Saturday, November 22, 2008

summer is approaching

wow! 2 entries in a row. clear enough to explain that I'm not doing anything today. oh yes, summer is approaching but looks like i can't really say that since the weather is crazy though. even in Queensland, it's raining, storming and hailing, surprisingly now? Maybe we can't really predict the weather nowadays.

one thing i like about being in 4-seasons country is the tree, especially here in Adelaide. tapi tak tahu la kat negara lain mcm mane plak, sbb xpenah pegi Europe ke, america ke lg. Anyway, the best thing is, when it's autumn the trees (certain tree) will shed their leaves and when it's in early spring, the trees will grow pink or white flower and when summer approaching, the trees then will grow purple flower plak. sbb tue xleh tgk pokok2 mcm ni, mesti nk bergambar dengannya. mesti mereka sgt gembira dan bangga kalu la mereke berperasaan. haha. rase mcm gile skema entri nie. nasib3x.


merah jambu


tomorrow, 23 nov, 8.25am will be departing from Adelaide airport to Sydney. InsyaAllah smpai la dalam kol 11 pagi wktu sydney. saje jalan2 la. sbb buhsan jugak dok kt Adelaide saje nie. 27nov akan pulang ke Adelaide kembali. hehe. ok, doakan keselamatan journey saye dan rakan2 (ibtisam, iza and fidzah). iza tu baru je smpai from Brisbane, esok pagi dh nk g Sydney. jalan sakan! ok, catcha later!



p/s: i'm happy if you're happy

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S h i n o said...

waghh meriah ahh bunga2 tuu.. :)