoii...susah jgk nk sebut name ni.
budak ni, 5 hari dah tanggal tali pusat..huhu.
and ni pon baju yang Mak Ude beli utk newborn size aussie,
tak muat utk dia..ketat sket..haiyaa...


p/s: Alhamdulillah...draft op-ed dah siap..

Thanks Awin

Ni first time dapat award dari Cik ajwin ajeera yg cumill niee..peminat dia ramai woo..mmg femes amous laa blog dia..hehe..thanks awin! appreciate that! bile la agknye leh jmpa awin

Terma & Syarat Untuk Penerima Award Ini:
1. Letakkan logo award ini di blog anda.

2. Anugerahkan award ini kepada 10 Blog yang anda anggap paling berinspirasi dan sangat mesra.

3. Pastikan anda menyatakan penghargaan ini melalui ‘backlink’ dengan blog yang anda anggap paling memberikan inspirasi dan mesra dari blog anda.

4. Informasikan penerima award mengenai award yang mereka terima dengan menyatakan komen di blog mereka.

5. Berbagi cinta dan sayang untuk penghargaan ini kepada pemberi anugerah ini.

this award goes to,

  1. Kakja
  2. Kak Ngoh
  3. Padlah
  4. Kak Yah Che Rahim
  5. Kak Gee
  6. Elly
  7. Puloh
  8. Ina
  9. Mira Junior smip
  10. Fasyareena Junior smip (sedare jgk ni)


p/s: mari siapkan kejee!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sometimes bad is good

i knew something bad would happen today. because today was like wrapped up with unfortunate events continuously. all over again. it all started from,

  • The moment i forgot to bring my wallet. and i just realized i didn't have my wallet with me when i was about to get into the bus. damn! no coins! no bus ticket! Cheeks turned red and all that plus needed to get back to my place and grabbed the wallet.

  • Consequently, guess what, i had to wait another 20minutes for the next bus to show up. since the bus was 5 minutes late. bad bad bad!

  • Fell again. which did not really hurt me, but embarrassed enough when there were about 10 people watching the unfortunate scene of me! was able to smile. still. fair enough.

  • And now, the lab scene. the rat was surprisingly giving reflex response when we stimulated it, which it should had not turned that way! we'd already injected it enough heparin and anaesthetic. miracle, might be? hehe..this part was funny though!

  • Joanna (my lab mate) and I splashed the solution since we did not put the gas source properly!

  • We did not calibrate the solution earlier, which giving time for the rat heart to die! die! die! hadoii...Julia(the phD student, we work with her) was getting to her boiling's point, getting mad at us. huh? what to do?

  • The solution was totally wrong! a way too wrong! we should add Magnesium Sulfate, but, blame Geordi(another lab mate) for giving me Manganese Sulfate! Finally i found that out by browsing again all the substances that we put. Thanks to ME! huk3..thanks to me!

  • But, pointless..we just killed the rat heart. so, jotted down 'Experiment Failed'. Signed off! hehe...

however, pointing all these out, makes me realize how much we need to learn. how much do we need to be aware of what we do. as far as you can go, as far as u need to put your concern on. at least there's gotta be something to learn. Alhamdulillah. ehehe. so, i decide, sometimes bad is good. learn from mistakes!

and I've decided, today is not really bad since i've just got some more pictures of Muaz! hehe..

and I also need to complete my assignment, due this Friday. and i haven't even started. not surprising. normal. enough said. hehehe


rindu Adek (dan ayam kenny rogers jgk..hehe)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Esok dah start balik kelas. oh..tolonglah, dgn kesihatan yg tidak menentu ni, semangat utk ke uni pon xbrape nak naik. tapi, nasib baik, dapat gmbar baby kakjie dah! yeay! last time wat entri pasal zareef, anak kak jehan (my sister's bestfriend) now pasal baby kakjie plak... hehe..kakjie sndiri yang MMS. xtau la plak bleh MMS to my celcom number even though i'm here in adelaide. bagous2. dapat blajar benda baru! happiness!

