Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cupcakes plak dah

oh yerr. my sister, kak lah and her hubby, abe miji went to adelaide last week for abe miji's convocation at univ of adelaide. finally he got his phd. congratulations to him! and they left their children here with me, and my ma abah, fatien etc. and the kids had been asking and urging me to do some cuppies..err...cupcakes what i meant..hehe. it was fun. and of course million thanks to kakja for the recipe. oh yeahh...having fun!! yer lah..time tgh dok decorate2 cupcakes tue, my abah pon join skali..haha..abah gak..sporting and supportive sokmo!!

and ni gmba convo abe miji thanks to alia mazalan the photographer of that day! thank u so much al!! hurm..nmpk cam panas nye adelaide..haha



Adrina Adi said...

laa.. baru konvo ke? mmg mcm tu ek?

scholesyfynn said...

you're very welcomed.




[ a L i y a ] said...

amie,wahh,comel2 desgin cupcakes tuh,,nok etek...mcm best,budok2 kow wat design gituh??hikhik,comel2

adLYNNa's said...

aising tu nk wat gane?kreatif2...