Monday, July 11, 2011


Last week, I went to KL and, I had a really great time with my kakngoh ! Especially shopping time with her in KL, despite all the BERSIH and hura-hara that was going on that time, we managed to do the shopping time peacefully, and Thank you Allah for us to be able to grab a few things (the hantaran stuffs) and book the wedding cards as well. Alhamdulillah !

I also got a chance to sit with some law lecturers in UIA, and listen to my kakngoh's talk. So she basically talked about how are we going to assimilate the Islamic values in academics or education. As simple as giving Salaam to memorizing students's names (which is REALLY impressive cause my kakngoh memorized and remember all her students' names ! Bravo kakngoh !)

Anyway, today, I've learned that people and their intentions towards us, life and its surprises as gifted to us are two essential and pretty basic things. To be able to handle the first one, and to be able to appreciate the second one, is just blessings from Allah. Those blessings are not in just a form of materials, but also experiences that we gain in the past few years or still time being. To know there is a lot more to come in the future sometimes scares me, sometimes it excites me, But InshaAllah, I will keep an open mind and heart for it ! And most importantly, if you have that someone special to always being there for you no matter what :) Anata, arigatou ! and Minna arigatou too ! :)



mira said...

klepak klepak klepak kebum kebum kebum (bunyi gende)

Zahira said...

Ehem ehem, hehehe jangan lupa jemput tau hehe ;P

Janna Wan Muhammad said...

bekecek jepung sokmo lonim...well, of kos la kena prektis.

patunghujan a.k.a cik teruterubozu said...

pi shopping mana?x ajak pn.huhuhuuh

ramizah said...

we had a great time together.. alhamdulillah..

adilah said...

nak kawen doh loni..
tahniah ami...;)

sue wnr said...

nt jangey lupo jeput kita org kt pasir pekan ek...heheheheee