so, introducing you, baby kakjie and abe min,
Muaz bin Azmin Raif [name x official lg]

look at him, kecik2 dh suke berkerut kening tue...ikut sape lg..mummy dia lahh! anyway, bulat getey molek muko muaz. patut la 3.25kg, xpadan ngn kakjie hok kecik kurus tue..huhu

dgn lahir nya Muaz, cucu ma abah sekarang ade 20. saye ade anak sdare 20 org la. 11 perempuan 9 lelaki. abah should be a very proud grandparents!

can't wait to see you Muaz! tunggu Mak ude balik yer! InsyaAllah..


updates GOR + Ballarat

Assalamualaikum semua.

now i'm back again. back to Adelaide. holiday is now reaching to its end. today is saturday. and this monday class will start as usual. trying to be positive about whatever may come out.
okies, here are a few updates about the trip that i've mentioned previously.

  • We managed to reach melbourne just before the clock hit 12 am. so, not bad lah kan. plus, we are not pro-drivers! thanks to those yang sudi menumpangkan kami di rumah mereka yg mmg tersangat lah mewah bg kami budak2 Adelaide ni..hehe.

  • Pulled our rides to Great Ocean Road, which the driving was quite challenging jugak lah. Alhamdulillah. everything went well. i did not muntah, tu yang penting! mklum lah, ade motion sickness sket klu naik kete nie. kapal terbang xpe plak sbb xrase bergerak. haha.

  • Great Ocean Road (12 apostles) seriously cantek. tapi, saye lambat sket bab menghayati kecantikan batu2 or tanah2 yg mcm tue, time tu excited sbb seronok amik gmbar aje. hehe. but, viewing all the pics, makes me think the risk that we took for this trip has already paid off!

  • Back to Melbourne (clayton) again, aiming for sleeping and resting (nesting pon bleh jgk..hehe). ponat! ponat!

  • The next morning, went straight to Ballarat, the so-called Old-English-Town, Sovereign Hill. Sangat sejuk smpai berasap2 (asap bercakap dan asap org bakar kayu nak panaskan badan jugak). taik kuda pon banyak. tapi sgt seronok! sbb xpenah tgk dgn real perkampungan mat saleh yg lame. tgk org buat Candy, buat lilin, and main games org2 zmn dlu, tgk cara2 mining (for gold especially). this one was soooo awesome! best!

  • Bertolak pulang ke Adelaide. sampai pukul 1.00 pagi. Alhamdulillah. We were really blessed along this trip. nothing bad happened. everything was smooth and fine. Alhamdulillah...

  • Thank you guys for this wonderful moment we cherished together. it surely will always make me think the precious friendship we have!

Members of the trip - Zue (leader), Dora, Yasmin, Salima, Siti Mariam, Maryam, Nab, Ibtisam, Adlina, Jasmine, Paim and Me!!! - 12 altogether!

quote of the trip - A'ahhh!! (xboleh bgtau tuan empunya diri, 2009)

seriously, xsbar nk tunggu next cuti then we could make another road trip! or maybe more road trips! tapi, question - bile lg akan cuti nyer? aiyaa...

enjoy the pics! (sorry la byk gmbr, sb malas nk edit utk collage)

kugem girls

hindustan turkistan gostan

kat sane ke Malaysia??

berjaya semua masuk dalam gmbr



Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Ballarat - sedang memanaskan badan
Ballarat lagi (xlarat dah nie)

penjenayah dikehhendakki


hehee..byk gile gmbr. credits to miss yasmin, ibtisam, paim, kaklin, and jasmine.


p/s: kakjie dah beranak. and it's a boy!! yeayy...dah 20 cucu ma abah..waiting eagerly for that little boy's photo! soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


mari menghabiskan cuti dgn berjaulah penuh hemat. insyaAllah


Adelaide-Melbourne-Great Ocean Road-Ballarat-Adelaide

3 days 2 nights


doakan keselamatan kami semua...insyaAllah


Monday, April 20, 2009

Muhammad Dzareef

okay..this is my 8Oth Post so far.

and this one should be short. must be! nak letak gmbar anak kak Jehan n hubby aje nie.

