Wednesday, February 25, 2009

will always be

hehe. i really mean it. i really really really do. wherever i go, my heart WILL ALWAYS BE right here, my home sweet home. ohhh... you can imagine yourself, the atmosphere, the air, are all in right place. i wish i could stay home forever. only because of knowing that i have to get back to business again. oh yess...again..

This summer break has been giving me such a great time and of course giving me a chance to become much better person. it's been really great that i could actually tell myself, i really found myself being happy most of the time. the relationships. the money management. the vacations. the makan-makan(s). the meetings and hang-outs with friends. smuanya puas hati lah..hehe..and i wish that i could capture all the moments shared and cherished. (i think i almost did since i end up with tons of pictures). well, i'm grateful. Alhamdulillah. thank you Allah.

Aida, you are right about TIME. sometimes we end up being regret of not doing the thing that we've done much better. but hey, we may have some other times!! maybe we dont know about that. but Allah knows. have faith people!

thanks to all my family members and friends, my bestmate and everyone that has been part of my life. particularly, for making my holiday so meaningful. thank you! hohoho..tgh dok pikir date yang sesuai nk balik malaysia plak niee...hahahaa

ok, back to business. i'll be attending the 3rd year of my course this march. and i've been acting kinda cool about that. i'm in 3rd year now! and the challenges are,

  1. Microbiology/Immunology : Infection and Immunity (Biomedical Science)
  2. Physiology : Neurobiology

i wish i could do better. i pray that everything will go smooth and easy. i hope that i'll be much stronger this time. much more committed with my work. in mission of getting better. hahaha!! (there u go the laugh that u've been waiting for) ...such a spirit laa!! kite tgk laa!! ngeh3

tomorrow, 25th Feb, 4.45pm will be leaving Kota Bharu.
and this Saturday, 28Feb, 9.00am will be flying to Brisbane.
back to Adelaide, on Sunday 1st March.... semoga selamat smpai nnti..insyaAllahh..amiinnn..


p/s: u make me feel like home is where you are

p/s 2: saye tahu, saye berhutang tag ngan elly, kak wanee and abe mokhsin. will be responding to them soonnnnn!!! tunggggguuuuu!! hehe

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sabah bah!

Bismillah.. Assalamualaikum.

Alhamdulillah..oh well, i just got back to kelantan last nite from the big Sabah i called. Sabah is big, isn't it? on the 6th Feb i arrived in Sandakan with a very warm welcome from my 8th sister, teacher Siti Aisyah and hubby, teacher Hisham (hehe..teacher jugop doh la). i love Sandakan. i think it's supposed to be a very big town, but there are still many places left undiscovered (pndai2 jer assume). except Sepilok, the heaven for Orang Utan! and we went to Sandakan Crocodile Farm. it's Crocodile mem and sir! crocodile! ( high level of adrenaline since we were actually walking on the wooden bridge with so many crocs under the bridge). i was really grateful that my sis and bro in law brought me to these two places you know me? i think they really do..

and i had to fly to K.Kinabalu from Sandakan airport. took about 45minutes. jauh jgk rupenye. and got to keningau for about 1 hour 40min from KK. oh well well..Keningau. what i like the most about Keningau are of course, my nieces lah. sophea, laila, yasmin and aina. all are girls! yeah..!! super duper girls because they are soooo active! hehe. and i got to drive my bro in law's grand livina! wakakaka...ketar lutut weh! dh la mpv, manual, had to drive at very unfamiliar way and place! clap3x!! haha..

and on Saturday, we were heading to KK again. for some shopping in Pasar Tamu, managed to grab a few important things in the list in a fast way too. not too be wasting our time. and yeah..i guess that's all. i like this trip. what i like the most during the trip of course, the family bond between me and my sisters. i love them both! thank you kaktie and abe ise! without u guys..tiadalah MASwing. thank you Kakja and abe mokhsin ( the sponsor utk ticket balik saye...hehe) and the kids. love u all sooo much! lain kali mak ude pegi lagi sabah yerrr!! seronok bah!!

terima kasih byk2 smuaa!!


p/s : thank u for coming to the airport! mujur la ade org teman..hehe

p/s II : to elly and kak wanee, yeah..i'll answer the tags soon...wait for me yapp!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

asiah,elly,aida and...

well, last night, elly, aida, asiah and me (me! me! me!) hanged out for almost like 5 hours. thanks to Elly for making this all happen. a very brilliant planner! at least, we finally got a chance to go out at night. this is our first time going out and coming back late at 11.15pm after hanging out at two different places and doing a very minor shopping at Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh. hahaha! oh yeah, blame Asiah for bringing all of us there. xpenah2 pegi wakaf che yeh tu male2. elly siap beli beras cap serindit lagi..haha..but it was fun though. we really had many many many stories to tell. many laughters to share. many unintentionally jokes to do or say. they were all memorable to me. this should be the best hang out ever with elly, aida and asiah. and surprisingly, we also got a change to learn a few new words and quotes. check them out.

keno senduk ko ular patuk ------> keno patuk ko ular senduk

mengharemkan kapal -----------> mengharamkan couple

driver cafe ----------------------> D'river (kena sebut the river spatutnye) cafe

of course, we were always having non-stop stupid and funny conversation. there was nothing serious about that. oh yer, mase kt pasar wakaf che yeh tue, punye la takut kena ragut ke rompak ke ( mcm la ade byk money), jalan pegang tangan dua2. muahahaha...macam budak2!! hakikatnyer (cewah..hakikat tue), xde orang tengok and pandang pon kot? hahaha..gelak golek2...

mase order nk makan (kat blakang Ridel hotel tue), tgk la makanan yang kami order nie..hahaha

elly ---> kuey teow tomyam
ami ---> kuey teow Kung Fu
asiah --> kuey teow cantonese
aida ---> kuey teow ladna

apekahh?? memang betul2 gadis kuey teow laahhh!!!

i'll be going to Sabah this Friday. from 6Feb to 15Feb. first destination, Sandakan, then Kota Kinabalu then Keningau. can't wait to see my sisters and my cute nieces there. hope i'll be having a great time there too. insyaAllah..doakan keselamatan saye.


p/s: make ike banyok lagi deh...