Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Blues

Salam wbt.

hi everyone. how is it going?

I've had my progress report presentation on Thursday. I thought I did better than the first presentation which was the research proposal. at least i thought. :P The questions that i got were not that bad though, at least i was expecting and guessing the right questions that they're gonna ask. Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah. :)))

After all, this presentation is not part of the assessment components. not counted towards the final marks of honors year. :))), but the thing is, I have got to do BETTER for the final presentation. the thesis defence. ketar lutut weh!

post-presentation feeling selalu je macam ni. malas sangat nak buat keje ape2. rase nak relax2 layan movies or bace buku aje. kuang3. normal ke tuh?

hari ni Sabtuday. eh, Saturday. nak relax2 aje. bangun tido pon sah sah lambat. wakakah. rasenye the only thing that I've done so far beneficial was tukar air ikan saye tuh. kata nak wat laundry stuffs x buat lagi. baju2 yg basuh last week, dok dalam bakul x sempat nak lipat lagi. :P. ni nak basuh yg penuh dalam bakul tu pulak. hahaha. memang bakul baju ni x pernah kosong! oppss! tetiba rase mcm mak2 plak dok membebel pasal baju2 x lipat nih. hihi.

dah dah! stop feeling blues. get a life lah. jom jom! let's be productive. erk, kawin and beranak ramai2 ke? LOL


p/s: the best thing to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up - Albert Einstein


mCsh0rtY~ said...

haha..mmg mcm mak3..=0

fatien adibah said... nak nikoh doh ko tok ming?hehe:)

cp0w said...

ble dah penat prepared, everything smooth je.
rewards untuk diri sndiri pulok.normal tu amie;)