Saturday, November 03, 2012


My husband has never failed to convince me that Japan is so unique and tanoshi(fun)!

As simple as having four seasons in a year. Having said that, it does not mean the atmosphere here is the same as the atmosphere that I had experienced in Adelaide, Australia. However, both are unique in their own ways.

In Japan, every season has their own symbolic activities. Let's say fuyu (winter), we have yuki (snow)! And mostly, people will have snow festival, go snowboarding and so on

Natsu (summer) will be fun with people going to watch hanabi (fireworks) and also going to beaches. Haru (spring) has always been famous with sakura. So people will grab this chance to go hanami (picnic under sakura tree) to watch the beautiful sakura blooming.

As of now, it is autumn here in Japan. And when autumn sets in here, we go see the colourful leaves mostly around the hill areas. We call this colourful leaves as 'kouyou'.

And we did go sightseeing this beautiful kouyou as of today :) Alhamdulillah!


FnF Simple Life said...

cantik kan... kami belum sempat lg nk berkouyou

Janna Wan Muhammad said...

bestnyo, hopefully dpt la sampai suatu hari nanti....aishaaaaaaa! Cheja mish yu!

Saya Punye said...

nice view! comel je baby..