Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Change of Heart

Assalamualaikum semua!

okay, it's always like this, it has always been i thought. whenever i am in the middle of every single busy thing that i have to do, i will click on the 'new post' tab. surely i did, most of the time. I was doing my powerpoint slides for my progress report presentation just now. while listening to 'I cant make you love me' by Melissa Polinar. it was just too easy to drop my mind off the slides and do this.

these past few days. i think i had loads of deep thoughts. lately. Maybe because I have always always become so excited when it comes to reading new books. i just got three of those from Alexandra Potter. and I can't wait to swim deep into those books. let myself free in the opposite world. different world. what i always find is that, reading books is a way better because it doesn't really constraint you and i like the fact that the story is long lasting. watching movies will take you, say 2hours, right to the ending. but reading makes you stay a little longer. content. and satisfaction! yes it is!

crap crap!
i never get used to this kinda talk. hahahhaa

erm. sape boleh baca buku dalam bas? i mean. dalam bas yg bergerak, korang bleh membaca tak? duluuuuuuuu saye x boleh. maklum lah ade motion sickness kan. haha. whenever i read, sure i went dizzy and spinning head. but but but but. things have changed! sekarang ni saye dah boleh bace buku dalam bas. bas kat sini la. i donno how did that happen? change of state of age kot? hikhik. but i believe it's a good thing for me! :)))) YEAY!

tadi ade interview SPA. yes. they came all the way from Malaysia to interview us! ouch terharu nya! haha tolong lah! it was fun. sangat relax dan x skema. cakap macam2. siap tanya umur abah saye. adik bradik. bile nak kawin? nak wat menantu? hahaha. alahai Datuk...macam2 lah! tak macam nak interview keje pegawai sains!

okey. itu sahaja.

behind that smile

behind that smile. and yes. I miss home


p/s: I can't make you love me, if you don't.


ardinihumaira said...

kakmi sapa loni pening mutar itik kalo bbaco daley bas. oloh bukey stakat bas eh.. daley keto pung tokleh.. tengok katalog pung segho wengg wenggg jugok apo lagi bbaco buku.. bestnyo ami leh bbaco daley bas. buleh study beley2 dih.. ^___^

comey ami loni.. napok matang doh. peeewit!

Adrina Adi said...

comey amie nih.....

adLYNNa's said...

pinjey sor, aku puahhhh!!!

ps: i can make u love me cos u have too!ahaksss :)