Friday, August 14, 2009

of nieces

Hi Everyone,

Last two weeks i received a call from my 17 year old niece in singapore, 'Izzah. i call her Kak Long. everyone calls her Kak Long. since she is the first grandchild in our family. so, we were talking and laughing on the phone like hell too. and we talked about so many things. macam cakap2 remaja. and ade jugak unsur2 ilmiah. pasal penyakit osteoporosis la...=)

a few days ago, when i was having my symposium discussion at uni, i received a text message from 'Izzah again,

" Mak Uda, that time you had appendix right, what did it feel like? "

and sempat lagi saye replied that time explaining a bit about appendicitis that i had when i was in form 3. and the surgery utk buang apendiks tu. and she replied,

" Of course Arinah( her sister) ni tgh crying, felt pain at the lower abdomen. Ummi & Abah ain't home, went masjid. I don't know what to do "

So, i gave her a call, and checking how's arinah (15 years old) doing and she said that she couldn't stand up properly. i was quite worried jugak la that time. tapi mak uda pon xleh buat ape jugak kan..tanya2 mcm tue la...hahahadoiii..kelakar betul la budak2 nie. kat mak uda jugak diorng mengadu. nasib baik mak ude penah kena operate apendix.

that time again, i realized that 'Izzah is like my friend actually..she's 17. and i'm 22. beza umur 5 tahun aje. saye umur 5 tahun dah dapat anak sedara dah. ^___^

17 years ago



p/s: this entri is special for you, Kak Long..
p/s 2: harus start study utk exam this monday...tolong..kepala kosong skrg.. -_-!


Alexi said...
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Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

out of 8 aunties yg kak long ada...auntie dia hok jauh sekali yg dia carik...hahahaha.....

so arinah wasnt' suffering of appendix?

Iffah said...

Wow. its for kaklong? hmm, then me? i want too! hees~ nope. i didnt suffer from that. just having crapms and not eating well. thats it. hehs.