kak jehan is my sister's bestfriend. daripada matrix sampai la sekarang since both of them are dentists in Kelantan. kawin pon pada tahun yg same. mengandung pon nak dekat same. beranak pon absolutely nk dekat same la. my sister,kakjie sekarang tgh tnggu mase nk meneran lah tue. so, kakjehan sangat rapat dgn family saye. she's like my sister to me. hehe. so, since she has finally given birth to a very cute baby boy, Muhammad Dzareef bin Muhammad Zul Yakin. so, here it goes....

comey nyer zareef. hidung mcm kakjehan! hehe.mulut plop jepput molek... xsabar nk dukung zareef. tunggu mak ude balik yer!


p/s: trip to great ocean road insyaAllah jadi...doakan...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tag from Encik Padlah

huhuhu...back again. since xde keje nk buat. habis kuiz2 mngarut kt facebook tue aku buat. selama ni, dok marah kt org lain buat. skrg biar diorng plak marah aku sbb wt kuiz2 tue. hehe. ok, now, this entry is basically, answering the tag from Encik Padlah.

so, here it g0es, what i would like to have for my birthday (take note, this 16th june..hehe)

  1. Patung Crocodile yg dekat IKEA tu. berbulan dah dok usha. xmahal pon
  2. Baju Kurung biase. hehe. xtipu. betul2 nie.
  3. Quilt Cover baru
  4. Wrist watch genuine leather band.
  5. More esprit shirts
  6. Denim jeans
  7. ABC (air batu cendol with pulut. ohhh..sedak oo0ohh)
  8. Ticket pegi balik Tasmania
  9. Ticket Pegi balik Tokyo ke, Prague ke.
  10. Balik Malaysia utk raye nieee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

once upon a time

once upon a time i was a referee.

laaaa....referee amende plak nie? oh yes. yes. yes. Futsal!

ibtisam cakap, since credibility seorang referee ni, mungkin boleh jadi turun temurun, so, she chose me to be the main referee. Abah dulu jadi referee bola. so, saye jadi referee futsal. jadik lah kan?

anyway, this is all about Sister's Sports Day that we had 2 days ago. after a nationwide vote (nationwide lah sgt. hahaha), everybody seemed to like playing futsal. so, we had a go for that. was awesome jugak lah! seriously, we were playing like crazy! it seemed like the movements were representing the 'netball technique' that most of the girls had. hehe. and it was all low ball. hihihi lagi. xde sgt sepak tinggi2.

naaahhhh...forget about that, but we did have lots and lots of FUN! saye juga sudah memerhati ade beberapa players yang mmg berbakat dalam sukan Futsal ni. insyaAllah akan cuba dilatih dan dilatih lagi utk arena sukan yang berprestij.

pemenangnya, team Bubble Machine (name team ni mengingatkan one of me favourite drinks, Bubble Tea! sedappnyerrr)!! 1st runner up = Benchleg, 2nd runner up = Mawar 7!!

bubble machine is the winner!! credits to kakyus!

wonderpets ade pemain jemputan dari Canberra, name dia Aina Farihah..kat tgh2 tue..sopan kan dia? aha..dia mmg sopan. ok, sila jgn muntah

referee ni xgarang ponnnnn

ape2pon, jadi Referee lagi penat daripada main kot. tapi best wooo bleh tiup2 whistle... kih3..oh abahh...kaulah idolaku. daripada menyanyi smpai la jadi referee. ami meme anok abah sungguh!!kih3


p/s: congratulations to kakjehan, dapat baby boy! kakjie punye turn bile? cpt la kakjieeee!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

cuti oh cuti

sungguh la. cuti tak rase mcm cuti sgt.

ingat kan cuti time nak relax2. mengadap internet aje 24 jam.

tapi, cuti ni berbeza. ramai pelawat rupenye. daripada Auckland, Canberra, Melbourne etc. hehe. tapi best jugak melayan kawan2 nie. terutamanya kwn2 skolah dlu and kwn2 mase kt Sunway College dlu. sbb kitorang mmg ngam kan. ok, part tu best!

yang x best nye, ade a few assignment kena hantar dalam tengah2 cuti nie. Alhamdulillah. dapat lah siapkan walaupon xder la hebat sgt penulisannya. maklum la, daybook kan dah official jadi weekbook. yang org jadikan dia monthbook tu, xde la plak nk bertnya ape2. mesti dia dah beres dgn sgt cepat and yakin. Alhamdulillah jugak.

