Thursday, September 18, 2008

the blower's daughter


this is just a piece of memory that i created last year...
the song was originally composed by Damien Rice,
an Irish singer [kak Wanee will know this]

anyway...i lyke the way MATT CORBY brought this song..
forget the look. he's not even a very typical tall-dark-handsome guy.
alternatively, he's short-white-cute teenager.
forget the messy hairstyle. [mklum la..budak je lg nie]
i just love the voice of this young man.
and yes. he is young. young enough to have this beautiful talent.
he was just 16 when he sang this song last year..

look at his EYES...oh Matt...i can't take my eyes off of you

spring break is on its way...yuhuuu!!
Alhamdulillah...we will be celebrating raya during our mid-term break..
lucky enough to say this...
the fact that some people get a chance to celebrate raya in Malaysia
does bother me advice, have fun guys!!
tolong makan pulut bakar, Big Apple Donut, KFC cheezy wedges,
and noodle station' s teh tarik hazelnut for me!! kih3... fair enough?


p/s: dah pos kad raye utk org2 tersayang smuaa...kih3..


Alexi said...
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adLYNNa's said...

i think i choose noodle station's teh tarik hazelnut for u yaa...

tsam_ismail said...

i think juga
by the time i am writing this
we dont have to eat those on ur behalf dah kan
sbb tuan bdan sndri nak balik!!

slmat hari raya semua!!