Friday, August 03, 2012

That day

That day. That special day. That most unforgettable day. 
I might have forgotten to value and appreciate every little detail small things that each of my family members, each of my best friends that had been helping the day became alive and meaningful. 

I was browsing my niece's photo album, and there are 3 photo albums which composed of my wedding event photos. The akad nikah, the reception at my home sweet home in Kampung Penambang and sambut menantu in Pasir Mas :) MashaAllah, how I miss those moments that we have shared and cherished together. Together as family. This is one of the nikmat that Allah has given to me, given to us, to appreciate. And sometimes I feel guilty for not being thankful and grateful enough for this, and more. Astaghfirullah. 

I realized that my 4th sister, Kak Lah had arranged all my nieces to wear pink-purple based dress code, and they did look lovely on that day. So sweet, my blossoms ! :) They are always sweet :)

And the nephews, they were all in blue! Actually, it was me, who had decided and officially announced that the boys had to wear blue, and the girls must be in pink. So there you go, it might be not all perfect all the way through, but at the end of the day, I say thank you Allah for that moment, for that day :) It was all perfect to me.

My pretty blossoms in pink :)

The guys in soft blue

Muaz and Wazif looking very handsome in blue kemeja :)

My cousin, Hasifah and my adek's friend, Sakinah pon pakai pink jgk :)

Full house ! Alhamdulillah cukup 10 adik beradik. 

 In-laws supposedly pakai pink belacan :P tapi ni sgt okay dah !

My besties pon, when I told them to wear yellow-brown colour, they happened to appear just what I had imagined ! Except Puan Ibtisam ! Hihihi

My pengapits, Elly and Wahida looking great in white kaftan. Lawa kan?

That girl in black jubah that I heart so much. 
Semua kerja dia buat ! Tolak jadi tok kadi je kot. Hihi

Oh syukran ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. InshaAllah, semoga bertemu lagi yer wahai family terchenta, dan my besties !


P/s: Hari ni buat chicken chop terlebih masin sauce black pepper nya. Sobs3. Sabor jer laaa encik suami yer :P


tsam_ismail said...

i special hahah..masa aku tya dlu ko xdecide lg can wear light2 mcm tu haha..aku kira family memebr la pakai pink wahahha

fatienwm said...

ehs, first time guna word cinta as 'chenta' nih.hehe;P

Aisyah Wm said...

bila pulak boleh berkumpul semua sepuluh adek bradek..
tunggu fatien nikah la kot..
tapi kalau fatien dah kahwin..and tak de lagi yang blm kahwin.. takkan ade kenduri kahwin dh umah ma, huhu..