Wednesday, July 28, 2010

in the end

Salam wbt.

I was doing my usual routine daily so-called important and critical experiment a few days ago. eh, a few days ape plak, kelmarin sebenarnya. yes yes, yesterday. and to make things complicated, before we started the experiment, it seemed like everything went wrong. wrong samples. wrong dilutions. there were defects here and there. and Alhamdulillah, we managed to overcome all those. we as I'm referring to me and Kate, the research assistant that works in our lab. Kate was REALLY REALLY REALLY worried that the experiment was not gonna work. so i was just randomly saying this to her,

"Don't worry. Relax. Calm down. In the end, everything is gonna be OKAY. If it's not OKAY, then it is not yet the end"

Erkk...where did that come from actually? Gulp! I know I know! It was too heavy for that kinda situation. hahahhaa. ayat xleh blah. confident jer lebih! Anyway, nasib baik dia buat muka mcm 'whatever la budak ni. dok berfalsafah la plak kat sini'. hahahadoii.

and yeah, the experiment didn't work. literally. hehehe. biase la tuh. bak kata cikgu add-math saye dulu, Cikgu Nik Rosila (belum kawin lg cikgu ni, tapi penah mengajar kakak saye yg dah beranak 5 orang dah!), nak selesai ape2 equation, kena guna kaedah cuba jaya! yeah! betul tu cikgu.

itu cerita semalam. TODAY, Kate tu datang lab dengan senyuman berseri2 bak bunga matahari mekar di taman. aicewah. she was happppppy and smiling ear-to-ear all the time. Rupe2 nya semalam jugak, her boyfriend proposed her, to get married. amboiiiiiiii patut la suke sangat. then dia ckp cmni,

"Ami, you were right! everything is gonna be okay in the end. cause i'm getting married! yeayy!!"

Erk. saye pon sebenarnya confused and blur that time. baiklah Kate! congratulations!

Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain.
But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.


p/s: rindu my monsters and blossoms

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