Friday, July 16, 2010


A friend of mine had decided to quit honors and go back to Malaysia. and apparently she really did. last Saturday she flew back to Malaysia and that's it. halfway of honors journey for her. I was so surprised to know that she decided to end it that way. i mean, yeah..cause we've only got a few months to go. and we can just call it a-day. just A FEW months. I am terribly sorry for her. but i know, she must be feeling very satisfied and relieved now. seronok jugak sebenarnya. tapi tue lah. it's just a matter of RUGI laa for me. takpe, ALLAH knows the best. may she find a better way and journey or experience. :)

I just thought that she had been very strong lately. apparently that's not the case.

what about me? Alhamdulillah. so far, I've been coping well. Yes, phone calls with family really helps, i can guarantee that! talking to your friends really find me a way to release some kinda stresses. cause most of the time, we're gonna end up laughing about that. hahaha. very typical!

and yeah, what i think now is, you must be very strong, but at the same time, rely on others too for their support and time with us. don't forget to make DOA as well. insyaAllah everything will go well.

"It's good to be strong, but not too strong, to make people around you feel that you don't need them anymore"


p/s: sometimes, you don't realize you've been putting so much care for someone, until they stop caring for you.


cp0w said...

biasalah.buat projek.sgt mencabar.Gluck amie!i pray for u(=

rehan syazwani said...

best of luck! sikik yah lg tu....nanti buleh make nasik blaok kak wok ari2..hee

Ahlami said...

tenkiuuuu pah! i winduuu you laa

rehan! pleaseee come to Adelaide..bleh kito ronggenggg..hee

Wan Nor Dalila bt Wan Mahmood said...

gudluck amie!!!!!!
doa dr jauh....

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

I think it was a courageous action of her too. she knows herself better and awares of her capability and decided to rest it. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision, probably it's the best. tp..rugi la jugop dari segi masa right? tak pelah...bukan half way lagi way dah kan?

as for you...keep strong ami, insyaAllah you can do've started it so must end it, the right way. my prayers are always with you sis.Love you always!

Ahlami said...


hehehe. thanks ila! mmuuaahhss

Ahlami said...


yes yes yes.
you are totally right!
agree! thanks for your prayers sis. insyaAllah. ami niatkan smua ni kerana Allah and nak tolong family..insyaAllah..Allah is always with me..:)

LYnNlUv said...

gudluck kak ami!

Ahlami said...

tenkiuuuu Lynn!!

rehan syazwani said...

tggu coti...tggu poket tebal! i.allah sapa la tu..hee cik ami ado sapa bilo?