Tuesday, November 26, 2013

冬 (Fuyu)

I think it's officially fuyu (winter) here in Yonezawa. The first snow for this winter fell on 11th November 2013. And these are some photos taken on 12th November 2013. 

Enjoy and cherish this moment yer anakanda :) 

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary



We are 2 today! (25/11/11-25/11/13). Two years of excitement, two years of lots of new things discovered, two years of ups and downs we have cherished together, two years of precious moments have been enjoyed. Just amazing two years. More years to come, Ameen! Thank you dear husband for making me feel loved from that day, until this very day and more days to come. Thank you for being the best husband, and the best father to our little Khayra. May Allah bless our marriage with sakinah & mawaddah & baraqah. Love you so much abang! 😘

Alhamdulillah this year I managed to bake a small heart shape red velvet cake for our wedding anniversary :) 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Khayra is 1 year old!

It was only 12 months ago when we welcomed our first bundle of joy, Aisha Khayra binti Faiz Adi Ezarudin into our life! 

I can still remember clearly the first cry from her, it was so loud and energetic. All the pain I endured for 36 hours gone straight away. Well this is probably one of the meaning of mother's love to her child. Unconditional, unlimited and so pure. 

Aisha Khayra, born on 11th september 2012. Weighted 3.856kg and 54cm long. 

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar. 

Ever dearest Khayra, ummi ayah doakan moga khayra grow up to become solehah girl, tak tinggal solat and have good akhlak like Rasulullah SAW. May you grow up healthily and happily and become such a clever muslimah. Our qurratul ain, inshaallah. Ameen! 

Nanti weekend or any public holiday kita buat birthday party okay, and ask our friends to join us. InshaAllah. 

P/s: I actually wanted to write about Khayra's birth story, and my first labor experience but I think I want to save that in the next entry, inshaAllah (promise that I will try my best!) 

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

La familia

Our family photo on Raya 2013 recently, 

My side, 

Husband's side,

Bila ahli keluarga makin bertambah ni memang lah susah nak amik gambar ramai ramai macam ni. Senyum ke tak nelakang kira dah, janji semua masuk! Haha

Tomino San in Malaysia :)

Tomino san is my hubby's friend. He knew her when he was a student, he used to work part-time at the post office nearby. From that day, they became good friends and until now, she is like our mother/auntie to us. She is 62 years old and still healthy and active. She came to Malaysia all alone just to attend my sister in law's wedding day. She's so kind-hearted and friendly even Khayra loves her too.

Tomino san looked so Malay-ish in that baju kurung and scarf that I can swear people would not know that she is Japanese. Tomino san, we wish you the very best of life, may your life filled with happiness and luck. Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu. Mata ne. Aisha chan said, mata asobo ne! :) 

Khayra no hatsu Hari Raya Aidilfitri


Alhamdulillah, raya puasa baru baru ni kami dapat pulang beraya di Malaysia, specifically di kampung tercinta di Kota Bharu (mine) and Pasir Mas (in law). This is khayra's first raya aidil fitti experience. In fact, this is our first experience celebrating raya in Malaysia as a family. Last year kami raya kat Jepun je sebab time tu saya tengah memboyot 37weeks (khayra was in my womb). Hehe. 

We are considered lucky sebab Pasir Mas & Kota Bharu are just 30minutes drive journey. Hehe. Pagi raya beraya di Pasir Mas dulu. Tengahari tu baru balik Kota Bharu. Tapi still tak puas hati sebab dah missed sesi bersalam salaman kat Kota Bharu. Hahaha nak jugak. Macam la dah tak boleh salam kan. Hihi. Anyway, yang penting dapat beraya di kedua-dua tempat penting. Moga ma abah, & uming redha. Moga Allah redha. 

Raya kedua beraya di Kota Bharu, tapi tak sempat pon pegi ke rumah sedara mara saya sebab tengahari dah bergegas pulang ke Pasir Mas balik dah. Sob3. The main reason is, the day after tu (raya ketiga) ada kenduri, my sister in law kawin. Hehe. 

