Tuesday, August 11, 2009

if anyone could make me fall in love

I've made up my mind
To get tangled up with you
even though I'm undeserving
more than the sunshine
up in the great big blue
you satisfy my every yearning

like an arrow out of nowhere
you hit the center of my heart

your love is good
your love is real
it captures everything that I feel
I need you now
I needed you then
and I will always need you
always need you

now that I'm here
everyday is new
I'm not going to look any longer
it's all so clear
everything pales to you
oh, your love just makes me stronger

like a shadow tied to your heel
I'll follow wherever you go

I wanna climb to the top of a hill somewhere
and scream at the top of my lungs
the rain may come but I don't care
I'm gonna keep telling everyone that


p/s: hari ni agk penat. dah la experiment x brape nak jadi tadi... ='( plus -_-!

" If Anyone can make me fall in love, You can "
-------> (Archuleta 2008 aje, hihihi)


fatien adibah said...

kk mie..try demo upload hok demo nyanyi plok deh..rindu ur voice..hehe

tsam_ismail said...

gulp!kabur juga.haha

p/s:xnah dgr g ko nyanyi yg ni.bila next recording?=p

[-suziey-] said...

haiii..salm jenguk..lama xjenguk sini:D

kupang said...

Cintalah kepada Ilahi

adia_anarris said...

i loike!! =)
nyanyi lagu ni time ur weddin mesti encik alexi kembang jadi gumuk. hahaha.
sorry capik!