Monday, December 01, 2008

while waiting

i'm waiting for Kak Lynn to fetch me up.
we're gonna go for Cherry Picking at Stella Creek. uwekkk...tlg jgn muntah Ahlami since jalan kt situ mcm snake. hmmm..snake..i lykeeee!
anyway, i happened to find this video while browsing vids about funny kids and babies. i know this video is kinda back-dated or out-dated you may call. but, do watch it. i never knew that this simple home-made video can actually draw our attention and yet, the kids in the video are famous now. oh gosh! i like the accent. british accent best lah! hehe


p/s: Happy 27th Birthday to my Sister, Siti Aisyah Wan Muhammad. and happy __th birthday to my brother in law, Abe Long as well..hehe..and..1st december, hari AIDS sedunia!

1 comment:

adLYNNa's said...

sedey xleh g cherry picking..
try nx year la plop..
seyes jale dio ula...
siye ke mu...