Raya ketiga obviously sepanjang hari je la kat umah in law, sebagai tuan rumah menyambut tetamu yg datang on majlis kawin tu. Tersangat lah jem hari tu dengan hebat nya Subhanallah memang ramai betul la rakyat Kelantan ni. Family saya pon sanggup redah jem utk datang ke Pasir Mas. My 3rd sister, Kaknoor sefamily & my Abe turun umah pukul 12.30 tghari, nak dekat pukul 4 petang baru sampai pasir mas okay! Subhanallah. Terharu plak rasa. 

Oh panjang nya membebel ni rasa. Rasa macam tulis diari plak. Haha. 

Raya keempat plak tak ke mana mana sebab memang dah penat. Eh lupa plak nak cerita part Tomino san datang Kelantan. Nanti kita buat entri lain lah pasal tu yer. Hehe.

Anyway tu je kot nak cerita pasal raya. Alhamdulillah kami sempat jumpa kawan2 kami jugak walaupun bukan semua. Kak Hanis sefamily, Kak As sefamily, my smip schoolmates and kaklynn sefamily also. 

Selamat Hari Raya again.
Mohon maaf jika ada salah silap utk pembaca blog saya. Hehe banyak jugak ranting on hari raya utk entry kali ni yer. Sabor jer la. 

Alritey, till we meet again. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Overdue post: Khayra is 11 months old :)


It's really been a while and I can't even remember when was the last time I posted my latest entry here. About a month ago I guess when Khayra was 10 months old. 

Anyway my girl is now 11 months old! Alhamdulillah. She is getting closer to become a toddler kid soon, hitting the 1 year old number. Hehe. And my mind has been thinking and planning about jer first birthday bash. When will it be. What kinda cake should i bake. Or should we just buy the cake from the bakery, yadaaa yadaaa. Oh this is too annoying for you to know actually, am I right? Haha. Well, new moms experience, pretty much the same I guess. Hehe. 

I just want to share some photos of Khayra here. I will update about our balik kampung for raya holiday in the next entry inshaAllah. So excited to tell that Tomino san came all the way from Japan to meet us and to attend my sister in law's wedding. Alritey, see you soon! 

Oh, anyway, my girl can walk now! She finally got her first step a few days ago. Hadoii makin penat la ummi nak keje bila dah bleh kaki ni. Hehe

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

She is 10 months old today!


Today is day 2 of Ramadhan!
Alhamdulillah, we are given a chance to meet Ramadhan again this year. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb! We love Ramadhan. It's a month of blessing, full with rahmah! We want to grab as many pahala as we can in this holy month! Oh Allah, make it easy for us. Ameen! 

Anyway, today also marks the age of my little girl as of being a 10 months old girl. She's so active nowadays, and sometimes knows how to be choosy and cranky. She knows what she wants to play, and which toys she dislikes. Getting cleverer and cheekier day by day! 

She has 6 teeth now. 4 upper teeth, 2 lower teeth. Looking good so far! Been trying to 'wean' off from her pacifier, but she seems to love it. Especially when being outside, meeting stranger, she wants her pacifier to soothe her down, keep her calm. Oh well maybe that is why the name soother was invented back then. Haha. But soon, yeah soon, we want to teach her to be confident without the pacifier. Go Khayra go! 

First step? Not yet! But getting into it soon i guess? Her Ayah getting all excited every morning he will bring her outside for light walking, near the house. Hold her hands tight, and let her walk, with our help. That seems to work. She loves it so much but we usually end up with back pain because we need to lower ourselves down to help her walk. Haha. Oh well, as the oldies always say, let it be, just natural. Don't force. She will know how and when :) 

We will be going back to Malaysia for raya holiday on 3rd of August, till 16th of august. InshaAllah. Praying hard that khayra will behave throughout the journey, especially in the flights, both tokyo-kl-kb, and kb-kl-tokyo. Please make it easy for us ya Allah. Ameen :) and also may we have a blessed and baraqah raya experience. And khayra will not be having too much of stranger's anxiety/separation anxiety. Sikit sikit boleh laa anakanda yer. Penat ummi nanti. Huhu. We hope she will be friendly and warm to her cousins, aunties and uncles. Inshaallah. Ameen! 

Oh! Such a long entry! Well, cause it's really been a while i haven't said anything casual in this blog. All formal and monthly updates only. So boring, isn't it? Hehe. Alritey, see you next time inshaAllah. 

Her favourite, inai inai baa! (Ciku cak!)

We've made it! Movie time with monsters! Khayra behaved throughout the movie! Alhamdulillah! 

