Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Nur Adlina

Yesterday, 4th July 2011, someone special of mine has just turned 25 ! Oppss, probably i should have not mentioned the age number there. Hihi. But never mind, i think most of us, pretty much can guess, kan ? Anyway, she is the type of girl (woman dah kot ? hihihi) that,

- is so sempoi
- her most seen and well known talent, goreng keropok and wat jepput !
- very very organized when it comes to susun-susun notes (based on my view)
- at least, a far way better rajin doing laundry stuffs than i am !
- someone that loves to put on kain sarung batik at home. you know, mcm mak2 or org dalam pantang. she is the type of perempuan melayu terakhir okay ! :P
- can be so ayu and lemah lembut, especially when she walks (hehe ibtisam you know this laa kan, sbb aku selalu tiru dia jalan)
- sometimes can be soooooo manja too ! dgn kami-kami ajer lah. Hehe. kesayangan sgt2 nih !
- can practice spontaneous cruelty, such as in lectures like saying to the lecturer, 'Again?' when she actually meant to say 'Miss Priya, can you repeat the question, please?'. But I know her, that was just spontaneous, deh ? deh ?
- And I also know that she loves me, and cares about me very very very the much !

Tgh koya ko nih kaklin ? Hehe

Happy birthday kaklin ! Cepat balik Klate deh, can't wait to meet up and catch-up :) Sayang kaklingg mmmuaahhhs !


PS. I miss you


namaakulynn said...

so suwetttt!;)
happy bday to her. ;)

adLYNNa's said...

sorry sayam. xperase entry spesel ni. glamer ai waser. heeeeeeeeee :) lately ni xde life sero. g kijo, blk make mndi smaye tdo. hr2 lagutu.

my cute ahlami,
i've been missing u sooo much. much much seriously much. we share sweet sour joy happiness tears for years. how can i forget all those things. tenkiyu ming for this entry. <3 <3 <3

thanks namaakulynn.
from: namakulynnjugakkk..