Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Raya Haji [updates]

hi people...

alhamdulillah...everything did go well..from the first day i arrived here, and up until now, i believe that everything is still going well. smooth and easy. except for the internet and stuffs yang memang di akui sangat 'laju' speed nyer.. sometimes it drives me crazy thinking about this. you know, i'm gonna have to stay like this up until the end of february next year. nicely said as before i go back to adelaide. erghh...erm..okay, lets just say that marilah same2 kite memupuk sifat sabar dalam diri kite..ahemm...oh yes..how's adelaide? so far, xde perasaan rindu pn lg kat adelaide..tp i miss the coffee there..ermmm....bestnyerr!! ehehe..

oh yes, i know my sister, kak ja is waiting for some pics that we captured during aidil adha..so there you go..semua jgn jeles yer dgn saye, dpt beraya both aidil fitri and aidil adha at my hometown! wee3x!