Monday, October 26, 2009


i can take wrong turn, you're right behind me
crash and burn, i know you'll find me
as long as you're here, I'm invincible

i can call your name, and you'll come running
it's pouring rain, you'll make it sunny
as long as you're here, I'm invincible

'Invincible' - incapable of being defeated or overcome or subdued.

heee...told ya!

it's a song actually (again!).
yeah, i know i don't have any talent writing beautiful wonderful lyrics.
but, i reckon i love to interpret and translate the lyrics, and relate back to life.
see the meaning between the lines. daa daa daa! i said i love to. just love.

'Invincible' is a new single from Chantal Kreviazuk who has successfully composed songs for Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, Marion Raven and even David Cook.

fell in love with her, the first time heard her singing 'Leaving on a jet plane'.
ever since then, almost in love with all her songs. especially 'time', 'in this life', 'feels like home', 'ghosts of you', etc.

huh - what to do? kena la ckp psl music, sbb xde idea sgt...:p

kalau la interpret Results experiment ni senang mcm interpret lagu kan easy! easy!

final exam - 16 more days to go! =(

okeh, ni video lagu tadi,



ramizah said...

lagu je cek mek ni.. bo bo lah ngapal lagu nyoh.

Ahlami said...

xngapa pom jah lirik..zame mnghafal lagu sudoh brlalu..kih3

adia_anarris said...

amie!! i cant get this song out of my head!!
hahahha. dari smlm dgr lagu ni on utube. pastu tido. bangun2 bukak utube lagi nak dgr lagu nih. huhuhu

ramizah said...

bangun tido..syukur pada Allah