Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Updates(out of date) - Immune Dinner

dah lame dah sbenarnya nak cite pasal kitorang punye immune dinner hari tue.
lame sgt dah. almost a month ago. 21 August. a day before ramadhan. our lecturers in conjunction with immunology department had organized a great dinner at Pondok Bali, the only halal restaurant yg agak superb and marvellous!

since ade quite significant portion of muslims among immuno students..so, they'd decided to be more preferential in halal restaurant. =))..nice one la! memahami betul lah lecturer2 kami!

only AUD20 per person. supposedly, it should be AUD30, tapi school sanggup bayar another 10 dollars..so..save on us! =)

itu sahaja laporan untuk dinner final year saye. sila view gmba je la kan. photos are authentically from Dr.Chris Wong, a chinese malaysian lecturer in Adelaide Uni. paling sporting!

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