tapi xpe. semua dah beres. sekarang ade seminggu lagi cuti. hmm...ape yer nak buat? balik Malaysia? hahaha...kamu jgn la berjenaka dgn saye. pegi New Zealand? hahaha...saddaapp laaahh...hmm...nak buat ape yer? tapi bile pikir2 balik..kejap jer kot seminggu nih. oh yer, sape2 nak book utk photo shooting pon boleh jgk (hanya utk org tertentu sahaja)...muahahaha.. koya jah lebihh..

ok, saye suke Martina Mcbride. a country singer. again. dia nyanyi live sedapp oooo.. inspired and fulfilled. the lyrics are all depth and meaningful and no ngarut2. time2 emo or down bagus jugak layan lagu2 dia. okies. enough said, semua org sudah raising their eyebrows since i'm talking nonsense.

ok. itu sahaja. sekian.


p/s: nk buat ape yer. ape yer..ape yer..
p/s 2: jason mraz nk wt concert yg agk dekat jgk la kot ngn umh aku. agak2 dgr x dari sini? hehe

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy belated birthday adek!

tak bleh dah.entri ni xboleh tangguh2. nanti basi. hehe

My adek has just turned 20, two days ago, (1o April)

she is my only adek i have. we call her adek since she's the youngest. and manjaest and ngada-ngadaest among us. haha. but since she went to boarding school, MRSM Kuala Terengganu, sometimes i thought she has become much more matured than me. the fact that i could eat mom's cook and spend my leisure time with internet and watching TV sorta. hehe.

anyway, she's a big girl now. doing maths in UKM and planning to further up and up and up her studies. i wish you all the best Adek. ( we do have a secret name for her which sounds funny, hehe..jange maroh b***k! ) . nak lg details pasal Adek ku ini, sila rujuk HERE

so, Happy 20th Birthday to Fatien Adibah Wan Muhammad!!
the one and only younger sister i have. (because i do have other 7 sisters)

sekarang dok gile buat Egg Tart.hehe. there you go Adek! utk pengetahuan adek, egg tart tue, telah selamat kak ami makan dgn puas nye...wakakakahh..

utk tatapan sahaja..hihi


p/s: so many plans, so little time
p/s 2:
msti mung terharu dop dik..aku wt entri khas ko mung..hehe

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friend's Visit and Olidayy!!

of tourist guide yang xbertauliah.

my frens from Auckland came to Adelaide. mat saleh mane la plak nie. oh no no. frens that are originally from malaysia, but currently studying in Auckland. AIDA and LAILA AMERA! aida and I were in the same school since Primary school and have been bestfrens up till now. whilst Lela and I were in the same school in form 1-5. they came with their other 2 girlfrens and 2 guyfrens (yg nie macha yg uruskan..haha.mekaceh byk2..kuih tu, lepas cuti nnti tuntut) . hoho. mereka sekarang misi melawat bandar2 almost half of aussie. hebat jgk tue! how lucky they are! baru 2nd year, dah smpai Aussie dah. aku ni, bile la nak smpai NZ...wawawwa!

anyway, adelaide is their 2nd pit stop. they were here just for 3 nights. roughly 3 days. xsempat nk bawak g jalan2 mane2 pon sebab nk sewa kete, tapi dah fully booked. apadaa...adelaide xckup kete ke ape..nasib baik ade bas. bleh bwk jgk pegi strawberry picking. rasenye yg tu kot paling best walaupon PANAS yg amat time tue. semua orang pon sunburnt. hehe..

thanks for coming here aida, lela, syak and amni. even though it's not really in mission of visiting me, but i was very happy during your stay with all the private jokes and laughters that we shared! maaf jgk klu ade terkurang ape2.. sudi2 lah dtg lagi ke Adelaide, bandar paling comey nie! hehe. sebab ade kami yg comey ni,kan3? haha

ni Aida...tgh syok menyumbat stroberri

ni ngan Lela...hoho..kacip doh la aku nga lela..hehe

mereka - aida, syak, lela and amni

cuti dah start! yeay yeay! assignment pon ade jgk cuti2 nie. submit thursday nie! yeay2! dah la kena masak plak utk sports' day! yeay! huk3..huwaa...ape nie..ape niee...ade lg kawan from Canberra nk dtg. serahkan pada cik ibtisam..alhamdulillahh...heheeehe.

