Monday, October 13, 2008


hi all...

boost.boost.boost.i need my boost..i need to boost.
ohh..u might be thinking that i was about to type 'book' instead of 'boost'...
HAHAHA...oh's boost, according to Ahlami's definition, boost= music.
question= what's the matter with book anyway?
what book? it..Final i need book...hurm..yeah..hahaha..
that's the fact..i just re-arranged all the lecture notes yesterday..
[nk sedapkan hati la konon2 nye aku ni xdela pemalas sgt]

adeiihh...sbenarnye malas dh nk cite pasal kembali ke adelaide smula nie..
tapi..teringat2 n terbayang2 la plak perjalanan kitorng [me, bani, & effa ]
take note, bani is Nurul Syarbani Elliana BINTI Musa...
bukan mohd bani ke..syahbani ke..hahaa
the journey sgt penat. sgt penat. sgt penat. tired of waiting...ape lg..

Kota Bharu - KL - Singapore - Darwin - Adelaide = 26hours [agk lame la utk g australia]

but, i guess that's the price that we had to buy just to spend the best time being with our's so so so so precious time. meme berbaloii lahh!!

so, we're in Week 10 now, and yet..a few big assignments need to be submitted.
test as usual..i'm just worried about the poster presentation that will be held next week, cheezzyy..cheezzyyy....takut jugop niee...mati lah klu tetiba pakcik David Wilson tu yang interview...jgn terkencing kt situ sudahh...ape2pon..kuatkan prepared..

Aniq Hafiy dah pndai posing dah..kan manis snyum tue..[atas paksaan mak ude]

Aniq Hafiy perasan macho [bkn paksaan mak ude]

Azizah Humaira n Asna Qistina

Springing now in Adelaide. yet the weather is crazy though.
even the temperature fluctuates crazily...
but tonight is nice. not too hot. not too cold. just mild.
0o0oohhhhh..mmmm..ZzZzZzzzz...[tutorial xsiap]



Puloh said...

alamak...ustazah kecik tu sndiri xpaka tudung..ish3..apo nih..:P

tsam_ismail said...

wah kencang ni!

poster?cool..aku kena dgn david wilson babeh

salam kencang dr aku

p/s:sebut elok2..baca elok2..KENCANG