Friday, October 31, 2008

Thank You

hello people,

last 3 days, i've received special gift from Kak Tie, my sister's friend. or maybe her cyber friend. and yeahh..that happens to be my cyber friend as well...oh we still have the term cyber friends? or blogging friends maybe? ehehe...alahaii..banyok kecek plop doh..
yeahh...coincidently, i happened to be her 888th reader...then i'm the lucky one!!

anyway..THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH...^Hugs and KiSSes^ to Kak Tie.

so cute!! hehe


and yet, today, 31st October is my last day of second year...Alhamdulillah..
yeah...sure it'd been much harder.
much more effort.
much more games here and there.
hehe...a friend of mine used to say that we are all dreaming right now.
being here, just doing this and that, and when we go back to Malaysia for good,
that's it! Dream's over. oh No!! how could it be? i mean...struggling here and there..
is this really a dream? maybe yeahh...because the fact that being in Malaysia feels like much more being in a real world. so, Reality it is..after all..[penuh perasaan sket bace ni yer]

LAST DAY of our 2nd Year, 31st Oct 2008

well...terpaksa letak gmbar nie..hehe

introducing najmi on my left..on my right..cik kekura snyum..haha

'kite pandang each other lahh'(ahlami, 2008)


AL-FATIHAH to my cousin (sebelah abah),
Umran bin Wan Rasyid [kakja..betul ko ejo namo abe ra gini]...or we call him Abe Ra...
xdop doh la oghe hok rajin maghi bekki elektrik dumoh abah...
Ayoh Soh xdop doh..Abe Ra plop xdop..sob3..
semoga Abe Ra ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman dan soleh. ameenn..


Friday, October 24, 2008



i'm not always like this. trust me. updating and posting new entries almost every day.
i'm not even a daily blogger. but i am a daily blog reader.
but, sungguh. this is nothing.

okey, no more song lyrics, no more 'o0ohh dear...'

entry kali ni kite educated sket dehhh....haha

next week i'll be having an oral presentation regarding on what we've been doing for this whole year in physiology experiment. phewww...we were trying to find the best posture, if someone who is asthmatic gets an asthma attack, that will help him/her reduce the recovery time. having said that, we predicted seating would be the best ones! but then, the result was not really supporting our prediction. However, we found that someone who gets asthma attack should not get himself/herself in lying supine position. CRAP!! praktis jahhh niee....muahaha..

and we'll be having immunoloy test which i dont really....uhmm...uhmmm...

and of course...the last internal ASSessment of this semester..of my second year would be the practical exam. they're gonna test based on what we've learnt throughout the semester, basically our SKILLS and knowledge about immunological techniques tu kot??? hahadoiii lagii...
hurmm....yerr...kami mmg sgt dedikasi semasa berada dalam lab..tgk la gmba2 di bwh..

goodluck ahlami n ibtisam!! she's my partner by the way, since 2005 sunway college lagii..hehe..dalam lab curi2 amik gmba tue..biase dahh...hahaha..anyway, this sem sgt best sbb our demonstrater pakcik tony [ahem..Dr.Tony Fratini yer...] sgt baaaaikkkkkk!!! tp, yg herannnya, dia asyik pakai baju merah tue aje...hari2 pakai baju tuee...ktorng assume je dia ade banyak baju tue kot...hahahaa...

bersama pakcik Tony

okiess.....mahu tidooo.....ZzZzZzZzzzz........


Thursday, October 23, 2008

said the raindrop to the seed

"You and me,"
Said the raindrop to the seed
"WE'll make a winning team won't we?
Cause when I fall down
You'll become a pretty flower
And I'll be finally free
From the shackles of this cloud

And the sun will shine
And we'll make the most of life
Come, we haven't got much time
'Cause all living things must die
But I will nurture you
'Til your petals turn to white
And you will hold me close
Until the last drop of me dries"

'Cause you and me
We have each other
And that's all we need
The place I'll call my home
Is anywhere that you will be
You and me
(should be) MAY never make a mark on the shape of history
But I'm glad you came to make your mark on me

So darling when I lie down
I hope you'll be around
To lay your roses down over me
'Cause I'd never keep
To watch you fall asleep
I wouldn't last the day
Without you standing next to me

Through a satellite lens
We are just a tiny speck
Oh, of little consequence
In the greater scheme of things
But from down here
In our private little sphere
The colours are in focus
And the picture's crystal clear

'Cause you and me
We've got each other
And that's all we need
The place I'll call my home
Is anywhere that you will be
You and me
(should be) MAY never make a mark on the shape of history
But I'm glad you came to make your mark on me