oh yer2...adek's birthday...happy besday budok bucuk! she has just turned 20! nnti kak mi wt something ko adik! waawwawa...rindu ko mung la dik!


p/s: best nyee....ade misi akan tercapai september nie..doakan..insyaAllah...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

curi masa lagi


hehe..intro baik punyer!

oh yer, hari tu kan ade cakap nak g tengok rugby, so, pegi la jugak. kitorang siap beli tiket yang agak mahal sket (sebenarnya tak tau) sebab nk selamat la sket kan. kalu dok bahagian bawah tu, ramai org minum2 kan. kang nnti tertumpah ke ape, payah jugak tue. so, nak selamat, beli reserved seat. so, ade la jgk perasan best sket2 dok atas tue.

ape2 pon, dok bawah ke. atas ke. perasaan tgk rugby BESTTT!! hehe. walaupon xde la paham sgt game nie. tp bleh rase la adrenaline rush mase sorak2 tue. hehe. ktorang tgk ade la dalam 6 match rase nyer. tp team hebat2 smpat tgk la, All Blacks, England, Aussie, South Africa, and etc. mcm2 bahasa jgk leh belajar. Fiji ade, Samoa ade, tapi paling best KENYA la. bahasa diorang lebih kurang bahasa kedah/kelate gitu sket2. senang je kot nak belaja. HAHAHA!!

okay la..since photographer dh kasi gmbr. tgk gmbr la sket2...

the crowd..haii..ade kerusi pn xnak duduk..apada..

peluk bang..jgn xpeluk..hahaha

belajar bahasa sifu and tonga. eh..Fiji and Tonga la!!

kami bertiga...penonton paling warok kt situ..yer ngarut2...hahaha


p/s: oh...literature review tak siap lagi nie!!
p/s2: weekbook xsentuh2 lg jgk...apadaa

Friday, April 03, 2009

not SO everything

hi there again!

this week has been quite tough for me. i really felt like this week was not going to end. things are different now. I've been getting and analyzing and defining and interpreting a few things recently. let us see the list;

  • I've just officially changed my practical daybook into weekbook. since i was so lazy to write it down what we were doing in the lab. tapi, syukur sangat... sebab, masih ade org yg treat it as a monthbook..sape la agak nye tue..hahaaha..gelak evil

  • been doing a lot of faults in lab. salah wat dilution. salah buat solution. terjatuhkan tissue paper smpai jadi mcm red carpet la. almost bedah tikus orang lain punyer la. but the fact that i am not going to complain about it anymore really turns the spirit ON!

  • i bought a new purse/wallet and again, ibtisam found it for me. so, next time, i'll just let her know what i want to buy, and definitely, she'll help me finding it!

  • i was sooo in ma-abahsick mode now (same je la ngn homesick tue ahlami). but the fact that i'm trying to be so cool about that really makes me feel like a grown-up (laaa...xsedar diri lagi)

  • no time for novels! but desperately want to know what happened in 7th Heaven by James Patterson!

  • been so eager about baking and thinking about the not-so-profit of making it as a part-time business job. muahaha..kuat nyo koyaa!

  • been complaining about lalat and nyamuk lately. and sudah officially announced myself as anti-lalat dan anti-nyamuk!

  • thinking about kakjie's baby. cepat la beranok kakjie!! jgn bg besday baby tu same ngn besday fatien, 10 april! nti ami jeless..wakaka..oh yes, kakjie has just turned 29 on 29thmarch baru2 nie. so i made this for her,
dressing and final touch by miss ibtisam. hehe

  • And..tomorrow! yeay3x! i'll finally get to watch rugby match tomorrow! tomorrow! yeay3x!

  • so many works to do, so little time we have. tapi, ape yang penting? keberkatan..

  • in love with Kris Allen! hehe. nok jugop tue la!

that's all! been missing everyone lately! oh..oh..ohh..


p/s: understanding and tolerance breaks and shatters the silence. that's the best part of it
p/s 2: true genius do not fulfill expectations, they shatter it..hmm...