Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

this novel was released in 2003 (according to Wiki). but i had my first read for this novel in 2005, right after SPM. can't really remember whom did I get from and how. and then, i think now, it has several kind of new versions with different covers. oh well, don't really give a damn about that, since the content is just still the same. what i like most about this novel is that it is both science fiction and romance! how can you resist that? but somehow some reviewers found that this novel is kinda hard to classify generically. hmm...apo2 je la.janjisodap!

and now the movie is released. and i have no idea, whether it has already on in Australia, or hasn't it?

it is the time that really hard to control.
but the hardest thing is to be the one that stays.
(penyabar betul la isteri kalu yang dapat suami mcm tu)


adia_anarris said...

amie dear! kat NZ blom sampai lagi movie nie. almaklum la NZ ni lembap sket. hehehe.
tapi 5 nov ni kuar my sister's keeper.
adapted from novel jgk, by jodi picoult. can't wait!!

Ahlami said...

ehh? my sister's keeper baru kuar kat NZ ke? huhu..
kat aussie kluar time nk dkt puasa lagi rasenye hari tu..or awal2, yg pastinya, ami tgk dalam MAS airlines flight la..on my way back to adelaide..sedeh..nanges..but i prefer reading the novel..hehe..

adia_anarris said...

hahhaa..told ya, NZ ni lembap! waaaa....tak sabarnyer nk tunggu 5 nov!!
tuhla, cite tuh sedey. cant imagine how it would be on screen. but definitely cant replace the original story from novel. hehe

wanee said...

hMmm kak wanee tak tgk lagi movie nie.. i love the book so much that i'm afraid i'll hate the movie if it doesnt do the book justice.. eh eh emo pulak kan hahaha.. sebab dah banyak books that have been made into movies yang tainted the storyline a bit... anyways, best tak movie dia amie?

bintangbicara said...

told u a good novel cant come out as a decent movie!
time traveller's wife movie tkbest, the book is way way better, ( no matter how gorgeous rachel mcadams is )