Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BBQ with x-smipians

oh yes.yes.yes. i know, 3 entries in a row. but what to do. this is just the right time for me to say something since the internet is doing just fine today. so, let's just grab the chance! gile desperate! but, at least i have that effort to keep updating this. and putting it in a nice way. oh. kenape la hari ni byk puji diri sndiri. tolong3x! syndrome ape ni doc?

oh yeah..back to what i was trying to say..it's BBQ!!! hip2 hooray! yeah, we had BBQ at PCB, specifically Noor Chalet [nice job wani!]. yerp..it was raining [quite heavily] that day that made it difficult for us to organize the bbq session. nasib baik lah ade miss azlin suraya yang mmg terer menyalakan api yang marak. [were you hot that time aya?]. to those who came, aida, bb, aya, elly, wani, farhana, wahida, pipah, amalina, darina, nasir, syafiq, syafik nuar, pojie, and airie let's just say that you really love the friendship that we have kan..and to those who couldnt come, that's fine, but to those who refused to come..well..reasons from u guys? hehe
well..some photos..



[ a L i y a ] said...

eh amie,ely la wat api nyala,uwaaa,sedey2..uhuhuhuhu

Azyyati said...

eh eh budak laki baju biru kiri sekali tu dia sorang-sorang je dok tepi pompuan. tak malu sungguh... ish ish ish