Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Silver Lining

but so many people are looking to me
to be strong and to fight,
but i'm just surviving
i may be weak, but i'm never defeated
and i'll keep believing
in clouds with that sweet silver lining

eh2...g menyanyi plak. nak update blog sbnr nyer. hihihi.

uni stuffs updates - oral presentation done, viva done, daybook done, the only thing left is
Physiology Final Report.
so, what am i gonna write then? give it to me bebeh. give it to me. lucky i should say because last semester i've done the introduction (Literature Review) plus methods part. same thing for abstract. things i have to write would be results, discussion and conclusion. and so far, 0% progression. muahaha. what to do. my mind, my business!

exam timetables are available now. so they give 12nov for physiology and 14nov for immunology. fair enough i should say, i always prefer physio to go first. but what it's interesting here is hey, it's only 1 day gap! hey hey hey chaiye o ney! (arshad, betul x sbut nie)

mari lihat hot stuffs!

Muaz the cutest

Dzareef hencem

gotta keep myself together! harus mula menulis report!



adia_anarris said...

happy birthday jugok capik wei!!! heheheh. semoga panjang umur murah rezeki and dipercepatkan jodoh.;p

amie!!!! bakpo comey sgt 2 2 budak kecik itu???? gereynyo aida tgk.. nok curi gmbr mereka berdua bulih??
dzareef anok sapo mie? saing kak ji ko?

Ahlami said...

aida, comey!! eee..gerey sunggoh...nk curi eh? curi la..diizinkan..curi loni oghe mitop izin dlu eh..bgus sunggoh lah..hehe..hom..dzareef ni anok friend kakjie. dio kijo n nikoh nga oghe klate. penah la dok umh penambe tu maso sblm nikoh. kiro kacip la. mace anok ma abah jugop. sbb tu anggap dzareef ank sdaro ami jugop. kan!