Friday, April 01, 2011


Love is a giving away of power. When we love we give the other person the power in the relationship. They can do what they choose. They can do what they like with our love. They can reject it, they can accept it, they can step toward us in gratitude and appreciation.

Randomly found that quote :)

Alhamdulillah. We are now back to Kelate terchenta. Singapore had been giving such beautiful moments and great experience to us. Eh macam x pernah pegi Singapore plak. Hihi. Such a big big big thankfully appreciation to my Sister, Aida, or we call her Kakak since she is the sulong of the siblings. Hehe. Kakak and family have always been helpful. And Also my bff, Ina sudi dtg Singapore amik gamba Ami grad and g jalan-jalan lagi. Hehe. Also Huda sanggup meneman jugak. Eh tetiba rase mcm buat ucapan dapat Oscar award pulok doh. Orait orait, sekian terima kasih ! Hihi

Anyway, my second graduation/convocation day. This time around tak rase sedih or sebak sangat kot. My first graduation day agak rase sebak time nak naik stage tuh sebab bile tgk audiences, takdop Ma Abah. Huhu emo plak. Tapi this time, rase cheerful and excited and bersemangat jgk. Cuma, there was one thing, did cross my mind while i was standing on the stage, waiting for my name to be called. It was the experience during my honors research. Agak terase laaaa kesusahan time buat honors. And now, it's all over, and to me, it's not just in one piece of that scroll or certificate, but those experiences are also shaped in my hands. buried in my minds. Perghhhhhh ayat ! mcm mane boleh keluar ala-ala falsafah nih. Hihi. Orait orait, stop here ! :)

hahahhaha upload gambar sampai lebam !


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