Thursday, June 11, 2009


wahhh..tiru kak pB plak...tulis2 nombor kat entry title...xpo deh kak pB? =)

cantek punye number..i like lah today. why did i say so? because i told you so lah! haiyaa... okay, one word of grateful, of relief, Alhamdulillah. terima kasih Allah for all the ease and strength that He gave to me. He always does..throughout all the hardships and challenges that i had to defeat. ehh..mcm bagi ucapan penghargaan lah pulak..hihi


  • the Poster presentation for physiology was quite okay i reckon. fair enough..there was no error in spellings, pronounciations, etc....except that i think i did miss one or two things. nahh...they wouldn't know! less info= less questions they're gonna ask= less mistakes!

  • the 2nd presentation was microbiology symposium ( forum). this one was thiiiissss close to bring me lying on the floor, unconscious. show time! haha...lebih2 la tu Ahlami...punye la exaggerate tue kalu nak bercerita. hihi. anyway, the presentation was all smooth. since everyone was listening. but then, the questions from the lecturers. aduhaiii...they were like grilling us! but what to do, we just answered what we knew. and if we didn't...just go for it. pandai2 lah kan reka..kih3...

ohh...ade stephen kidd yg kacak dan jamie yg comel. Atuk Connor xsmpat amik..and pakcik Renato juga. *credits to peteh yg amik video* - dah nak abis dh time nie -

thank you guys! - Grace, Alice and Tim!

Assignments sudah abes. now, exam pulak melambai-lambai. oh indah nye perasaan ini..xtipuu...betul nie..haha..


p/s: kakjie dh start wat umah kat wakaf bahru tue..hehe..nnti kaktie plak..=)


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

eh..awok tahu dok kak Pb tu..oghe Lorong Gajoh Mati jugop? read her previous entries to find out....

good luck to you sis!

Puloh said...

huhu..best2 habis doh asgmnt..dh lah exam 2 paper jah..tu hok excited tu deh..hehe..puloh jgk hok xhbs lg asgmnt..huhu..xsbr nk habis..nnt nok joget depe lecturer lepas hbs presentation tu..haha

Ina said...

dah hbs present!! lame tu practice..alhamdulillah.good luck for ur exm hunny bunny :)

crescent said...

presentation smmgnya menakutkan bg cres..
hoho ramai audience melihat..

ise3339 said...

amie blk raya nnti bleh doh tgk rumah kak tie dlm pembinaan..rumah kak jie dh ada bumbung kot..:)

Ahlami said...

ohh yeah? kak pB oghe jale gajoh mati? worih kito jgk ko?

haha...molek tue...sokong sgt lah bab joget depe lecturer tue..nk lg sedap..ajok skali dio joget..tarian mokyong pong jadi..haha

tue la was killing me before the presentation..and bile smua dah beres...fuhh...legaa!

cres mcm relax aje...slalu tgk gmba2 pelik lg kt blog cres slalu pk cmne la cres leh tgk..haha..saye stiap kali nk tgk entri baru cres..kena check dlu...18SG ke x..hoho..

wah3...bagus2...nti saye akan pegi mlawat site! haha

Anonymous said...

haha nice presentation, u're talking very fluent. mesti dah berpuluh kali praktis kt dumoh deh? tapi apasal sikit sgt org yg hadir? kalau kitorg mmg penuh sampai ke blkg. mmg nervous setiap kali nk present. huhu


Ahlami said...

hehee...oh well..kecek english versi klate..haha...erm..supposedly, ramai org kena tiba2 lecturer xwajibkan student, xramai la pegi tue..huh.tkpe..xde la takut sgt..hihi