Yeah I'm glad you came to make your mark on me

0o0ooo0hhh dear,
i found the words in this song,
what a good ones!,
said the raindrop to the seed,
[mesti ramai xbace lirik tue..dgr lagu je kan? haha]
betul this world, we all need each other,
mane boleh hidup sorang2,
even the seed needs the raindrop,
even humans need food,
even the babies need their mothers,
even Ahlami needs a pet,


p/s: i can 'play' and SING this...syyyhhhh...he3..someone might know this..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


hahaha...aku gelak sorang2 tgk video nie.
bkn ape..kipas yg azizah dok nyanyi depan tuee...sbenarnya ade kaitan jgk ngn aku..
time kecik2 dlu..time skolah rendah laa..kan aku mmg suke nyanyi..
siap wakil skolah and wakil Kota Bharu lagi masuk pertandingan bintang kecil tue...
haa...aku praktis nyanyi depan kipas tue laahhh...hahaadaoii...
bukan ape..kalu nyanyi depan kipas tue kan..
kan rambut kite, perasan la konon2 dalam video klip..ade hembusan angin bayu gituu...wakakaaa...lumayan betul lahh!!
enjoy the video

and up until now, i still couldnt figure out what kind of language my niece, azizah (we call her ijah) used in this video....all i know is, the title of the song was 'Ibu...Ijah Nak Ayam'... sebab nye..tgh dok nynyi2 tue..dia tgk ibu dia tgh bwk ayam...[ktorng kenduri aqiqah dia hari raye ke-3 tuee...]...anyway, azizah is only 3 years budak ni agk tinggi..mcm 5 thn plak...

in the video, azizah humaira, asna qistina, mohd adam karami


ps: suke kire hari nk blk msia drp kire hari nk exam..hakikat!

Monday, October 13, 2008


hi all...

boost.boost.boost.i need my boost..i need to boost.
ohh..u might be thinking that i was about to type 'book' instead of 'boost'...
HAHAHA...oh's boost, according to Ahlami's definition, boost= music.
question= what's the matter with book anyway?
what book? it..Final i need book...hurm..yeah..hahaha..
that's the fact..i just re-arranged all the lecture notes yesterday..
[nk sedapkan hati la konon2 nye aku ni xdela pemalas sgt]

adeiihh...sbenarnye malas dh nk cite pasal kembali ke adelaide smula nie..
tapi..teringat2 n terbayang2 la plak perjalanan kitorng [me, bani, & effa ]
take note, bani is Nurul Syarbani Elliana BINTI Musa...
bukan mohd bani ke..syahbani ke..hahaa
the journey sgt penat. sgt penat. sgt penat. tired of waiting...ape lg..

Kota Bharu - KL - Singapore - Darwin - Adelaide = 26hours [agk lame la utk g australia]

but, i guess that's the price that we had to buy just to spend the best time being with our's so so so so precious time. meme berbaloii lahh!!

so, we're in Week 10 now, and yet..a few big assignments need to be submitted.
test as usual..i'm just worried about the poster presentation that will be held next week, cheezzyy..cheezzyyy....takut jugop niee...mati lah klu tetiba pakcik David Wilson tu yang interview...jgn terkencing kt situ sudahh...ape2pon..kuatkan prepared..

Aniq Hafiy dah pndai posing dah..kan manis snyum tue..[atas paksaan mak ude]

Aniq Hafiy perasan macho [bkn paksaan mak ude]

Azizah Humaira n Asna Qistina

Springing now in Adelaide. yet the weather is crazy though.
even the temperature fluctuates crazily...
but tonight is nice. not too hot. not too cold. just mild.
0o0oohhhhh..mmmm..ZzZzZzzzz...[tutorial xsiap]


Monday, October 06, 2008

beautiful beautiful day

hi there!
it's been a while. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah..
Everything went well. indeed, everything is still going well.
how grateful am i to be here and to have this precious chance,
celebrating Aidilfitri with my family and close friends.

as usual, i enjoyed all the food that my mum prepared. and of course the way that i could help my mum out. there were roti jala and kuzi, satay, kuah kacang, nasi impit, nasi lemak [sbb dh rmai sgt wt nasi dagang and such]. i can say that all the foods were all finished earlier than i thought since the guests kept on coming non-stop. apologies to those who came late. hehe...

and i admit that this raya was not really complete and perfect
as 3 of my siblings were not here to celebrate with us.
Kakak and Family [singapore], Kak Ja and her family [keningau], Kaktie & Hubby [sandakan]..
but that's okay, insyaAllah...
some other rayas will do..let us pray for that..

tapiii..part yg paling kelakar nye..stiap kali jmpa my relatives..especially my cousins or spupu spapat..they would say ' ehh...tengok la ami masuk salam perantauan..ingt ko xbalik doh ghayo...hehe..'...then i went speechless and blushing sket2...kih3..

but then, i guess, celebrating raye in Adelaide
and in my hometown are both different to each other..
especially the atmosphere, the bonds and the people.
after all, for whatever reasons i have,
i would rather say,

roti jala shape khas utk lutfi my nephew

bermaafan di pagi raya..tua dan muda..he3..ade gk part y berlakon tue

4 beradik jer ade? tue la...saye pon pelik..


monsters and blossoms.both ank sdare n ank spupu

sgt kecoh!! gegey gegok laa..

raya happenings

gmbar mahal nie.dr kiri, from japan, from australia, and from UKm.hehe

cousins.cousins.cousins.i love them

ni lah the reason why i went back for raya. ade lg la reasons lain yg sedap untuk didengar dan diingati sambil dok koya2...wakaka..

anyway, will be back to adelaide this wednesday,8th lah perasaaan nye..perasaan xnak balik...huhu..anyway..what to goes on..hehe