Thursday, November 20, 2008

feels like

well, exam has just finished. Yahooo!!! i'm not saying that i did very well in the exam. and i'm not saying the opposite way either. hehe. but not forgotten the prayers. but still hope and fear. fear and hope. hope and fear. fear and hope. [mcm berhantu plak rase]

oh yes, Taylot Swift's new album, 'FEARLESS' has just been released! with a single, Love Story. sedap jugak sambil dok makan aiskirim dengar lagu ni. well, i reckon the previous album is better. not surprisingly, this one still have the same beat and sound that i adore! check it out here.

and i feel like watching(and crying) 'AUSTRALIA' movie. Nicole Kidman. Hugh Jackman plak tue (auww...abg wolverine saye.haha). telan air liur jgk nie. so, movie anyone? xde orang nk teman. Question: ade possibility x malaysia nk wat movie bertajuk 'Malaysia'? hurm...

just now i called home. dah ade kanak2!! monsters and blossoms sudah ade! xsbr nye nk blk! and my kakak&family will be joining them too! xsbr nyer! xsbr! tunggu Mak Uda smpai ehh semua..Mak Uda wt blk hadiah (cekelat M&M sorang satu jadiklah.haha)

and yes, to all my friends that have safely arrived in Malaysia or are about to go back to Malaysia soon, have a safe journey. insyaAllah. i'll see you there soon! [oh..cepat la 14dec!!]


p/s: you might think u're not doing anything for me. but u ARE still my everything. sounds familiar? hehe

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