Saturday, August 01, 2009

terus masuk gear 5

first week of this semester (last semester hopefully, InsyaAllah), had been using almost full of my energy consumption so far. i had never thought final year could end me up being sakit belakang the entire time since i had to stand and walk around the lab for 5 hours. not forgetting the part where we had to run to 5th floor to the other building to perform our prayers.

first week of this semester, so far, terus masuk gear 5!

i also have some research papers to be read and studied. why? because i'll be having a quite heavy discusion this monday with my lecturer and also the rest of the students. sabar Ahlami sabar. and unsprisingly but also undeserving i should say, i haven't even had a single look on those papers! demmit!

you're like an arrow out of nowhere
you hit the center of my heart
you capture everything i feel

I've made up my mind
to get tangled up with you

ni lirik lagu 'Always need you' by Melissa Polinar nih. Hehe



Puloh said...

ingtkn gapo td...tajuk mcm basikal gear2..hehe

Anonymous said...

All the best u guys :)
Dh nak hbs bljr dah.
Sikit maso lg kenduri la demo2 ni belako.


CyAnOsiS_H said...

mie..lapar la tengok cheesecake tuu..huk3

eedany said...

kena ada stand by 'minyak angin' yer sayang.

sapu minyak angin kalau sakit belakang.

(matilah macam nenek2 pula ahkak ni!)