Friday, August 07, 2009


hehee...saje je nie. there's nothing to do with entri yang ke 789.

but since today is 07/08/09. and what more interesting is, when the clock hits 12:34:56PM, which means, time would be read as 12(hours):34(minutes):56(seconds) on 07/08/09 = 123456789!!


there's no such thing as special or istimewa about this day for me. but what makes a day special is when we could go further and further, however, that day is still remembered and will always be, time after time. (ouhhh...berjiwang lah plak)

my 13th year old nephew, Ahmed Wafi had once asked his mama (my 2nd sister) when he was like 8 or 9 years old if i'm right,

" mama, ape hari istimewa mama?"

then my sister answered,

" ohh...maybe hari mama beranak kat Angah..."

he went,

"ohhh....tapi hari istimewa Angah ialah bila mama mati..."

hihihihi...he was so innocent that time just to define what the meaning of 'Istimewa'. seriously, as a kid! so the point that Wafi was trying to deliever was just 'Istimewa' is something that you will always remember...hehehe...

And that is Wafi, together with my other nieces, Asna and Alya, having fun with my abah or their Atuk during syawal 2006

so, hope all of you will have special day today! or tomorrow! or as you wish when is it going to be? =)

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you!



laki cikgu kimia said...

hah. aku baru je sembang ngan member pasal nombor2 ni tadi.

Fadhlah said...


Adrina Adi said...

u ve been tag

ramizah said...

wafi pernah tnaya mama dia, kenapa mama tak kawin dgn M.Nasir? Ini gara2 mama dia suka dgr lagu M.Nasir...Wafi, wafi..he is my baby..still baby

PanJanG said...

itulah adik saya :D