Monday, October 29, 2012

Ummi & Ayah

It's really been a while again since my most recent post. Just feeling guilty does not move your fingers to run on keyboards, in other words to update your blog. But you must have time and ideas what to blog about! Hihi see I am just wasting time here trying to point out the unimportant thing.

Yes, I have decided to let Aisha Khayra call me 'Ummi'. And my husband has chosen 'Ayah'. As simple as that :)

Being Ummi teaches you to be more organized about your time and work. As for me, delaying things to do will just make me end up being messy all day long. Having an infant that requires your full attention shapes you to be more punctual, and not to do things sambil lewa saja. Hehe. Well that is just my opinion.

Having Khayra in our life so far has taught us to be more bekerjasama. Alhamdulillah, I have a very very very very very helpful husband that always willing to do from A to Z house-chores. Thank you abang for everything! We love you so much! May Allah reward al of us with lots of khayr :)


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