Friday, November 02, 2012

Arigatou Tomino-san!

This entry is dedicated to our beloved friend, Tomino-san!
My husband used to work part-time (baito) in Post Office here in Japan with Tomino-san. She is such a lovely friend and a very kind-hearted woman. She did attend our wedding reception in Malaysia, flying all the way from Japan. I know that she enjoyed her time in Malaysia and wish to go to Malaysia again next time, probably for another wedding ceremony? 

Anyway, yesterday we received a special gift from Tomino-san :)

This is the gift :)

This is a letter for me. Thank you Tomino-san! Faiz helped translating all the words. I really appreciate your wishes to us :)

And this one has really made our day. This is a special card that she has made for us, as a congratulations greeting upon a new arrival of our baby. All those words were written and collected from some of their friends wishing us omedetou (congratulations!). They still remember Faizu-san! :)

This is Aisha's face expressions as of today, she is so happy the fact that tomorrow is weekend! And waiting for her Ayah to bring her jalan-jalan maybe? Hehe

To Tomino-san,
If you're reading this, we would like to say thank you very much for all the wishes. 
We wish you a life full of happiness and luck too! 
We hope that we will meet again someday, probably visiting Aichi-ken? Let's hope for that! And you are most welcome to visit here, in Yonezawa!

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