Tuesday, July 13, 2010


so, it's in the middle of July now. what am i up to? oh yes, finish doing honors.
tolonglah, I just can't wait all these to be over. at least, this chapter of my life. it's just like when you're reading a book. chapter by chapter. and you REALLY want to know what happen next and next. smile.

oh yes, my 4th sister, Halilah is now giving birth to her 5th child. she's in the hospital now. may everything go well and smooth. insyaAllah. hehee. adoi laaaa..nanti anak sedare Mak Ude ni jadi 22 orang lah. Ramai nyaaaaa masyaAllah. Alhamdulillah murah rezeki. smile

sometimes (eh, sometimes ke always eh?), I remind myself that whatever happens in your life. just don't forget to draw that smile of yours to others. I prefer not to show every trace of sadness. I know that when you draw that smile of yours, you're gonna get back that simple happiness in return. so, why not, give a smile every time you meet people. or bumping into each other. smile

so, smile dear smile. smile for me.


p/: ^____^