My cheeky girl!

Aisha Khayra ;) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

9 months!

My baby girl is 9 months old now! 
Alhamdulillah :) How time flies!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

8 months old now :)


Alhamdulillah, my baby girl has kust turned 8 months old a few days ago. Gomenne, Ummi should have made this post earlier, but Ummi totall forgot about this. Hehe. 

Anyway, Khayra's progress so far is as good as she is. She can crawl fast now. And she loves to get up by herself, holding to any higher stage, including us. Her eagerness and curiosity has become higher and wider. Hehe that's normal! 

This is when we went to Sano Outlet in Golden Week last few weeks ago. 

Last weekend we went to Sagae-shi in Yamagata for some ichigo gari (strawberry picking) there :) Khayra wore the same dress! Haha that is our favourite actually :P


Saturday, April 13, 2013

My girl is 7 months old :)

Hi there!

My baby girl is 7 months old today.
In Nihongo, we say 7 as 'nana'. If in Malay Language, it is 'tujuh'. Hehe tu pon nak cakap kaaaa. Haha. Pon boleh kann

Anyway, Khayra is doing just great. She's been growing well and excellent. Two teeth are so visible now. In fact, she knows how to use of her teeth. She bitrs all her toys. And she can actually now eat her senbe by herself. One small bite, one by one, and let the senbe melts in her mouth first and swallow it, and apply another small bite on her senbe using her teeth. Kids just like us, Allah creates them, perfected with instincts finely. They know how to use their instincts. And I know it's sunnatullah :)

Oh 'senbe' is just 'crackers' :) and for khayra, she's been having just veggie:fish senbe recently :)


Monday, April 08, 2013

Khayra's first tooth!

Hi there again!

It's been almost a month since my last entry. Told ya, this blog has officially become a monthly update blog, hasn't it? Anyway, khayra's first tooth is now visible. The left lower tooth has come out. Left! Which makes me in high hope of wishing she will be lefty just like me! Hahaha. Just kidding! As long as she is healthy and growing excellent, lefty or righty does not bother me that much! :P

Oh the second tooth is slightly visible too actually! Both teeth are growing well. Alhamdulillah. It's such a blessing to be able seeing my daughter comes up with another milestone. And everyday is a bright new day to her, learning new things and I also as a mother have lots of things to learn and understand. May Allah ease everything inshaallah :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am 6 months old minna!


My girl has officially turned 6 months old yesterday. She is now halfway to being a 1 year old toddler. May you grow up healthily and happy always my dear. Ummi & Ayah love you so much!

P/s: 'minna' means everyone

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Favourite Spot

This is my husband and I's favourite spot to kiss our little sugarcheeks! Hehe. We just can't get enough of her everyday. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb for this blessing. Moga solehah sokmo anak ummi ayah ni!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Yuki 2013


Hi everyone.
I name this post as 'Yuki 2013' simply means 'Snow 2013' or in other words our winter experience in 2013. It's just a way of us remembering our winter moments, i year 2013, most of the time we're in Yonezawa.

It's been said repeatedly that winter i Yonezawa is so taihen (tiring). Yes it is. You really have to put big extra effort in handling the snow. It's not as simple as when it falls, and the snow will cover the land beautifully and we can start our snow play and so on. Simply no no. It's not as simple as that. And if you live in cold areas, the snow will just stay there, refusing to melt, and choosing to be in that snow-state depending on how long the cold temperature lasts. The snow will get solidified, become icy. And icy means slippery. You have to have that winter boots where the base are specially designed for walking on slippery surface in other words, icy snow.

Hehe and why on earth am i saying here? Hehe i just find that heavy snow as hard as situation of you getting into bad traffic. But let's just put that aside and enjoy this moment because after all, it's one of the best experience, isn't it? I know one day I will look at all those snow moment photos and be thankful that I've been through this. Been there, done that! Hehe. This is what we call blessing in disguise then.

Phewww again, this entry is getting tedious isn't it? Whooshh!

And I believe this entry is better if it comes with some photos uploading here. Hehehe. Enjoy!


P/s: Ada gambar khayra & ken hamza jugak atas yuki time diorang turun Yonezawa. And these photos semuanya kat Uesugi Jinja hari tu ada matsuri (festival)